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  1. Hmmmm....something else besides Dukes of Hazzard? How about Enos's spinoff show? LOL
  2. My last two have gone unanswered so maybe I'm asking too tough of questions. This one might be too tough also. Sadie Hogg Day is on the first day of which month? I'm gone.
  3. Here's a trivia question. What were the first names of the two characters named Stovall? They appeared in seperate episodes (and seasons) and they never made any mention of them being related.
  4. I don't know the name of the movie or when it comes out. Kurt Russell plays a bad guy who terrorizes women but they get revenge. It was on Ophra on Tuesday.
  5. Speaking of a black General, Kurt Russell was just on TV advertising his upcoming movie and there's a chase scene with a black Charger. I couldn't see the tailights to tell if it was a 69 but the front end is the same. I'm gone.
  6. Speaking of Jimmie and Denver, of course I know that Denver was Mr Darling in Andy Griffith but I know Jimmie was on it too at least once. What was his character like....he was a drifter as I recall????
  7. MinDuke, Thanks for the info. Yes, I saw your questions but they're a little tough without recently seeing it. Did you see my questions about "Coltrane vs Duke"? (previous page). You must have missed them because you usually respond. By the way, nice thread about the DukesFest. Did you read my map idea in "hobbies"? With your database, I wonder if you've ever considered it.
  8. Wow, what a coincidence, I just watched "The Fugitive" last night (season 4..disc 2) In the Bonanza version, do they have Hoss jumping a horse?....in the Dukes "The Fugitive" they got Boss jumping a motorcycle....yeeeehaaw!!
  9. Speaking of "Mary Kaye's Baby", a prominent member of the Hazzardnet tells me that it is the only episode that doesn't have the General Lee in it. I didn't even pay attention to that the last time I watched it....Since I'm more of a "people person" than a "car guy", I guess I can see how I'd miss that. I'm gone.
  10. Nice job Jamanda...you got it. I know I wouldn't have known it if I wouldn't have just watched it. This trivia is sure a lot easier to write than reply to. Come on Hazzard folks, let's git some more questions posted. I'm gone.
  11. Well, I'm into the fourth season now of marking down things for my map. (see previous threads). This thing is going to be huge. Maybe I could talk my wife into letting me use one of the living room walls to draw it on. LOL
  12. from "Mrs Daisy Hogg" when two old big trucks were going fast, side by side, on a narrow dirt road. "If any of ya'll ever drive through Hazzard, well, you might remember that if it's got wheels, folks tend to want to race it."
  13. Sorry, neither one is close. Here's a hint. It would be found in a hymnal. In the meantime here's some trivia questions from "Coltrane vs Duke". Easy question) What was Boss hoping to acquire by having Rosco sue the Dukes? Medium question) Which book did Rosco have Boss read to him several times while he was pretending to be injured? Hard question) What year did Uncle Jesse say his ancestors got the Dukes land? I'm gone.
  14. All right Sheriff, I'm calling you out. You got that song so quick, here's one that I think you might struggle with. What song did Enos and Grannie Annie sing in his patrol car?
  15. My favorite response is "That would have kilt an ordinary man." Then he made it even better and said "That would have kilt 10 ordinary men."
  16. Hi Holly, Welcome to Hazzard County. This Hazzardnet is almost as fun as watching the shows. We hope you stay around for awhile. I'm gone.
  17. Close enough to be impressive...it's Della Dawn. Here's one that's not as tough. What song does Tammy Wynette sing when she makes her only Dukes appearance?
  18. Hi Joy, Welcome to Hazzard County. We hope you stay here for a long time. The Hazzardnet brings us a lot of joy....we hope it will you too. By the way, do you have a favorite character? Mine's Uncle Jesse but I love them all...even Boss Hogg. Possum on a gumbush. I'm gone. After rereading your post, I'm thinking maybe that Luke is your favorite?
  19. Everybody's probably at Dukes Fest (turns green with jealousy) and aren't doing trivia. Here are two clues from my last question. 1) it's in season 4 2) the reporter shares initials with one of the three younger Dukes
  20. Dancing with the stars...that would be interesting. They'd probably do okay if all the tunes were juking songs (LOL) P.S. For definition of juking, see "High Octane" from season one. Possum on a gumbush. I'm gone.
  21. Hey !1976, good job of remembering the part about one hour. I keep track of names and certain people from other counties in my notebook but not businesses. For some reason, I was thinking Capitol City had a hospital but I'm not sure. Also, you're right Lukas, Hazzard is not that far from the Tennesse line. Here's something that might help. Remember when Cooter worked on the car of that older race driver? The car wrecked during a practice run. Cooter thought it was his fault but it wasn't and sold the garage to Boss to help the guy. Which hospital did they take him to? For some reason I can't remember the name of the episode....getting old.
  22. In case you're looking for that, it's the special feature on disc 1 in which the 3 Dukes are doing commentary about the episode "Double Dukes". She says it at the end where Donna Fargo is singing. Here's another trivia question....in the episode where diamonds are stuffed in a Bugs Bunny doll, the female thief pretends she is a reporter for the Atlanta Tribune so she can get in the Dukes house. What is the name of the reporter she is pretending to be? I'll give a clue in 24 hours if nobody gets it. Possum on a gumbush I'm gone.
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