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Found 17 results

  1. Facebook Dukes Of Hazzard Videos : https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos Dukes Of Hazzard : The Ultimate Collection Part 1 ( 2 hours ) https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539790402929795 " One Armed Bandits " CBS Promo - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539487579626744 On The Set Of " High Octane " PM Magazine - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539634086278760 " Repo Men " CBS Promo - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539668062942029 Racing Set Toy Commercial - 1981 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539674006274768 " Days of Shine and Roses " CBS Promo - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539843836257785 " Arrest Jesse Duke " CBS Promo - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1539858309589671 The Merv Griffin Show - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1540095922899243 The Merv Griffin Show - 1980 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1540213262887509 Behind The Scenes Footage Of Car Stunts - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1540301399545362 " Mason Dixon's Girls " CBS Promo - 1980 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1541443859431116 Dukes Of Hazzard : " Arrest Jesse Duke " CBS Promo # 2 - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1541450219430480 Catherine Bach On Battle Of The Network Stars - 1979 https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos/posts/1541465646095604 So Much More Coming ! Check The Following Page For Updates : Facebook Dukes Of Hazzard Videos : https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos
  2. John Schneider will be playing the role of sleezy, smooth-talking lawyer Billy Flynn in the latest revival of the Broadway musical, "Chicago." The role was successfully played by Tom Wopat in the 2004 Broadway incarnation of "Chicago", which went on to tour the country in an off-Broadway production for another year. During the road stint, John Schneider filled in for Tom on occassion and did an excellent job. Tom returned to a Broadway production of "Chicago" for awhile in 2008. "Chicago" runs so dang much on Broadway that it rotates different peformers into the leads fairly often. (this is true of most popular productions.) As of today, I don't have further details about exactly when John is taking the stage. What I found is this video that gives you a fun look at the racy outfits worn by the female performers, and how tiring (HA!) John seemed to find the photo shoot... http://www.broadway.com/videos/17513/on-the-scene-snapping-chicagos-john-schneider/ If you've never seen "Chicago", it's worth the price of admission. It's racy, dark-hearted fun based loosely on a true stroy of a Chicago murderess in the roaring '20's.
  3. John Schneider and Tom Wopat are together in concert at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario, Canada, April 12 & 13! Looks like tickets are still available, though last year's show sold out, so check into it soon if you wanna go. Note, you will need a passport to cross the border. If you don't already have one, check with your local post office to see if you can get it in time for your trip. Here's the link to the casino box office. If you go, share your experience with us!
  4. An Ontario TV station did a casual interivew with John and Tom, related to their concert at the Fallsview Casino. Here it is! Interview with John and Tom, April 12, 2012 If anybody in the HNet crowd saw this show and has pictures or stories to tell, feel welcome to share them!
  5. Just a reminder, ol' "Bo Duke" himself will be at the Rod & Custom car show in Monticellow, Iowa this coming weekend, Feb 25 & 26! Monticello is maybe a half-hour or so out of Dubuque. You can see the shindig details here. We also did a write-up for it on our home page. Personally, I think it's cool that John and Tom are both doing a car show this year. I know Ben has one coming up in March, and Jimmie and Sonny have one in March as well. We'll be promoting those very soon, and I thank everybody who's been posting about them on the Forums. That's not even counting Hazzard Homecoming and the fall appearances that are lining up. As always, we'll do our best to keep ya'll informed! If you hear of a new appearance, always feel welcome to post about it!
  6. This inteview touches on John's feelings about the success of "October Baby" and also mentions his Dukes days. What stuck out about this interview though, is how John wisely handles controversial topics. In this day and age of hot-headed, bombastic opinions, his take is refreshingly cool. Hollywood Reporter Interview w/John Schneider 03/29/12
  7. Link - official website 8/12/11 post revealed that they would be grandparents in January 2012. Official Facebook Link announced the birth on 1/11/12. Congratulations on the arrival of the little one!
  8. I posted this under John's section but wanted to cover it here too. Tom and John are in concert together on April 12 & 13 at the Fallsview Casino in Ontario, Canada. The casino website does not yet have tickets on sale. Tom's website, however, confirms the concert. Here's the link to all of Tom's upcoming appearances, as found on his website. I've got the direct link to the casino box office under John's post. I coulda reposted it here, but I like to mix things up. You can get to it from this other link anyway.
