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  1. I was hoping both Roger and Hoss would chime in on this, as you both are excellent examples of what Fan of the Month is really all about. What's more, you go above and beyond it with your ongoing contributions and it's truly appreciated. I'm gonna leave the door open here for day or two, for Mufn and the Deputy to weigh in. Anyone else with thoughts, feel welcome to share 'em!
  2. I posted this under "news" but I'm posting it here too, just to keep everybody on the same page. We have an unconfirmed report that Tom Wopat will be joining the cast at Hazzard Homecoming. There are also reports of a stunt demonstration, but we're not sure what kind of vehicles/stunts are involved yet. Cooter's Place has not yet updated it's website or Facebook page with this info, nor has Tom's site been updated with it yet. As soon as we have confirmation and further details we'll pass it along!
  3. Rumor has it that Tom Wopat will be at Hazzard Homecoming for both days, August 11 and 12. Along with this report comes the rumor of a "stunt demonstration", but we don't know if this involves cars or bikes or what at this point. There are more Dukes shindigs going on this year than you can shake a dipstick at! We'll keep you posted as more details roll in.
  4. Howdy there - I'm considering a few changes to how we select our Fan of the Month, in order to be fair to the growing audience we have. I've yet to discuss this with Mufn or MaryAnne so nothing is written in stone. Originally, our Fan of the Month was selected based on Forums participation (constructive) and/or material contributions to content, consisting of photos, info, fanfic, what have ya. We sometimes take tenure into consideration, as we've had some members with us since darn near the beginning. The HazzardNet forums will be a part of HazzardNet for as long as the main website here stands. But the trend I've been seeing is that we have Facebook users who make comments, post info and photos on our Facebook page, but they don't seem to follow the Forums. Still, they should be eligible for some kind of recognition too. Since HazzardNet is HazzardNet no matter what location is "home" to people, I'm thinking of choosing our Fan of the Month from among both groups, and giving that person recognition on both locations. Mind you there are times that we don't choose a fan of the month because the clock runs out on us and we haven't had time to discuss it. Rather than just fling a name out there at random, we'll pass on it and pick it up again later. People appreciate the recognition, though, so it's never going off the table. What do ya'll think?
  5. Howdy, welcome to HazzardNet!

  6. Since Knight Rider has been brought up, I'll mention that a Knight Rider big-screen movie has been pitched more than once to Universal Studios, but Glen Larson's suit against Universal has stalled all discussion of the project. And I shouldn't post this link, because it has swearing and contains adult humor ( crass humor at that) but it has some fun with that whole new-Knight Rider vs. original thang. From the animation studios of "Robot Chicken". Not appropriate for sensitive viewers: http://youtu.be/yBqOgtk1-Bo
  7. CMT is running a Dukes of Hazzard mini-marathon on June 28th, starting at noon eastern time! Check your local listings to confirm air times.
  8. Great looking General Lee you have there, Cooperman! Good to have you here with us on HazzardNet!
  9. John Schneider will be playing the role of sleezy, smooth-talking lawyer Billy Flynn in the latest revival of the Broadway musical, "Chicago." The role was successfully played by Tom Wopat in the 2004 Broadway incarnation of "Chicago", which went on to tour the country in an off-Broadway production for another year. During the road stint, John Schneider filled in for Tom on occassion and did an excellent job. Tom returned to a Broadway production of "Chicago" for awhile in 2008. "Chicago" runs so dang much on Broadway that it rotates different peformers into the leads fairly often. (this is true of most popular productions.) As of today, I don't have further details about exactly when John is taking the stage. What I found is this video that gives you a fun look at the racy outfits worn by the female performers, and how tiring (HA!) John seemed to find the photo shoot... http://www.broadway.com/videos/17513/on-the-scene-snapping-chicagos-john-schneider/ If you've never seen "Chicago", it's worth the price of admission. It's racy, dark-hearted fun based loosely on a true stroy of a Chicago murderess in the roaring '20's.
