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  1. I wonder if the Family Channel ever aired it in my area...never seemed to find it on the listings. But if it was on so infrequently it's no wonder. Thanks for the info CountryGirl. Capt, you're talking me into getting an antenna for digital broadcast tv. I let cable go last year and I haven't missed it too much. But if TNN gets picked up in my area I'll be looking into this. Got my fingers crossed. I also think it'll be good news for Nashville - that town used to enjoy incredible advertising and tourism while TNN was on the air. Since Ben Jones has a Dukes store/museum in Nashville he could benefit from a revived TNN as well. I wonder if we'll see commercials for Cooter's Place on TV? Hmm. Maybe we'll see commercials for HazzardNet on tv. Gotta talk to Mufn about our budget...
  2. Speaking of TNN, anybody remember "Prime Time Country" with host Tom Wopat? Here's a clip of the 1996 airing, with John Schneider and Denver Pyle as guests. I found a 10 minute clip of that show on YouTube.
  3. The word is getting around that TNN will hit the air again this summer. For those of y'all who are too young to remember it, TNN used to carry the Dukes before CMT picked it up. And while CMT has been good to the Dukes - most notably sponsoring DukesFest in 2005 - their programming has been moving into more reality tv and airing of 20-year old movies. For the past couple years, CMT has had the Dukes of Hazzard on the backburner, parking it in 1 and 2 am Eastern time slots, right before the sleezy infomercials. Years before CMT picked it up, TNN aired the Dukes. TNN butchered the heck out of Dukes eps for more commerical time, but other than that, they aired the show during prime hours and treated it well. In fact, it was TNN that truly brought the Dukes of Hazzard to new generations of fans. I give CMT credit for picking up the Dukes torch and keeping it going, though. Is there any chance TNN will air the Dukes again? Hard to say. TNN is not returning as a cable channel - it's returning via digital broadcast affiliates, and it sounds like they're dusting off some of their old programs for reruns. Meanwhile, the Dukes are part of a package of syndicated programs that are licensed in a bundle. For TNN to aquire the Dukes, it would have to aquire whatever bundle the Dukes came in. (It's not impossible for a show to be licensed by itself but these days it's less common.) This is how ABC Family Channel ended up owning the rights to Dukes a few years ago - and they sat on it and never aired it. Frankly it was a party when CMT got the rights again and put it back on the air. Dukes of Hazzard aside, it's still good news that TNN is coming back. You can view an article about it here.
  4. In case you missed it on our homepage, you can see John Schneider, Don Pedro Colley and Byron Cherry at the Las Vegas Star Cars and Knight Rider Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 18 & 19. It's a free event to the public, but of course the celebs in attendence (there are many) will charge something for their autographs. The promoter has gone out of his way to invite General Lee replica owners, so there's likely to be several of them there. And there's no getting around the fact this is a combined gig with the Knight Rider Festival so invariably, you're gonna have some KITT replicas running amok. See the homepage link up there for more details and for direct links to the event page!
  5. Once again Hoss, you've unearthed some impressive details about the filming history of our favorite show. Great work! Who knows, maybe someday future Dukes episodes will be filmed in these same areas. (I'd be amazed if Dukes didn't get a reboot at some point in the future, like Hawaii Five-O and Knight Rider.)
  6. Just bumping this one back into circulation since the show is coming up in a couple weeks. This is a pretty short appearance time - 2 hours! People usually stand in line to see Cathy for more than two hours, so if you're going, get there early!
  7. Howdy Jen! Thanks for joining us, make yourself at home!
  8. I don't mind being called an idiot. I've been called much worse. But my heart is broken at that "mildly delinquent rascal" comment. Mildly delinquent?!
  9. An Ontario TV station did a casual interivew with John and Tom, related to their concert at the Fallsview Casino. Here it is! Interview with John and Tom, April 12, 2012 If anybody in the HNet crowd saw this show and has pictures or stories to tell, feel welcome to share them!
  10. I'll credit Cubs fans for loyalty, because it's not the winning seasons that keep the bleachers filled at Wrigley. Heheheh... And yeah, I'm a Brewers/Packers fan so that puts us where it does. But it's all in good fun. In fact I might propose an amusing little wager on the season. I gotta think of some ideas. You'd look really good with a Brewer's logo as an avatar, for example.
  11. Ooo! The next editorial in the HazzardNet Newsletter is gonna make interesting reading now! (ya know, things are getting back to the old groove when we wish MaryAnne happy birthday and it breaks down into chaos. ) Garrett, fear not, I'll do just about anything for money, but despite Roger's idle threats, I can't be bribed to ban a user. Because I'll do it for free if I think it's funny. Howevah! Hoss's sign is so compelling that I can't bring myself to even consider it. Plus, you're a Cubs fan, and really, that's punishment enough. And..Alex! Gee, I didn't notice you lurking there anonymously without signing in for the past 12 months. Welcome back. We should get together in the chatroom again for old time's sake, don't ya think?
