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  1. I was origanily going to put this song instead of my last one. But I really love this song. "Story of My Life" ~ Bon Jovi
  2. K-Duke15


    Good. I was hoping so.
  3. Here's a song that seems more like a inspirational quote than a song to me. "It's My Life" ~ Bon Jovi
  4. K-Duke15


    I know the season is still young. We've been doing better now. But I wasn't meaning that your guys' teams were bad. I just meant that we lost to you. I'm not saying anything bad about the Cubs or Pirates.
  5. K-Duke15


    I've said before that I don't really watch baseball but I hear about it all the time on the news. Though I might watch some high school games with my friend since her boyfriend plays in it. Sadly, I really doubt Red will get to the World Series. We've lost pretty much all of our games so far. And it was even the Cubs and Pirates, just to name a few. ugh.
  6. I'm sorry, CD. I do know your pain. I still feel awful when I think about my grandpa dying. At least you knew right away. It was kept from me while I was at his place with him in the other room for some of the time. I wish I could say it gets easier but sometimes it doesn't. I feel bad when ever something makes me think of him. I send you hugs and all my love. Stay strong.
  7. You have me beat by 4 days and 37 years. So I guess I'll give you an early "Happy Birthday" and one to John since it's today.
  8. K-Duke15


    Those are some pretty good drawings. My brother has gotten into anime. That's like the only thing he seems to draw anymore. He has some anime drawing books and they seem to help his drawings. He's almost 14 and he does really well. He's pretty impressive with them.
  9. K-Duke15


    Things can change in an instant, Garrett. My cousin is going to see the Reds and Cubs play at the end of April with her boyfriend. It's at Great American Ball Park but it will be cool if we win. I'll admit though, I have never been to a baseball game. Not even a school one. It's pretty sad. I know something you'll love though. I can't remember who played the Reds during the game but my dad helped set up fireworks on top of Great American Ball Park. He was on top of the over hang above the seats and he had no safety harness on. He had fun doing it. I think it was one of our last games of the season.
  10. I know how it feels to lose a grandparent. I've lost both of mine. My grandma died April 15, 2001. Only 4 days before my 4th birthday. I have no memory of her. My parents say I'm just like her though. She died with a smile on her face which was a first for the people at the funeral home. My grandpa died January 19, 2008. I was close to him. He was suffering so much. He was fighting his hardest but a nurse got his hopes up that he would find a new love in Georgia I think. He never did so he felt like he didn't have anything to fight for. He was tired of living without my grandma. I remember going to his apartment after he died and no one told me or my brother what had happened. I fell bad now that they are both dead. I have little or no memory of them now. I feel your pain. Take in every moment you can with him before he leaves forever. I'll be here for you if you need someone to talk to. Don't forget that. I'm very sorry about everything.
  11. K-Duke15


    We sadly didn't win. It was a close game through the whole thing. I think it went into 13 innings. We'll see who wins that game. Then that person will get some bragging rights. I really don't know if he's still the manager. I hadn't heard anything about him not being it. He got a two year extension last year so the only way he could get out of it is if his health was too bad when the season started. I think he's gotten better since then though.
  12. The whole "cleaning the gun on the porch" thing is what my dad said he is going to do. It hasn't happened yet but I can only guess it will be soon. Greatly enough, in a matter of days we will have the whole house to ourselves and won't have any upstairs neighbors so that means my dad will have a porch to sit on when I leave and come back from a date. It will be interesting to see how my date will react 'cause my dad is a good actor.
  13. That is true. Country stuff has become popular now but they will never ask fans. They wouldn't want to take the time to make sure something is good so that they can make more money. They just want to get something out to get some money.
  14. K-Duke15


    Even though today is April 1 (April Fools Day) I won't kid about what's happening today. Today is Opening Day for the Reds. The parade was said to be smaller this year but we're playing the Los Angeles Angels. For all of you that don't know, Opening Day in Cincinnati is practically a holiday. I even think that last year, they tried to get it to be an official holiday for the city. Didn't happen though.
  15. K-Duke15

    Top Gun

    Yeah. It is a special one week thing. I think here in Ohio it came out Thursday and Wednesday is the last day. Then on the 19th, they will release it on blue-ray. My mom was waiting for it to come out so this was her little birthday present even though it was a few days early. I'm seeing it again on Wednesday with my best friend and her mom. My friend hasn't seen the movie yet but her mom has seen it millions of times and is in love with it. I'll tell ya, the footage from the cameras on the planes are some of the best things to see in Imax 3D. So beautiful and amazing.
  16. I'll add a classic for everyone. I had just watched the whole movie yesterday. I'm now in love with it. I also got to see my mom's favorite scene, the volleyball scene. I would tell everyone to go see it in Imax 3D. It looks amazing. The 13th's the last day.
  17. K-Duke15

    Top Gun

    Anyone else seen Top Gun in Imax 3D? I saw it yesterday and it looked AMAZING. The first time I saw the whole thing. Now I love it. Commence the continual listening to the album. (Just normal me when I'm into something new.)
  18. I know it's a few hours early for us both, but Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you're well and okay. I feel bad we haven't talked in a while. Hope we can talk soon. :)

    1. countrygirl1986


      *sigh* Five years later and I'm just now seeing this... I was having a Dukes moment when it was posted - I got framed by my cousin, claimed I attacked her, she had actually attacked me, I never laid a hand on her but her and her boyfriend put their hands on me, and well... and the investigating officer who legally couldn't investigate the case was her cousin on her father's side... the judge realized she was trying to induce a stress related swelling incident - threw the case out, and tried to nail her with my medical bills resulting from the incident. Swelling turned out to NOT be HAE - turned out, really really bad reaction to a long term medication that no one could figure out. I forced them to change my meds and haven't had a problem since. Also, said cousin committed suicide last year. Please, no condolences - hate to speak ill of the dead, but a ton less drama in my life. She wanted to be me, take over my life, become my mother's child and replace me... and it just... yeah.

  19. I don't know who will win but I'm just hoping Bengals go far. They've actually had a good season. It'll be cool to see how far they go.
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