  10. Mark, is there an admission fee for the Livingston Parish gig? I don't see one specified. If the organizer can provide us with more details, such as hours of operation for the event, admission, info for Dukes car owners, ect, we'll be happy to share the info as the event draws nearer.
  11. That looks kind of fun, actually. I might have a better chance winning that game than the Dukes of Hazzard driving games I got on the ol' PS2. I'm looking for a set of Dukes of Hazzard playing cards, I had thought there was such a thing but I haven't seen them in a long time. Now I'm starting to wonder if I imagined them or they really existed.
  12. That's a bummer, dude, but you still get 20% off at Denny's! Don't forget your teeth. I suppose the immoral of the story here, is that we all become the age we want to be, sooner or later. If only we could make those special years last a little longer. I remember that it took forever to be 18, and just when I was really starting to enjoy it, I turned around and found out I was 30. And so it goes. And if I could do it all over again, yes I'd do some things differently. Absolutely. But I'd probably make the fun mistakes all over again.
  13. Roger, so long as it pertains to the topic at hand, it doesn't matter to me whether you're using science or religion to back up your points. We just try to avoid hyper-controversial and political topics. The end of the world is fair game.
  14. Ya know, I was all set to give you a smack in the head, but you may be on to something there. I looked up the AARP discount at Denny's and it's like 20%! Might just be worth it. Of course, it doesn't surprise me that you know all about senior discounts, given how many times you've turned 21. Back to the discounts...oh, lookit! Dunkin' Donuts gives AARP members a free donut with any large or extra large coffee purchase. I'll go ahead and make you a fake AARP card too, 'cause I know you want in on that one.
  15. I'd heard that our magnetic fields had already shifted slightly. That aside, as ya'll pointed out, people have made careers out of predicting the end of the world. It's become something of a lottery for lunatics. Sooner or later, our sun will burn out (in a jazillion years) or erratic, high-powered solar flares will fry the planet like a dry leaf. Until then, we complain when it's raining. For my money, the Bigger Questions are...where does all the outer space go to? I'm spiritual so I dig the Creation stuff, but what's all the rest of this for? God created the Earth in six days, but how long did the moon take? Personally I think the universe is way too orderly and precise to be one big banging coincidence. And if if there was a big bang to create the universe, then what, exactly, blew up? I have to sign off because I've given myself a headache.
  16. I'd really like to go, but I have to see if things line up in the right direction so I have the money and travel time. (I don't like flying, and this is several states away for me.) As said before in the post about the Galax shindig, the ticket price itself isn't a big deal, but the cost of gas and road trip chow and hotel stays are what really add up.
  17. The Hagerstown, MD Speedway is having a "Dukes of Hazzard" night on Saturday, June 9, with Ben Jones as a special guest from 4 to 7 p.m. A General Lee will also be there. Admission is just five bucks and gets you a full night of dirt-track racing events. For more info, see the website here.
  18. Nice pics! You might get away with using Ian's ID, if you get your hair cut to look close to what he has on his ID. And, if each of you check in at different points, so the door person doesn't see the same name twice. Your hair looks lighter than your friend's, and I don't know how sophisticated these ID cards are. If they list hair and eye color, and yours is different than Ian's, the best you can do is dye your hair darker and make only brief eye contact with the person checking ID's. Avoiding eye contact all together too suspicious. To pull that off, it helps to pretend you're involved in a very animated conversation with the people going in ahead and behind you. If you're in the middle of a group of "legit" people and you're all chattering and laughing, odds are you'll be swept inside without a problem. But if everybody's quiet and tense going in and holding their breath to see if you "pass", that nervous tension can tip off the ID checker. Keep in mind that people with fake or borrowed ID's have tried to get into these things since the dawn of time. Whether or not you get away with it also depends on the caliber and alertness of the ID checker. Before you pick a line to get in (hopefully there's more than one) watch the checkers to see who seems to be examining things real close and who seems to be just giving the ID's a glance and keeping the lines moving. Let us know how it goes! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.
