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  1. That is so true, Roger. One thing I've realized is that Dukes stopped showing when the flag controversy started and was big. With that, they still show the remake movie on tv even though there is the flag. It confuses me. If they can show the movie, why not the show? Maybe MeTV needs to pick it up. They have all kinds of old shows like Emergency!, Adam-12, Ironside, M*A*S*H, and many others. It would be perfect. It also fits in with their slogan/channel name, "Memorable Entertainment Television." That would create new fans and bring back the old.
  2. Sorry Hoss but I was wrong about the Hogan's Heroes. They weren't on it. But I was able to get the Heroes vs Villain's video to process. Heroes vs Villains 2 Part 1 Heroes vs Villains 2 Part 2 Heroes vs Villains 3 Part 1 Heroes vs Villains 3 Part 2
  3. Haha. No problem Hoss. I knew the Waltons one is on Youtube but I felt like completing the whole series. I've almost got the Heroes vs Villains complete but one of them are taking forever to process. I probably post those tomorrow. I also think Hogan's Heroes was one of the families. I'll check and if I'm right, I'll get a video of them playing just for you .
  4. Two more videos. These come after the "Dukes vs Waltons." Dukes of Hazzard vs Angie Part 1 Dukes of Hazzard vs Angie Part 2
  5. With my own Behind the Scenes stuff. I have most of the Family Feuds uploaded on Youtube. I just need the Heroes vs Villians with Tom and Jimmy on it to download. But for now, here are the episodes that have the cast. The Jeffersons vs Dukes of Hazzard Part 1 The Jeffersons vs Dukes of Hazzard Part 2 Dukes of Hazzard vs The Waltons Part 1 Dukes of Hazzard vs The Waltons Part 2
  6. I've seen this picture and another one close to it around. It is Tom in the black and I think this was right before the first reunion movie, That is my opinion though.
  7. Correction Roth, this would be the second reunion movie. Just look at Tom. He didn't have facial hair in the first reunion movie. This would be from "Luke's Love Story." I only know this because I watched the episode when I rented the first season to watch while I recovered from my wisdom teeth removal. P.S.- I'm now editing the videos of the Family Feuds and getting them uploaded on Youtube.
  8. Doctor Who (Both my dad and brother are into it, majorly.
  9. K-Duke15


    I saw the score. I really wish I didn't have my wisdom teeth out when I did, 'cause today's game is a special one. It's Girl Scout Day there and I'm a girl scout. I would have loved to go and be apart of the parade they are going to do before the game on the field. It would have also been fun to watch a game between our teams.
  10. That is a good idea. I hadn't seen them though, but hopefully once I get money I can buy them and watch them.
  11. Aw... your welcome Roger. I mean it too. All these shows my mom has gotten my into has changed me; given me something to love. I only want that for others and my kids. I can't wait for that day when they are excited to watch them and their face light up while watching it.
  12. Haha. That will surely be me. I'm going to get my kids into the shows my mom has gotten me into. I just hope they are like me and love them. Otherwise, I'll be one sad mom when that time comes.
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