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  1. Fortunately for Luke, Hazzard was a small town, and with his knowledge of every family in Hazzard, he also knew most of the children, callling them by name, asking about their parents, siblings, grandparents and sometimes even the family dog who accompanied them on trips into town. The time flew as he sat under the gazebo, listening to every request. No one guessed that the town Santa was Luke, his deep ho-ho-ho and twinkling blue eyes seemed to fit the ideal of Santa so well that those passing by didn't question who it was...he was just Santa, plain and simple.
  2. "I hope you're right...hope you don't get a punch in the mouth instead. He may not take too kindly t you foolin' him like this..." remarked Daisy. "Still, at least he's doing it...that's somethin...." Luke soon showed up, hiding the General some distance away before walking into the crowded town square giving out a big "ho ho ho" to the delight of the children waiting.
  3. Daisy laughed with a nod, going over to Bo and helping him remove the detested bandages. "So...what do you say we go into town and see how he's doin after a while?" asked Daisy giving a tug on a stubborn bandage as she did so.
  4. Luke nodded, picking up the bag that completed the outfit, slinging it over his shoulder. "Alright...," he repled and with a nod headed out the door, the small sound of bells jingling from his belt echoing down the hallway. Daisy was walking in just as Luke walked out giving a small wave as he climbed into the General, and took off. "It worked..." exclaimed Daisy softly before running into the house and into Bo's room. "It worked!"
  5. Luke nodded. "You don't worry about me....you just stay off that ankle. You need anything before I go? Another pillow? Cocoa?" he asked with concern. If Luke knew what the ruse was that Bo was playing, he certainly wasn't showing it.
  6. Luke turned back to the mirror as Bo said that, more to hide the flush that came to his cheeks than anything. "I hope you're right," he said softly. For Jesse to be proud of him was the only thing Luke ever strived for. It was one motivation that had kept him going. He had lost it with his death, but now, as Bo said those words, it was almost as if his uncle could still be proud of him...that love and honor and pride....all those things his uncle had worked so hard to instill into them...it was almost as if those things, like Jesse's spirit were, although hidden, still very much alive. And as these things crossed through Luke's mind, Bo could detect the faintest trace of a smile on his cousin's lips.
  7. Luke turned back and forth examining himself in the mirror. It had been hard for him, putting on the suit. He could almost smell traces of his uncle still on it, but of course when he looked at himself, he saw only Luke in the place his uncle had been only last year. He sighed softly feeling melancholy but yet with a peace he couldn't explain. It was almost as if the Santa suit had some Christmas magic in it, and amongst the fur trimmings, Luke seemed to find his uncle's warm, loving embrace that he so longed for. "How do I look?" he asked turning around for Bo to see the full effect.
  8. ***end flashback*** Luke just sat still a moment, thinking back on the scene, and how happy he had been. He wished with all of his heart that playing in some tinsil could make him feel the same joy he felt back then...he didn't suppose anything could really. He knew in his heart that Bo still had that joy, that same joy that had spilled over to everyone in the family at Christmas....and normally it would have affected Luke by now too, but of course this year was far different. Luke had to be the town Santa, not for the kids' sakes, but for Bo's. He just hoped to God he could pull off being jolly when he felt anything but....
  9. It was all so comical. There sat Bo...well no, more lay than sat, amidst the bundle of tinsil, holding it up in his hands as if each piece were metallic bubbles, splashing around in it. Jesse shook his head with a laugh. "Sure is never a dull momen with that boy around..." He was so thankful for the joy his youngest brought into the house. "You's silly, Bo," said Luke though from the sound of his voice he half-wished he could forget that he was a big boy of six years and go play in the tinsil too. He did the next best thing however, taking a handful and dumping it onto Bo's blond head.
  10. Luke looked at Bo, who at that moment let off an impish giggle. Putting his hands on his hips, Luke looked at him sternly, or as sternly as a six year old boy could look at someone. "Okay Bo...what'd ya do with it?"
  11. Luke looked up. "I can't find it Auntie...." he said with a shrug, putting a small star-shaped ornament on the tree and giving it a spin, watching as the prisms caught the light from the fire-lit livingroom. "I guess we's gotta get some more...." Jesse shook his head as he came behind Lavinia. "Seems t' me you ain't looked hard enough." "I did so!" countered Luke. "I looked everywhere..."
  12. Luke was hanging bulbs carefully on the tree. Decorating was the one thing about Christmas that he truly looked forward. He loved to see the transformation of their home, from simple country farmhouse to Christmas Wonderland. And nothing was better than decorating with a mug of hot cocoa sitting nearby and his aunt's gingerbread men tantalizing his nose as she pullled them from the oven.
  13. "Don't remind me," he muttered. he had no idea how he would pull off a ho-ho-ho when he had forgotten how to laugh; how his eyes could twinkle merrily when he cried unseen tears every night. And he had no patience lately...at least not for himself...how could he endure snot-nosed kids, sitting on his lap, hour after long hour? Despite all of this though was the bigger question: How could I go on if i lost Bo too just because I didn't help him? "I'll manage."
