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  1. Luke shook his head adamently. "No...I ain't takin' that chance. Just lie still. Doc'll be here soon enough," he added, hoping to God that there was nothing seriously wrong. "Wih Daisy was here..." he said nervously out loud.
  2. If memory serves me correctly, John was filming the made-for tv movie "Dream House" during this episode.
  3. The Sheriff's boat belongs to Paul Harrington, who is in charge of the Canadian Dukes Museum.Events. He actually hauled it all the way from Canada.... And Roger, the horns do sound a bit different...some are even out of tune a bit and a half a note higher or lower (to those of us with a musical ear). It has to do with the horn itself and how good of shape its in...if you've ever seen a GL horn, you know that it looks like about 6 horns side by side to make the tune...from what I understand they can be pretty touchy.
  4. "I'll feel a hell of a lot better when Doc tells me that," said Luke. "Hey...no you stay put....til Doc says different...I mean it," he said pushing Bo back down gently but firmly. You hurtin' anywhere...no...no don't try t' move that leg," he said in response to Bo's "trying" to see where it all hurt.
  5. Luke soon hurried out, placing a light blanket over him as he had been trained in the Marines to do in case of shock, though, Bo didn't seem to as of yet be showing any signs of it and the Georgia sun was perfect for anything but one of Lavinia's old blankets. "Doc's on his way...should be here in about 10 minutes," he said trying his best to sound less worried than he was, his hands still twitching slightly, his brow crinkled.
  6. Luke swallowed, a few beads of sweat already glistening on his wrinkled forehead. "You...you sure? You took a...a nasty fall..." He hesitated as he looked down at Bo who kept a tight reassuring hold on his arm. "Okay," he relented. "But you lay back...and don't you move 'til we're sure nothin's broken...." He moved towards the house, saying in words so like his uncle, though of course he could never see how much Jesse was still alive in him, "Mind me." With that he hurried to the phone.
  7. Luke's heart was pounding so hard he could hardly hear Bo at first. When he did, however, it was like music to his ears. "Oh thank god...thank god..." breathed Luke, his face having gone white. "Can ya sit up...no wait...maybe ya best stay still...just in case...I'll call a doc...no...maybe...an ambulance...to make sure..." he floundered as he moved the toolbox away from his ankle and taking off his shirt to slip under Bo's head for a pillow. "I'll be right back."
  8. Bo's question was answered when he heard the door slam open and saw Luke rushing to him, dropping to his knees beside him and saying his name in a panic-stricken voice. "Bo!!!! Bo...Bo answer me...answer me..." He checked for a pulse, relieved that one was there, quickly assessing the situation, hating to leave him, not even to call a doc, torn inside as to what to do, tears in his eyes, his hands shaking as he checked his cousin to make sure he wasn't bleeding anywhere. "Bo wake up...wake up," he pleaded. "Please...I dont know what to do....I cant lose you too...please...." he whimpered.
  9. Luke was, as usual, in his room. He hadn't budged from his bed all day except to do chores. He simply sat, arms folded across his chest as if to keep everyone away physically and mentally. Ever since he could remember Jesse had been alongside him. He taught him to ride a bike...drive a car...shoot a bow...make moonshine.... he had taught him about women and about love. The one thing, it seemed, Jesse never got around to really instilling into him was how to let go.
  10. Daisy blushed. She was used to receiving compliments- she'd been told, even by Boss Hogg himself that she had the nicest legs in the county. But when her cousins complimented her it always meant so much more. "Thanks, sugar...you know if you weren't my cousin I'd marry you," she bantered in the familiar way to him, before blowing him a kiss goodbye. With any luck she would make enough in tips this week to buy some Christmas presents.
  11. Daisy looked at him her eyes full of excitement. Well dont just stand there with that goofy grin on your face...tell me!" It wasn't often that Bo came up with a plan. Luke was usually the one to do that. But she had to admit, when bo did come up with something, it was usually a doozy.
