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  1. There's some pain but the numbness is almost gone, so it might change. I figured having delt with teeth pain from my braces will help me deal with the pain. But pain medicine, shows I rented (Supernatural, Wonder Woman, and of course Dukes of Hazzard), and my computer with internet will help too.
  2. Yep, all at once. When they are good to go and need to go, they will do them all.
  3. Thanks Roth. I got this wrap that helps hold the ice packs to my face. i1976: wow. I had all four out even though I'm sure I had extra ones on the bottom but we really don't know if he took out extra or not. Since I pass out from needles, they knocked me out with gas first then put an IV in me. I was home in about an hour. It didn't take long and my parents say I wasn't as funny as other people are when they are waking up. All in all, I'm still numb and bleeding a little. I'm glad this is all over and now I'm one step closer to getting my braces off.
  4. There is that one but the other one has Cletus, Maybell, Jebb, Lulu, and Hughie.
  5. K-Duke15


    I'm curious but do any of ya guys watch the show "Supernatural"? It's about two brothers driving all over the country fighting supernatural things. It's been on since 2005 and right now it's between seasons. I got addicted to it a couple months ago and now I want to see if there is anyone on here I can talk about it to.
  6. Goin' country. "Hey Girl" ~ Bill Currington
  7. I'll probably work on it while I recover from having my wisdom teeth removed Thursday. I promise I'll try everything. I might even add the episode where Tom and James play against each other.
  8. That came to me too. You all are my "Dukes of Hazzard" family and I can relate to a lot of ya.
  9. I've seen both Dukes episodes of Family Feud. I have them on DVD. I must say, both are funny. I might be able to find a way to share it so y'all could see it.
  10. You all are so right. This page is almost becoming a page lost in the Web. I'm glad I found it and I bet other people are wishing to find something like this. I think this page is also dying down because the show isn't on TV anymore. I wish it was on still. We need to figure out a way to get the page out to people just because they probably don't know about it.
  11. K-Duke15


    Cubs have one. Pirates have five. Reds have three. So Roger, you have more players on the team than Garrett and I.
  12. K-Duke15


    You two are funny. I'm a little late on saying this but Homer Bailey threw his second no hitter of his career. It's cool that this time it happened at home instead of away.
  13. K-Duke15


    Yeah. My dad had a fun time last time.
  14. K-Duke15


    Hehe... I lied about the fireworks. Seems my dad isn't doing the fireworks at the Reds game. But it can all change.
  15. K-Duke15


    You speak some very wise words, Garrett. And I probably would have done the same thing. Sometimes you can't pass up a good opportunity.
  16. K-Duke15


    Haha. Well if he comes to here about the end of April he can be come a shooter. My dad does it each year. And the fireworks are afterward but they will still be cool for the little kids.
  17. K-Duke15


    I sure hope so. And I found out that my dad and the crew he works with will do the fireworks for the games on the 3rd and 5th of July which will be against the Giants and Mariners. If only it was against the Pirates or Cubs, then you guys could be amazed by some awesome Rozzi fireworks.
  18. I'm goin' to go country with a song that I am in love with. "Hey Pretty Girl" ~ Kip Moore I think every girl loves this song but I know that I sure love it.
  19. K-Duke15


    It's awesome that you had a good time at the game Garrett. I really am not sure who number 19 is for the Reds. My dad is doing the fireworks again for one of the Reds' home games. I'm just not sure what game. And sadly, I still haven't been to a professional baseball game. I feel bad since both of you guys have been to one. Lets hope that that will change soon.
  20. K-Duke15


    Nobody has taught my brother. He has just learned from books. He does an amazing job on his pictures. I'll copy some pictures tomorrow and put them up.
  21. I guess that's true. I did just get more money on my account and didn't spend it all on music:D. Guess I might buy a couple episodes.
  22. Supernatural Random but it's actually a show. One of the actors have a son named West and he is adorable.
  23. I love the pictures. They make me want to watch the show again. All that is holding me back is that there is no way for me to watch it right now.
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