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  1. That's a bit of Duke luck there - you crashed, but it was a nice soft ditch. Kind of like the General Lee hitting a haystack or landing into the pond. Hope you've been healing well!
  2. Rog, that's what happens when you're on a website other than HazzardNet. Seriously tho', I hope you get a new PC soon. I feel your pain. I've blown up my fair share of computers over the years. IBM, Compaq, Dell...crash, boom, bang. The brand I've had the best luck with, hands down, is Toshiba. I've used Toshiba laptops for a number of years and they've endured amazing use and abuse. My current Toshiba Satellite survived a long fall to a hardwood floor a couple years ago. Only damage was the external USB net card and port. I immediately got another USB net thing and put it in another port, and all's good. The day-to-day reliability and performance has been excellent. I've had to get more familiar with Mac's in the past year, due to the assignments I work with, and I can see where Apple wins for mobile use. Would take a lot to tear me away from my Toshiba at home, though.
  3. Howdy King - You've put a lot of thought into the character development. Sounds interesting and I encourage you to move forward with your concept. Only word of caution is, be careful putting too much online with anything you're planning to commercially market. I would love to see the Dukes return to prime time TV in some form, but I'm afaid it would be along the lines of the sleazy-dumb stuff that we saw in the 2005 movie and "The Beginning" TV movie. Not because it's what the fans want, but because Hollywood thinks it's where the money is. Anyway - here's a link that might be useful to you. https://www.wgaeast.org/script_registration Go forth and write! I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted on how things are going!
  4. Going by his time zone, it's Jimmie's birthday right now! Happy 86th birthday, Jimmie! Wishing you a spectacular day and a happy year ahead! Love from the usual suspects!
  5. Excellent research and information, Hoss. Thank you!
  6. Well, the Bo vs. Luke thing would bring out the fangirls, that's for sure. You've got a good idea though. The political season is a pain in the keester in this country, let's have elections that we can have fun with. I'm thinkin' we need to get through the shindig season first, as there's still a lot of events coming up, and then we'll start our own political fracas up this fall.
  7. Roger, I found this, I think it's from the show you were talking about: That's one of the more unquie landings I've ever seen. Yow. I put a post about the upcoming NE OH Dukes shows on our FB page. Hopefully they'll get a good turnout!
  8. Howdy Thomas - Never heard of it, but that doesn't mean this isn't legit. Do you have a photo of the front and back that you could share with us?
  9. Wow, everybody's been having a tough time with this hot, dry weather. My own area is dry as a bone. It's so dry, the cows are giving powdered milk, you gotta add your own water. My house doesn't have air conditioning, and needs some wiring upgrades before I can install it, which needs more money than I got, so....I've been roasting for weeks. I have complete sympathy for those who find their health issues worsened by the heat. It's been a challenge for me too. But at least I have plenty of clean water. In some areas of my state, folks have wells that are drying up. We've got farmers with parched pastures, who have to pay top dollar for feed because the hay crops are failing, and the corn crops are just about a complete loss. Then, as a bonus, their wells dry up. You can get a new well drilled, but it can cost between 10 and 20 grand. Salt in the wound. Normally we're awash in water out here, but the drought has gone on so long that things are bleak for our small farmers. All I have to worry about is my dead lawn and the fact grocery prices are going up. So I try not to complain about the heat.
  10. Yet another Dukes of Hazzard marathon on Thurs, July 26, starting at noon! A full 8 hours of Dukes is on tap, so check yer local listings to confirm airtimes!
  11. This was answered by JPBurning in the other thread' date=' but I'll repost the link here since the question is in two places. Basically, "Natural causes" is the reason. The article goes into more detail about some of his health challenges: [url']http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/08/01/byron-cherry-christopher-mayer-dukes-of-hazzard/ Gone too soon. I'm glad he got a chance to reunite with friends before it happened.
  12. Glad you're ok, CD! Also glad that your bike can be fixed. I guess the ol' expression, "keep between the ditches" is good advice no matter what you're driving! Take it easy, rest up, and you'll be back in action soon!
  13. Ya know, I think Sorrell Booke would have gotten a chuckle over this. After all these years, Boss Hogg is finally moving up the political ladder. HNet has kidded around with Dukes of Hazzard campaign posters for years. This year we might just see real campaign posters with Dukes characters on them.
  14. By golly it's another Dukes of Hazzard marathon on CMT! Starting at noon on Thurs, July 12. Check your local listings to confirm airtimes!