  12. "What do you have in mind? If Doc's gonna be in on it, must be pretty good," she remarked. "Just hope Luke'll go along with it." She didn't really know what she would do if he didn't go along with it. If Bo was pretending to be hurt or sick, and Luke didn't respond to that, then they might as well give up right then. Letting family down was not something Luke would do... but then, she wasn't so sure this Luke was Luke anymore.
  13. Daisy swallowed, but slowly nodded. "Yeah...guess you're right..I just...hate leaving you to bear everything. Especially if Luke...if he..." She swallowed. "I'll go back. I promise."
  14. Daisy bit her lip. Go back to work? She couldn't say that she hadn't thought about it. Especially when day after day there was no change in Luke and the atmosphere of the farmhouse remained the same. Of course Boss wanted her back... no one could sell a beer like Daisy could, and Boss kept 15 percent of her tips, which was always a good amount. "I don't know... I've been away so long...maybe I forgot how?" Of course she knew this wasn't true, but she didn't want to leave Bo to deal with everything alone.
  15. Daisy's eyes dropped sadly to her feet as Bo laughed at her idea. She supposed it was silly to think Lue would even think of being interested in that. Bo hadn't even wanted to do it...why would Luke? She looked up, though as Bo changed his mind. "You...you really think so?" Of course she knew it could all backfire. Luke could be so turned off that he left them permanently. Then again, thought Daisy, it wouldn't be too different that the way things already were.
  16. Daisy let out a soft gasp. "Bo! That's it! What if...what if Luke was the town Sant...instead of you? You know how great he is with kids....that'd get him in the Christmas spirit for sure...." She could see it all now: Luke sitting in the middle of the gazebo in Hazzard Square, the children in line for him, sucking on candy canes as they waited excitedly. It could work...
  17. Daisy's eyes brightened at the thought. "Maybe he'd do it again... if we pretended we needed him...that we were in a desparate situation...maybe he'd come back to us..." whispered daisy softly. It was a chance...a long chance.. Truthfully she knew she was building castles in the air...but it was the only hope she had.
  18. Daisy sniffed. "I know you are...I know...I just...I'm so scared....the way he's closed himself off...he wasn't this bad since...since Nam...and you know what that was like..." She swallowed gently. "I don't expect you to fix it Bo...I just...he needs a miracle...and I don't know where to get one," she added leaning into her cousin's chest some more.
  19. Daisy stepped in quietly, her mascara streaked a little around her eyes. "No...things ain't okay...at all...I'm really getting worried about him...Miz Forster at the dry cleaners called...said his pants were ready to pick up. Apparently he's lost so much weight he had t have em taken in an inch or so...and he didn't tell me so we wouldn't worry. He can't keep up like this Bo...we're gonna lose him too," whimpered Daisy, just the thought of losing either of her beloved cousins causing her eyes to fill with tears. "We gotta do somethin'....please...we can't lose him too!"
  20. You can get a passport card. It is cheaper than a regular passport and is good for canada. However, if you are flying into Canada, then you need a regular passport. I think my passport was about 135. That was to have my book renewed. I got my pictures done at Walgreens for $10. I believe just the card is like 35 dollars but I am flying into Canada with Steve so we had to get books. You so should come Rog!!!!
  21. "It's me Bo," replied Daisy softly with a sniff. "You mind if I come in?" She hated to bother him. She knew Bo had many things on his mind, not the least of which entailed portraying the epiphony of Christmas Spirit when there seemed to be nothing but gloom everywhere else.
  22. I'm surprised I havent seen mention of this- I doubt I am the only one who knows! At any rate if it is on another thread and I missed it sorry. The boys will be reuniting for a concert at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada on January 21-22. I have my tickets for Saturday night-yay! Hope to see you there
  23. Great video. We were there with Steve's General Lee (though not in the parade video).
  24. Cooter nodded, but then broke into a sheepish grin. "Well...I'll just have t' try an console her..." He laughed a little pocketing the napkin before going to his truck and getting inside. The only thought in his mind was that it was going to take a very special something to bring the family back around...and he prayed whatever it was would happen soon.
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