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  1. This picture is interesting because Rosco is looking at the camera like he knew the picture was coming. Or it could have been a lucky screen capture of him looking at it. This image is surely flipped because Boss isn't driving which would make Rosco on the right of the picture instead of the left. I'm thinking that this one is from the beginning of "Daisy's Song" since they were shooting in it and Luke had his well known denim jacket on.
  2. That's funny that the quality is better because these were still copied through my iPad. I was only a couple cards into my blue set when I switched to my laptop. Here's the Luke sticker that was in my mom's collection. There is a double to this one that I might post again as a transitions between sets like this one is doing. Once again, a glorious jump.
  3. Cathy has always been pretty and you can tell that this picture was when she had colored her hair blond but had to change it back to brown for the show. You can't help but love a shot with the General jumping. Once again, another picture of Boss with the cane.
  4. Great. Since that seems to be better, I'll repost the other four before I start posting more. I got the rest of my cards scanned and I used my computer this time. They turned out much better but I will just leave the first half the way they are. When I use my computer it takes a more detailed look at what is being scanned and tries to make it look it's best. The app I used on my iPad (our printer/scanner is an Epson) does a general scan and I guess that's why these looked like they did.
  5. How does this one look, Roth? Little too big or just right?
  6. Alrighty. When I get home, I'll enlarge one and post it to see what you think.
  7. I could make it bigger if I wanted to but that's just the size they were after I cropped them. And when I scanned them, I had the picture sent to my iPad because I didn't know that our scanner was off and thought my computer was just messed up. So when I found that out, I just kept using my iPad for the convenience. I'll scan more today hopefully and use my computer. They will probably turn out better. Would you like the pictures to be bigger?
  8. So here is the moment some of you have waited for. I got some cards scanned and cropped. Sorry for quality of the pictures, they were kind of hard to line up straight and the scanner added the strange look to the cards.
  9. Well, the cards are 3 1/2" by 2 1/2". So that would make the picture 21" by 27 1/2".
  10. I got the big picture done last night. And from the picture you can tell that I'm missing 10 cards. Other than that, I feel pretty happy to have all that I have. Once I'm done with school work in a little more than 12 hours, I'll start scanning cards and posting them.
  11. My mom found her box and she has three different series of cards. She has more of the blue though which have a copyright date of 1981. There is also 2 stickers which are both Luke. Sadly it's not a complete set but there is quite a few. It's 1-66 and it does have 62. Now that I have these, I'll see if the suposive doubles are doubles.
  12. It was kind of hard making a sentence that could be understood about that. But on the back of each card is a section of a picture. When you have all the cards, you can put them together like a puzzle and get a bigger picture. I guess it was a way to get kids to buy more.
  13. Thank you for that. I'll also post pictures of the pictures that you can create with the cards even if it isn't the whole set.
  14. It will be exciting to see if my mom has a full set or not. And I was a planing on scanning them and putting them on here but I will probably start that in a couple days after school. I don't have 62 in the repeats but that looks like a really cool picture. Attached is a small picture of the cards I have so far. I don't know why it's sideways but at least you can still see them.
  15. So tonight my mom suddenly remembers that she had some trading cards from when she was a kid and remembered that some of them were Dukes of Hazzard. She pulls a small bag out and lone behold, there are some in there. She thinks they are extras and she might have a full set in a box somewhere. Now I have to wait till tomorrow to see if she does or not. Anyone else have any cards?
  16. I'm up for watching "The Great Santa Claus Chase." That is actually one of my favorite episodes. I think I'm good any weekend and I have the whole week Christmas is on and the week after off of school so I would be fine any time then.
  17. "You Had Me From Hello" ~ Bon Jovi
  18. I'll up you guys and give you a song from a group that I think is amazing and had been in the music industry for almost 45 years. You guys might know their most famous song, "Staying Alive" from the late 70s. This song is from their album, Staying Alive, which came out a couple years later. "The Woman in You" ~ Bee Gees
  19. I realize that I won't be able to do the episode on November 2. I'll be with my mom's family and there is no internet at my grandparents' house.
  20. This all sounds really cool. I would totaly do it. I have One Armed Bandits, Carnival of Thrills parts 1 & 2, another season 1 episode, and then a season 7 episode I think. I'm also hopping to get season 5 real soon. So I would love to join when I can.
  21. Well, all of your guys's sound and look awesome. For my home laptop, I can create multiple themes that have slideshows of pictures. Of course I have Dukes, but I also have Emergency!, Sims 3, Vera Bradley (purse and accessories), Harry Potter (when the second to last movie was coming out I think), and a couple more. I only use the Dukes, Emergency!, and Vera Bradley ones though now-a-days. Since there are so many pictures, I can't really post them but y'all have the idea. Then there is my school laptop that as just a boring screen that I will probably never change because I'm that lazy. But that screen is attached to this post.
  22. I agree. This is one of the threads I love to look at over and over. It's holding me over for a couple weeks when I have money to buy some seasons from Amazon.
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