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  1. hey youre on...chat??

  2. Haven't been on much lately, but welcome to all those I haven't welcomed already!!!
  3. sure sounds like you had a blast Rog... Glad you had fun
  4. He is amazing...my guess is everytime you think of meeting him you will have a smile on your face...he has that effect on people
  5. so much to tell! hope you are well

  6. how you doing buddy?

  7. youre here!!!!!!!!! can you chat?!

  8. )That sounds like Jude Emory to me
  9. hey lets chat soon...miss you

  10. Bo 31 Luke 28 Jesse 27 Cooter 14 (Jesse gave another to Luke cuz he forgot he already did that once...)
  11. Bo 32 Luke 27 Jesse 29 Cooter 11 Enos 1 (Me too Rog...ya big jerk!!!!)
  12. Re: May 22 in Nashville....I have some info not available on Cooter's website page.... There is going to be a barbecue (as far as I know Ben plans on being there with us-at least part of the time)... Steve and I are bringing the General Lee and I know there will be at least one other GL and a Rosco car. I'm not positive on the time we are eating or such, but if you are in Nashville come on out and say hi!!!!
  13. Bo 25 Luke 23 Daisy 6 Jesse 22 Cooter 18 Enos 6 Cooter's goes to Enos
  14. miss you Rog....hope you are ok...lets chat soon

  15. I would check out CGLFC (the confederate general lee fan club)...there is usually someone who is either selling or could point you somewhere to find one...the link is www.cglfc.com.
  16. Bo 20 Luke 19 Daisy 11 Jesse 20 Cooter 19 Rosco 4 Enos 7 Took 1 from Cooter and gave it to Enos
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