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  1. He frowned and lifted up the pole cutting off the line with his knife, letting the fish go. "You're a lot more important to me than that fish, Bo."
  2. "Bo...you gotta believe me..." he began getting really worried. Bo wasn't talking much and when Bo was quiet, it was a sure sign that there was a fly in the slaw.
  3. "Bo you know I don't mean half the things I say. It's true I was complainin' about it, but...I was mad...mad 'cuz of that ticket I had t' pay for...people say things they shouldn't when they're mad Bo...I'm sorry."
  4. Luke frowned. "Bo...I didn't mean it like that..." he said softly.
  5. "Overheard me? Bo what in Sam Hill are you talking about?"
  6. Luke growled under his breath. Had it been a man he would be walking around with several teeth missing by this time tomorrow. "Bo, that ain't true...you know that ain't true brother...don't you?" he asked lifting Bo's chin so that he faced him.
  7. "Who?!" demanded Luke his blue eyes cold as ice, dropping his pole as his fists clenched unconsciously.
  8. Luke turned to face him in disbelief. "How could you think that?!" To say he was started by the soft reply was an understatement. He was downright shocked. "Answer me!" He demanded when Bo said nothing.
  9. "Bo that ain't so....you act like..." he swallowed forgetting all about his fish. "You act like I didn't even care," he added trying to hide the hurt in his voice.
  10. Luke sighed. "Bo, for the thousandth time, I wasn't laughin' at you... I was laughin' over somethin' Daisy had told me. If you recall, I was the one who come runnin' t' see if ya broke yer neck or if only yer pride was hurt...but seems you don't remember that."
  11. Luke smirked a little. He was debating about asking Bo if he wanted his "Big Bwover" to do it for him as he would so often ask when he was knee-high to a grasshopper, but changed his mind when he felt a tug on the line. Quickly he let out more line knowing if he jerked right away he most likely would come up with an empty hook. "They's really bitin' t'day...must be goin' t' rain..." he whispered. A thought suddenly occurred to him. "You fixed those shingles on the roof...right?"
  12. It had started off as a normal day for the Dukes, so far as normal goes in Hazzard. The boys had woke up, done chores and ate breakfast as usual, and then, having no other must-dos for the day decided that it was the perfect day to go fishing... Luke baited the hook skillfully, with precision. He had stuck his finger so many times before that he had learned to put the struggling worm on quickly, having casted his line before Bo had even managed to get the worm halfway on his hook. Luke couldn't help smiling. When they were younger, he and Bo would have contests to see who could be baited and have their hook cast into the water the quickest. Luke always won, not only because he was more nimble with his fingers, but because Bo was too tender-hearted, dreading to put the worm on the hook and watch it struggle. That and the fact that he usually stuck his finger trying to be quicker than his cousin had been his downfalls...and from the looks of things, he hadn't gotten any better as the years passed. "Bo, I'm gonna be eatin my catfish by the time you get that worm on there..."
  13. I agree... he's so good looking it hurts... and he is the sweetest most down to earth person you'd ever want to meet...not to mention he smells really nice.
  14. Ok... I cried at the Ghost of General Lee... I don't know who wouldnt... I cried at Brotherly Love...when Bo is trying to wake Luke up...so sad... And I remember when I was little like seven years old crying at My Son Bo Hogg and my brother calling me a dufus because of it. I was so sure Bo was really hurt...awwww.
  15. I like that one Bo...he's so sarcastic...like me....my favorite though is: If it rained soup, the Dukes' bowl would be upside down.
  16. Oh I know who you know Bo...hahahaha. I fit your description on both accounts.... I live in Michigan and am a UM graduate... Go Blue!!!!! I am further north than Ann Arbor though.
  17. Well, I went to my very first Dukesfest this year and it was awesome. It must have been beginner's luck, but I was able to talk to John twice, and that does not count seeing him at Dukesfest. He is so sweet... sweeter than I imagined he would be. I also got to meet his mom and talked to her for about 10 minutes...he definately got his sense of humor and his sweet personality from her...Shirley is awesome! Elly, John's wife was teasing me horribly, but I have to admit she is very sweet and though I hate to admit it, she and John make a good couple. Ben Jones honked and waved at me and my friend as he drove by us which was really cool for us, and later I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and got to meet Ben and shake his hand. Sonny Schroyer is definately one of the sweetest people I have ever met... so genuine... I strongly recommend meeting him if you have not done so...he's awesome! I was able to go to Opry and Palace too and got some great pictures as well as getting to shake Catherine Bach's hand which was nice. Afterwards I got to meet Tommy Jennings too which was nice and as I went to shake his hand he just said "come here sweetheart" and gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek...such a nice guy. Was able to meet the stunt team and ironically it turned out that one of the sponsors there, who donated the Charger part for the auction is actually from my home town so it was cool talking to them, asking them to be neighborly and loan their charger or at the very least let us carpool with them next year. Haha. I did get to ride in the General Lee too which was awesome and was offered a ride by a guy in a Golden Eagle Jeep one night...but that is another story!!!!
  18. Yup...I finally broke down and joined...so howdy y'all...
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