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  1. Thank you everyone! I got me a good ol' boy and am excited for a Hazzard wedding!
  2. I agree. I don't know if it is one I would want to buy to have on my shelf, but it wasnt horrible
  3. Yeah the DVDs are best, though once in a while people will post episodes on youtube...you just have to deal with watching it in sections
  4. well. keep in mind too that a movie could be made in 2010, but set in 2000. I only seen it a couple times so didnt pay attention as to whether there were tiny cell phones, netbooks, etc. But then again I know of one show we all know and love where cars jump silos, jump through a drainage tube hoisted in the sky and always lands without much damage. NOT to say that might be stretching things a bit of course, but hey? Isnt half the fun of a movie or tv show to escape reality for a bit? Besides, it is called acting after all;)
  5. Me too.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmdqFe2URnU
  6. No but they did do what John said is a favorite of Tom's: Fox on the Run. Sound familiar? It should. It is the song the Duke family singers sang in the final episode of our favorite program.
  7. got stuff to tell you when can we chat

  8. Roger suggested that those of you who weren't able to attend the concerts in Niagara Falls by Tom and john might like to know a bit about them. I am not a review writer, but I'll try to give you an idea. First of all though I have to say I originally was only going to the Saturday Show. Then John's mom, wonderful lady that she is, heard I didn't have a ticket for Friday and lo and behold I find my self in the third row both nights, close enough to see Tom's beautiful eyes and john's gorgeous smile...but I digress... The show lasted about one and a half hours each night. The songs were all great. Of course they did the Dukes theme both nights....and in tribute to Waylon they sung "Luchenbach, Texas". Friday night John assumed kids were allowed in so he tried to think of something he could replace the "firm feeling women" lyrics with. Tom didnt seem to care so much and sung it for him. Tom did some show tunes and ones off his latest album including "When youre a jet," "That's Life", "They're writing songs of love but not for me"....and more. John did more country including "whats a memory like you," "Ive been around enough to know" and the first night he did a request of "who cares" for a couple as it was their wedding song. My personal two favorites were ""Youve Lost that Loving Feeling"- tom really got into this one the first night- and "Baby its cold outside" which as most of you know is supposed to be male/female duet. Tom rewrote the lyrics, although watching them sing to each other, as well as the facial gestures they made during some parts was so hilarious I dont think there was a dry eye in the room. I will see if I can remember the lyrics and post them... Add to all this the banter (John about Tom's age, Tom about John's women, etc etc etc.) you better believe it was a night I will never ever forget. I should also add that the second night Tom was not feeling well...his words were "I've only got half a voice but you'll get that half tonight." He ended up leaving the after-party early because he did just that....hopefully he is much better now but kudos to Mr. Wopat and his "show must go on" attitude. Professionalism at its best.
  9. Steve and I went Saturday....it was great seeing him again...he is always so sweet. Got me some good John hugs and some nice pictures....we're sharing my scarf in one (his idea)....I think it is my new favorite pic. He is a wonderful person.... if you all have a chance to meet him do it...you wont be sorry.
  10. Cost depends if the auto show takes some off the top or not... seems like autographed pics at a normal show are about 10-15 each whereas if they take money off the top they can go up to 25 each...that is what they were at comicon.
  11. Here's a couple more: The Hazzard BBQ- this has become a tradition, though it is much more low key than anything else. This year it will be held the weekend before Memorial Day (May 21?) at Cooter's Place in Nashville. My beau will be grillin up hot dogs and burgers for anyone who would like to come...there will be plenty of GLs, cop cars, food, probably door prizes, etc. Ben "Cooter" Jones....and more than likely Rick Hurst too...will be there so its a great way to meet some stars and some friends....plus eat some great food (not that I am biased in any way). The Hazzard Run will be Oct 8-9. Basically every kind of Hazzard County vehicle will make tracks from Cooters in Nashville to Cooters in Gatlinburg, ending with a parade of GLs down the main street in Gatlinburg. More details to come, but you dont want to miss this either. Last year, Ben, Rick and Don Pedro were CBing one another the whole route...and of course you have opportunities for autographs, putput and gokarts....I know Steve and I will be attending both with the GL for sure... and Zoe (my Duke lovin cocker spaniel) will be there too.....hope to see you all there
  12. And apparently it's happening again. I'm sorry. I don't blame Tom one bit for being leary of Dukes fans when they do stuff like this to get things or attention for themselves....especially when it is messing iwth his daughter's life. Taylor (the real Taylor) is a nice young lady who happens to have a famous dad. She doesnt deserve to be treated like that...it isn't a compliment to her to be copied...it's trying to be someone they're not...and its just plain sad. So watch who you befriend...it may not be who you think it is...
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