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  1. Should have watched this....Im not sure about a couple.... 1) 3 2) a) Denver Pyle 3)a) boy scout 4) a) Come All Ye Faithful 5) Central City 6) orange 7) a) yellow 8) Otis J. 9) Flash 10) a) 19 11) a) Bo 12) Yellow Pine Construction 13) a) Silent Night 14) a) Deck the Halls 15) Cletus
  2. we have about 8- 10 inches so far...more on the way...had two snow days

  3. If Mr. Rhuebottom had any objections to opening his store up in the middle of the night, he didn't say so, and he certainly didn't complain as Luke handed him the money to pay for the bag of oranges, chocolate and peppermint sticks he had bought. As he walked out he coudn't help but smile as the church bells rang out signifying the arrival of Christmas. Quickly he got in the General, hurrying for home.
  4. Luke swallowed as he looked down upon his sleeping cousin, gently removing the car magazine from his hand and setting it on the table. He then returned to Bo, taking the old quilt Aunt Lavinia had made and covering him gently with it. The presents were fll beneath the tree, but Luke noticed that, in the midst of everything, no one had thought about the stockings. They hung on the mantle limply, waiting fo Jesse to fill them, which of course he could not. Biting his lip, Luke grabbed his keys, determined to carry out his uncle's wishes in that respect at least.
  5. Daisy leaned her head onto Bo's shoulder, quietly listening to the muffled sobs coming from the boys' room. It wasn't until late, long after Daisy had gone to bed that Luke emerged, quiet, and red-eyed, but appearing much calmer than before. His pocket bulged a little it evident that he carried the watch with him.
  6. Steve and I will most likely be there....although we will have just seen John the week before....poor guy is gonna think I am stalking him.... Wish it was in April or May and we could bring the General....it doesn't do so well on icy roads It'll be great to see you and Sue, Roger...
  7. Luke paled as he saw the contents of the box. Carefully he took out the fob, turning it over in his hand, his breath catching as he sawthe inscription. Dropping it in the box, he hurried to his room, before he broke down compltely.
  8. "Wh-what..." stuttered Luke looking at the box as if something would jump out at him. Daisy placed it in his hands, with a nod urging him to open it. Luke swallowed, wiping his teary eyes with the back of his hand before shakily undoing the ribbon and lifting the lid.
  9. "Aint...the same..." he choked between his tears. He hated how weak he seemed. He wasn't supposed to cry. He was supposed to be the strong one...the one the others looked to for help...he wasn't supposed to be the one needing help. But now, as he felt the loving embraces of his cousins, he couldn't deny that he needed help somehow.
  10. "No...it won't....he...he's gone...he....he's really...gone...." And with those words the tears began to fall. Daisy wrapped her arms around him too, sandwiching her older cousin between him and Bo. "I want Uncle Jesse..." whimpered the dark-haired cousin, sounding more like a lost child than the grown man he was.
  11. Luke's lip quivered as he heard Bo choke out the words. He could feel the tears coming, but shook his head willing them to stop. "No...no...we...we gotta stop it..." He snapped his fingers. "Christmas carols...we always sang Christmas carols...." Daisy and Bo looked at one another. "Cmon...I'll start....silent Night...holy night....all..." His voice started choking missing the soft bass of his uncle's voice. He shook his head trying again. "all is..." He blinked hard. "somethin in my eye...."
  12. "No...No I don't!" shouted Luke looking at them incredulously. "Ya go to all this trouble, all these LIES, t' get me t' be happy, well it worked. I am," he began trembling though as he spoke. "What do you WANT from me?! " He turned away from them, doing as he always did when something bothered him and rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.
  13. "I aint pretendin! Im happy! I am! Look I got presents.... You wanted us t celebrate Christmas...now Im ready to...I thought you'd be happy! Maybe you did hit your head..." he said with a laugh, putting away his now empty glass into the sink looking out the window as he did. "Heck if it'd just snow everything would be just want Santy Claus ordered."
  14. Luke joked happily with everyone. Like Bo, he too hadn't expected to feel this happy...he wasn't even sure why he was...except for the fact that he was trying whereas before he had simply given up. "I...I owe you both an apology...he started. He took a deep breath. "I...I aint been the support ya needed. Im sorry."
  15. "I'll never admit t' nothin'!" said Luke playfully. "Dais, are there any of them Christmas cookies left, or did Bo eat em all?" he asked going into the kitchen. "Nice make-up job on him by the way Daisy...really helps hide his face," he said with a smirk. He soon was raiding the cookie jar, pulling out a few cookies and then making his way to the cupboard for a glass. "Y'all want some?"
  16. Luke smiled a little to himself. "I found him...I found him an brought him home," he said turning. He pursed his lips before quickly pulling Daisy into a hug taking Bo's support away with a chuckle. " I said it before an Ill say it again...you're a horrible actor." That seemed to set him off again and he started laughing. It was almost like he was making up for lost time.
  17. To his surprise Luke laughed out loud, laughing so hard he bumped into the tree sending a chorus of jingle bells sounding which made him laugh harder. "You might as well come..Daisy too....you're a horrible actor by the way, he said with a smirk, as he set the last of the presents under the tree.
  18. Their questions were answered as Luke came in, his hands loaded down with bags. "Daisy! Bo! I'm home....stay wherever you are an no peekin!" he ordered as he took gifts out of each bag and set them carefully under the tree. His Santa suit was off now, he having turned it into Boss, but the smile was still on his face.
  19. Luke waved back, though his own eyes were filled with tears. He wiped them hurriedly, knowing the other children were waiting and swallowed hard. He had never realized just how bad things had gotten. He certainly had never realized that anyone missed him...and it had felt like no one had even cared. He found himself smiling at the thought that little Tommy missed him. Bo missed him. Heck, Luke missed himself. Maybe...just maybe...it was time to come back. He thought all of this in a moment, before reaching out for the next child to set on his lap.
  20. To say luke was taken aback was an understatement. He was lost for words. He soon found them however as he rubbed Tommy's back in a fatherly way. "That...that's mighty kind of ya, Tommy. I'm sure they'd appreciate that...an I just happen t know they all miss you just as much...especially Luke."
  21. I know he has a recurring role...not sure how many episodes he signed for....Ive enjoyed it so far....it's on Sundays at 9 est. on ABC Rog
  22. Luke smiled a genuine smile as he put an arm around him, holding him close. It was the youngest child of the Jenson's, the Duke family's neighbors two farms down. "Well now.. little Tommy ...you've grown since I saw you last..." he began wih a pat on the boy's head. "What is it you want for Christmas?"
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