  14. If Bo had asked Luke to remove his teeth, one-by-one, with a rusty pair of pliers it would have been an easier task for the dark haired cousin to agree to. Town Santa? He didn't even want to celebrate Christmas this year, much less dress up and pretend to be the principle player of it... He swallowed looking down at Bo. It was clear Bo couldn't do it....more clear that this obviously meant a lot to him. "Alright," he relented at last.
  15. "Whatever it is, I'll do it...you just stay here and rest..." he said anticipating, delivering 100 Christmas wreaths, or directing the children's choir...he was prepared for anything...anything but what Bo was about to say. "Just tell me..."
  16. Luke softened at the mention of his uncle's name, as if it was a holy word. "Look, I'll get it done....whatever it is...I'll do it....you just relax and focus on getting better, alright?" He fixed Bo's blanket once more and fluffed his pillow for him. "It'll be fine....you'll see."
  17. "You can't. Period. I ain't budgin' on this, Bo...they're gonna hafta find someone else 'cuz I'll be damned if I lose you too!" exclaimed Luke, unintentionally voicing the fear that was rocking his whole world. He didn't seem to notice what he had said, however, as he added adamently. "You aint gonna do it and that's final."
  18. "Stay still!" snapped Luke in a tone Bo knew better than to cross from experience. "Youre gonna do what Doc says...you're more important that any damn job," he added. He sighed alsmost able to hear his uncle's admonishment for letting out the curse word. In truth, he had found himself swearing a lot more lately, a habit he had tried to break himself of since the Marines. He supposed though, with as angry as he constantly felt, that it was to be expected. "Now you stay put. I'll fix ya somethin' t' eat..."
  19. Luke nodded a little in response as he came in shutting the door. "No...you were lucky. Doc says though that ya gotta stay off yer feet for a couple weeks at least...and you're gonna too," he stated firmly. Bo had never been one to stay still. Even when he was a baby no bigger than a grasshopper he had been perpetual motion, always sucking his hand or kicking his tiny legs. "You hungry? I think there's some stew left from yesterday..."
  20. Doc nodded. "I'll do that....and I'll speak to Luke on my way out...." he said as he put the bandages back into his bag. He gave Bo an empty medicine bottle. "You keep in touch," he added, walking out the door to find Luke. Luke, it turned out, was easy to find, standing at Maudine's stall, stroking her muzzle. "Luke?" He turned quickly. "How is he?" "He'll be fine...ankle's sprained but not broke. He'll need to sty off it a few weeks....broke a couple ribs...slight concussion...but he'll be fine..." Luke nodded a little. Doc put a hand on his back looking at him. "You been sleeping any better?" "Yes sir," answered Luke. "Some." "Good.. you take care now...." "What do we owe ya?" Doc waved his hand. "It's Christmas...no charge." He then walked out to his waiting car.
  21. Doc nodded with a sigh. "Remove your shirt then so I can bandage your ribs," he said adding softly, "He looks plenty worried. I hope this idea of yours doesn't backfire. Though it does worry me...how he's been lately..." He didn't go into detail about what he knew exactly, but it wasn't hard for Bo to put two and two together and realize that Luke had most likely gone to the doc for some reason, and given him enough cause to be concerned. "There now," he said as he finished wrapping Bo's ribs. You certainly don't look bruised enough to have fallen, but everything else seems t' work."
  22. Luke stiffened a little as he was dismissed to the barn. He knew Bo well enough, however, that he carried on more when there was an audience to listen to him. He had been like that ever since he was little. "Alright," he said softly, turning and walking out, pausing at the door to look back once, biting his lip, before walking out and shutting the door behind him. The doc looked at Bo seriously. "So what's the plan now?"
  23. Luke hurried to the door, opening it up to Doc Appleby, Hazzard's finest, and only, country doc. "Doc...I'm glad you're here... Couch is on the Bo...I mean...Bo is on the couch," began a flustered Luke. "Fell off the roof...landed on his ankle," he explained. "Ain't too swollen yet but..." Doc nodded. "Just calm down an' let me do my job,"" he answered gently but firmly. Luke did as told, not one to argue with his elders. "Now Bo let's take a look," he carefully lifted his ankle, examing it carefully, before doing the same with the rest of him as Luke looked on swallowing.
  24. Luke swallowed but gave a small nod relenting. "Okay, if you're sure..." He slipped his arm under Bo's armpit and with an order to tell him if it hurt too much, lifted him up gently. "Easy now....stay off that ankle," he ordered as he proceeded to half-walk, half-carry Bo inside, easing him carefully down on the couch. "Let me lift that ankle up a little," said Luke carefully supporting Bo's leg as he settled it on a throw pillow. "You need anything?"
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