  15. Those are great, Hoss! Heh, I should print out that Ace's sign as a sticker and slap it on my car.
  16. Held not in a movie theatre, but in a restaurant/bar that features live music on a regular basis, far as we can tell. The event is $100 a ticket, with proceeds going to charity. While the venue is an unexpected choice, it does claim to have three 16' screens. If you go, you'll be seated at tables and looking at the nearest screen. The real draw is the chance to breathe the same air as John Schneider and James Best, who are reportedly attending. Here's the link to tickets. https://www.xorbia.com/e/foundation/returnofthekillershrews No word yet on how the movie is being distributed, but if the world premiere can't get into an actual movie theatre, I dunno if you can expect it at the local hyperplex anytime soon. When we know, we'll pass it on!
  17. You can meet Ben "Cooter" Jones and Catherine "Daisy" Bach at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, July 6 thru July 8. Located at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in....Carlisle, PA! Yes, the show is in Carlisle. Ben and Cathy will be there all 3 days, along with a General Lee and a ton of other cars. There is also a Daisy Duke contest, so shave your legs, pull on those short-shorts and hit the stage Friday at 3 p.m. and exploit yourself! For the full details, including autograph times, admission fees, directions ect, click here for the official event website.
  18. If it has wheels ( or a motor ) it can be a General Lee. I've seen boats, mowers, ect. We should start collecting pictures of that stuff. I found a General Lee mower on YouTube, and while it doesn't do jumps, it does do a pretty good wheelie. No Dixie horn tho'.
  19. I love a good jailbreak! Very clever tactic there by Jessica, and I dug the surprise twist when she upped the ante and .... well, I shouldn't be too specific or I'll give away the story. Nicely done! Keep writing!
  20. Hoss, thank you very much for replying to JPB's hotmail concerns. Our apologies for the worry, JPB! Unfortunately Hotmail has been a bad dog to HNet for years. It seems to be the email service of choice for spammers. It was impossible to verify who was going to be naughty or nice every time someone registered with a Hotmail account, so we had to block that door for the sake of HNet's protection. It's also highly rare we ban anybody. And before we do, we go into a public fit of righteous indignation, denouce the offender, list their offenses and speak their doom. Mufn has a rather sharpe axe, and once somebody has been ex-communicated from HazzardNet, they're unable to return under any guise. Brrr. I get chills just thinking about it. Anyway, it's extremely rare to run afoul of the admins here, because we're too busy running afoul of each other.
  21. There ya go, you can't get more official than that! I like the idea of a stunt that doesn't completely destroy a Charger, how about ya'll? I'm glad I procrastinated on the HazzardNet newsletter a little bit (okay, by a couple of months) so now we'll be supplying correct info on the location. Thank you Miss Alma for providing the facts for us! There are many Dukes of Hazzard cast appearances this year but Hazzard Homecoming is always special.
  22. Long overdue for recognition is TimDuke, who joined HazzardNet in Oct 2001. TimDuke is also a longstanding member of the CGLFC. TimDuke is a man of few words, but of deep sincerity; if he has something to say, he says what he means. He is also passionate about the General Lee and is among the lucky few to own one. Fortunately, TimDuke brings his General Lee to Duke-related events so fans can enjoy seeing it. TimDuke's General was featured at a car show with Tom Wopat just a few months ago. TimDuke has participated in our Forums for years, and we look forward to him being a part of the fan community for many more. Please join us in congratulating TimDuke on being Fan of the Month for July 2012! Sal-ute!
  23. I'm gonna be announcing that in a matter of minutes! Woulda been sooner, but I'd just typed the whole thing up and then HNet timed me out and lost the post. Our beloved site here has a sense of humor. Stay tuned!
  24. Welcome, Dixie 2004! Glad to have you join us. Roger, no worries on the Dukes going away. There's enuff cast events and goings-on this year that it's been hard to keep up! Seeing new fans join us here and on our FB page just goes to show ya, the Dukes will never fade as an icon of American culture.
  25. Thanks ya'll for giving this some real thought, I appreciate everybody weighing in. Roger hit the nail on the head with where I was coming from...the Forums just don't grow that fast. We get more lurkers than participants, which is true of a lot of message boards. Thus my quandry and debate of whether Facebook fans should be included in Fan o' the Month. I agree with ya'll, that a lot more effort goes into the Forums, and therefore the HazzardNet Fan of the Month will continue to be chosen from the Forums and/or Gallery and fanfic participation. In other words from folks that provide some form of real content and discussion here on our flagship site. Starting July (gah..one more thing to fall behind in) I'll also come up with some kinda Facebook fan recognition. Maybe it's for the most smarmy remark, best submitted photo, ect. Thanks again for sharing your views!
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