  9. The original "Killer Shrews" movie of 1959 was...well, so dang bad, it became a cult classic. James Best starred in the original movie, which is reason enough to watch it if you get the chance. Then, you'll be all set for the sequel, due out soon, "Return of the Killer Shrews!" Yes, shrews. Nasty lil' varmints. Eeek. Hey, if they attack by the tens of thousands, it's scary, right? You betcha. I'm normally not one for horror films, but as a lifelong Dukes of Hazzard fan, I can't pass up a movie that has James Best, Rick Hurst, and John Schneider in it. I checked out the official website tonight, and the promo photos look interesting. Have a look: Return of the Killer Shrews Looks like fun, eh? Per IMDB, the movie is in post-production status. Don't know the release date yet, but we'll hollar when we hear of it. Or, one of ya'll will know before we do and post it, which is fine!
  10. As of the date of this post, tickets are not yet on sale. BUT! I want to give y'all the link while I have it handy. John Schneider and Tom Wopat will be in concert together in Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada, on April 12 and 13, 2012. You will want to check this link often and grab tickets once they are available. This venue sold out completely the last time these two good ol' boys were there. Fallsview Casino Resort entertainment and tickets
  11. I can't believe I'm typing "Glee" in the HazzardNet Forums, but... YES! It's true! John has landed a role on Glee. Here's the tidbit Mufn found on the net: "John Schneider has landed the role of Sam's father and will first appear in this season's eighth episode, which marks Chord Overstreet's return to Glee. Glee airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. eastern on Fox." I don't know what this means, exactly, but there ya go!
  12. http://www.cantonhotrodshow.com/carshow.nxg - See Bo Duke, (John Schneider) from that famous 70's TV show, \ "The Dukes of Hazzard "Special Guest John Schneider also stars in the TV series, "Smallville" as Supermans Earth Father, Jonathon Kent" Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm & Saturday Nite 7:00pm to 9:00pm Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm"
  13. Good ol' boy John Schneider, otherwise known as "Bo Duke" from The Dukes of Hazzard, will be appearing at the Philadelphia Comic Con June 18th and 19th, 2011. A General Lee will also be on display. This show is crazy big, so if you plan on going, study up on the schedules, event times, parking, venue map, and all that stuff. Here's a link that you can follow to John's page for the event. Click around from there for the show details. http://www.wizardworld.com/johnschneider.html
  14. Hey everyone, John Schneider's new movie Doonby has a contest running that started TODAY! The prize is a Guild guitar (supplied by Fender) that John played and signed at an event in Washington, D.C. last month. Go here for more info --> http://on.fb.me/heiqph (I swear that's not a bad link.) m.
  15. http://www.cantonhotrodshow.com/carshow.nxg - See Bo Duke, (John Schneider) from that famous 70's TV show, \ "The Dukes of Hazzard "Special Guest John Schneider also stars in the TV series, "Smallville" as Supermans Earth Father, Jonathon Kent" Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm & Saturday Nite 7:00pm to 9:00pm Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm"
  16. John..John..John! I want to meet John! Oh how I wish I could meet John! He's not just my favorite Duke, but my favorite actor and all time favorite celebrity. John..John..John, I want to meet John..I've been to Dukesfest, I got his autograph there, but that is not what I mean. An autograph, when you really think about it, is just a line or two and a name scribled across something. Standing in an autograph line for an hour or two hours or longer, waiting for a few seconds while an autograph is scribled out, then being rushed out the door, that is not actually meeting someone, not to me it isn't...John..John..John..Oh how I long to meet John! I'd like to have an hour with him, just an hour, that is all. An hour with just me and John, just to sit, have coffee or tea or whatever and chat and tell him that I think he's an awesome actor and what a kick I got out of Collier and Company....an opportunity also, to get to know him, just a little. Get to know HIM, the real John, not just some character that he played...John..John..John...Oh how I wish I could meet John..I could go on and on and on..but I'll stop now..I think you all get the idea, I really want to meet John! (p.s. I'm not really a mad woman, just honest...and I think lots of people have at least one person they'd really like to meet and have an opportunity to sit and talk with for a while, even if they don't express the desire as I have just done) Keep it 'tween the ditches y'all!
  17. This a tv movie version of the original 1939 John Wayne movie and stars the Highwayman and John Schneider, John plays Buck the driver and Johnny Cash plays the Marshall there is a funny moment when Buck is talking about his wife and he mentions Ovaries and neither guy knows what they are. Willie Nelson plays Doc Holliday and he says that he his friend in Tombstone to "Travel Lightly and Come Well Balanced" I think he was talking about Wyatt Earp at the time. Kris Kristofferson plays the "Ringo Kid". Waylon Jennings plays Hatfield he's a gambler as well. Mary Crosby(Bing's daughter, which I just found out last night) plays a a captian's daughter which is due any day. This is available on dvd if you can find it it's worth all the looking around. John has a beard the has to be real in the movie.
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