  12. And for me....Brewers! Which makes me and Garrett natural enemies, I suppose, but I don't get unglued over sports. May the best team win!
  13. Ya know you shoulda mentioned that ol' "Sheriff Little" was gonna be at a car show in Smithtown NY on Sunday April 15! Hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of posting about it on the HNet FB page.
  14. Just wondering if anyone caught the concert tonight and has pictures to share, or a review, or anything for the rest of us who couldn't be there. Thanks!
  15. Try a jewelry store. Those batteries are hard to find and the last I looked for one was 10 years ago. I was fortunate that a local jewelry store was able to replace the battery for me. Not sure if they can still be found today.
  16. The things I've done on accident around this site, only pale in comparison to the things I've done on purpose. But by being part of the staff, I don't have time for mischief anymore. Tho' I used to indulge myself by flushing people out of the chatroom once in awhile. I did that to Alex a few years ago, sprung the ol' "trap door surprise" but accidently wiped out the entire user profile so badly that it's like Mufn said, it was a virtual disintrigration. Took Mufn about 2 weeks to restore the affected user. So if anybody wonders why Alex ain't around anymore, I reckon he took that whole thing kinda hard.
  17. Out of self-preservation, I can't tell ya how old MaryAnne is. What I can honestly tell ya, is that between Mufn, MaryAnne, and myself, MaryAnne is the youngest. She wasn't 8 years old when HNet was built, but she was very young. Sweet, polite, and innocent. I'm happy to report that we've all completely ruined her over the years. Gotta be careful who you hang around!
  18. April 9th is MaryAnne's birthday! I've been slacking and haven't had time to embarass her on the home page, so I'll just put it here. Happy Birthday MaryAnne! Wishing you all the best!
  19. John Schneider and Tom Wopat are together in concert at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario, Canada, April 12 & 13! Looks like tickets are still available, though last year's show sold out, so check into it soon if you wanna go. Note, you will need a passport to cross the border. If you don't already have one, check with your local post office to see if you can get it in time for your trip. Here's the link to the casino box office. If you go, share your experience with us!
  20. Val is our April 2012 Fan of the Month! Val's recognition is long overdue, as she joined us way back in 2004. Val is a longtime fan of Enos - hence her handle - and she was a fanfic writer and all-around goofball here on HazzardNet for many years. Now, I know Val personally so I'll explain why I put some of this in the past tense. Val grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard on TNN and then CMT, and then grew up the rest of the way while hanging around the usual rowdies on HazzardNet. Somewhere in the process, she went to college and held down two jobs to pay for it. Since graduating college, Val's been working hard, and now has a solid career going. She also got married. With all the responsibilities she has going, she's not on HazzardNet as much anymore, but I know she still loves the Dukes, and she's here when she can be. Val is one of those people who will always be a Duke fan, no matter how much she "grows up." That's worth recognizing, and we hope you'll join us in congratulating Val on her much-overdue Fan of the Month award! Congrats, Val!
  21. Interesting question! I'll have to listen for myself. Maybe I can do a vid clip of those scenes side by side. (trying to upload the Mickey G. clip by itself got me a hand-slap by YouTube, but if I merge it with seemingly random footage, maybe I can get around that.) Anyone else notice the tune similarity that CDoherty95 has brought up?
  22. Great stuff Hoss! That picture of the Ford pickup is a hoot. Nice job on the tow truck too!
  23. This thread has been long dormant, but I just picked up this game. (yeah, it's been out since 2004 and NOW I've got a used PS2 and a used copy of "Return of the General Lee". Had to wait till it got cheap. ) Anyway, it's well worth it just for all the cast voices and the sight of the General Lee ripping around all the crazy scenes. But I've found it to be frustrating as all heck at some points, and a lot harder to play than I expected. The General Lee handles like a boat that's half-full of water. It does one thing and one thing well: crash! I cannot get through the part where Bo and Luke are trying to drive back from the coal mine with the load of dynamite. If I manage not to smack into anything, I run out of time before completing the course. If I drive fast enough to make good time, I kill off the Dukes when flying over the railroad tracks or hitting too many rocks when taking that route through the woods. (It's more like a field of boulders.) I've searched online for tips and pointers, but alarmingly, ( or not) the most commentary about this game seems to be right here at HazzardNet. My old gamer instinct says there has to be a pattern in how you drive around those rocks to be able to get through it at speed without blowing up. But I can't figure it out. Does anybody have hints to share?
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