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  1. That's some pretty cool shots. I remember having a few of those cards (not the whole set) when I was kid. Brings back memories!
  2. It was sad to read that Christopher passed this past year.
  3. Happy Birthday Dina!

  4. I tend to surf the net more when the weather is lousy and usually taper off during the summer months. Perhaps spring has sprung early in many places. Wish it was the case here in SW Germany.
  5. Just read this thread for the first time, I'm shocked! I just tried contacting Mr. Hewatt to see if there was anything left. I doubt it at this point but just maybe I'll get lucky. A shot in the dark so to speak.
  6. Mine is truely a boring job in comparison. Armed Security at a Nuclear Power Plant. As I said, boring as heck.
  7. http://knightrideronline.com/news/ That website says different.
  8. I was hoping to read through this thread and find a happy ending but nothing yet huh? That's just terrible!
  9. Darn I am working the first night! Oh well, I will join in on the second week.
  10. I have all 7 seasons on DVD. I bought them as they were released in stores. Best purchase I ever made!
  11. I will be watching smokey and the Bandit this week end as a tribute to him. R.I.P.
  12. Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

  13. I own all seven season but there's just something about watching them on TV. I hope ABC changes their minds and air the show again.
  14. Remastered version would be great, except that would mean I'd have to buy 7 more seasons of the Dukes!
  15. I'm glad to see the orignal cast will be in the 4th incarnation of the movie.
  16. Kitt's inner circuitry hums for second and then he speaks, "Michael, the Duke name comes up alot under the heading of criminal mischief here in Hazzard". "Criminal mischief?" quizzically asks Michael. "Yes Michael, but it I should also note that the charges are dropped on each and every incident". Michael scratches his chin for a second before speaking again. "Well I can't imagine Enos taking us to meet with hardened criminals, let's not jump to any conclusions before we meet them". "Understood Michael, but I'll keep my scanners peeled" replied Kitt. With dust in tow, the two cars raced towards the Duke Farm........
  17. ....Enos, excited the black Trans Am actually pulled over, grabbed his deputies hat off the passenger seat and jumped out of the car but not before bumping his head on the way out. Dazed but still standing he straightened his hat with both hands and tried to pretend the incident never happened. Enos walked to the drivers side of the car and began rattling off the usually police lines, "Good afternoon sir, do you know why I'm......Michael??!! Possum on a gum-bush, is it really you??" "Hello Enos. Ya it's really me. I told you I'd visit Hazzard some day, well here I am".
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