  19. Thanks for answering, I was curious as to what you'd decided. No judgment here or anything. Because I had a fake ID once too, in my teens. Seldom had to use it though because I looked older for my age. I used it to get into (censored) and wasn't using it to buy beer for other underage people or anything like that. Just make sure this thing is decent quality before you fork over money for it - have a legit ID from a buddy with you, so you can compare. Anything can look good by itself.
  20. Needless to say, there's some things I keep off my resume'. Don't worry though, nothing really that bad. I was pretty much in the wrong crowd in my younger years. Anyhow, we never did find out what CD decided to do! Dude, fill us in, eh?
  21. I remember when everyone thought the world would come to a screeching halt as of Y2K. I recall the predictions about how we'd have financial collapse because bank computers wouldn't be able to handle the conversion to the year 2000. And of course some yammering lunatics pointed to various "signs" and other benchmarks of Impending Doom. Ya know, from our first day on the planet to the last, we never know how long we're gonna be here. Even the dates of our birth, while estimated medically to the nth degree, are seldom accurate unless surgery is involved. Heck, we can barely predict the weather. I don't think the Mayans were any more gifted at predicting diddily-squat than anybody else. Why they wasted the time hammering out calendars so far ahead to begin with, is the real mystery. What, were they planning parties? Talk about having time on your hands...
  22. For me, it's the distance. Sperryville was a haul by itself, and Galax is further south by...what, 200+ miles or something, last I checked. And though the ticket prices are reasonable, the expense for gas and hotel and eating on the road add up. Looking back at the days where DukesFest drew in 50,000 to 100,000 over a two-day event...I have to wonder what's changed over the years. Is the fan base smaller due to Dukes not airing during prime time, or rarely airing at all these days? Is it that the economy changed and a lot of people are still hurting finanically? While "Hazzard Comes to Galax" is pretty close, in calendar and geography to Hazzard Homecoming (not a real bright move in my opinion) there was a time a few years ago when both events would have been packed. Now, I'm wondering if Hazzard Homecoming is going to be hurt by the Galax shindig. If fans spend the time and money to go to Galax, will they turn around and go to Homecoming two months later? While a few locals might make the trip, I have some doubts about how many people can afford a repeat cross-country excursion. That goes for GL owners, too. They're asked to spend a lot of their own time and expense in return for a free admission ticket. (tho' we appreciate them for doing it!) I got my fingers crossed that both events will be successful, but I'm concerned that I'm not seeing or hearing much buzz about either one. I know Homecoming pulled in what...about 5,000 people last year? And we had a few folks chime in that they were going, ahead of time. This year, I'm hearing crickets chirp and nothing else. Who knows, maybe people are going but just not talking about it...
  23. Howdy, Richard! We're glad to have you with us on HazzardNet! If you have stories, lore to share, photos...by all means please share them with us! We'd love it. It's amazing what a cultural, worldwide sensation The Dukes of Hazzard was, and still is. It's so cool that your dad was a part of it! Welcome, and make yourself at home!
  24. I'm wondering if anybody is going? I'm not seeing a whole lotta buzz on their Facebook about it, and our promotional efforts on FB got a limited response. We've mentioned the event in our prior newsletter, and I put it on the home page tonight just as a reminder. The ticket prices are reasonable, so I'm wondering what's holding people back...too far away? Gas prices? Too much like Hazzard Homecoming? Too close to Sperryville? Where the hell is Galax? The only thing that kinda makes me go "hmm", is the fact they're already promoting their own hats and t-shirts for the event. To their credit, they look very professional and well-made. Yet... Is this event just another effort by somebody to cash in on the Dukes of Hazzard? (said with a straight face as I acknowledge the ads we have on HNet, but it keeps the lights on.) What are ya'lls thoughts, anybody going?
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