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  1. HAHA. That sounds like a fun time.
  2. I hear this song all the time and never thought of watching the video. Thanks for showing it. Now I love the song. Here's another country song. "More than Miles" ~ Brantley Gilbert
  3. Luca was a good cook. He deserved it. They even flew his father and sister from Italy to watch him in the final two. It was a sweet reunion between them.
  4. That is a good song. I hear it a lot on the country radio station I listen to all the time. Now I'll meed your Keith Urban with a local group from my area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTXo7bTCfxM
  5. That's cool. Update for you guys. The U.S. is going to start a MasterChef Junior at the end of the month. It has the same three judges as the normal one and it seems to have kids aging from 8 to 12. I also was surfing through the channels and the U.K. MasterChef Professionals was on. But I thought it was funny that I saw a commercial for the new show just a few days after we were talking about all the different versions.
  6. Haha. I wouldn't have guessed him. I've got a question now. James Best was in two episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show" in 1960 and 1961. Which other Dukes cast member appeared on the show?
  7. I knew there was a UK version of MasterChef but I didn't know there were all kinds of other ones too. Ramsey has another cooking show called Hell's Kitchen, which has been on for years now. Beware, Ramsey is bleeped out a ton. But cooking shows are big in the US. It's almost insane the number there has been in the past few years.
  8. dollar stores (We have tons of them in my town.)
  9. I feel better now. I was finally able to read stories last night.
  10. I'll have to agree with ya guys on Once Upon a Time. That is a great show. Some of my other shows have to be Supernatural, Emergency!, Hollywood Game Night (6 celebrities get together into 2 teams with an everyday person as their captain and they do all kinds of games you would do at your normal game nights. It gets pretty hilarious.), Whose Line is it Anyway (On the CW and is a new version of the old one.), Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Roads (Spin offs of Ice Road Truckers), and well . . . I guess I have many more. I really can't think of them unless they are on. I guess a lot of my shows are on TLC, History, Fox, and a lot of the big companies. Oh . . . I can't forget to add Master Chief on Fox. It is the best cooking show ever. My mom and I got hooked halfway through the season last year and we've fallen in love with it.
  11. I don't enjoys Macs even though I've used it only a couple of times. I'll admit that the iPads are fun to mess with. My home laptop is a Sony VAIO and it works really well. I've had it for years now and it still works good. P.S. Those jokes are really funny, Hoss.
  12. The Big Bang Theory (I love to watch the show. I suggest it to anyone.)
  13. I don't know if it will fix itself or not. I've tried updating my device but it doesn't seem to be updating properly. Luckily I can get on it on my school laptop, though it is different.
  14. So I read a lot of my fanfictions on my DSi's web browser and just the other night when I wanted to read, it said the browers could not show the page and it was not responcable for it. Seeing that made me so mad. I just wanted to rant this because it made me so mad when I found it out.
  15. I think that would be a cool idea Roger. We might end up learning a thing or two.
  16. K-Duke15


    I say that about the Cowboys this morning. I thought that was really interesting.
  17. K-Duke15


    People should admire your persistance, Garrett. It takes a true fan to think about their team like you do. I know the Cubs will have their season soon, or at least before ya die .
  18. Not a problem. I was living a double life ;) not really though. Besides, I would do the same thing and be the same way.

  19. K-Duke15


    So I'll get this thing rolling again. As of last night, Pirates were in the lead with St. Louis in second with 3 games and Reds with 3.5 games. It all seems really impressive. And for you Garrett, I was on Tumblr and one of the people I follow posted this which I couldn't help but repost and think of you.
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