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  1. I finished season 2 not too long ago, and I think her name was Mabel and she had to wait like 10 or 12 years not sure though. Ask questions from season 2 and 6 they're fresh in my mind
  2. From the episode Mary Kaye's Baby Rosco: You still in hot pursuit boy? Enos: More like luke-warm sheriff, I lost em. Rosco: You lost em? One thing about you Enos, your consistent.
  3. Q. In 'Duke of Duke', what is the name of the supermarket chain Boss wants to sell Gaylord's land to?. I watched this episode just the other day, its called the dixie king supermarket i think.
  4. Charger Hi, your username is my prayer journal, dream sleep and wake up with a charger 1969.

    Welcome to hazzarnet from the center of Argentina, a hug


  5. Very cool, how do you make these, they're very detailed.
  6. I usually watch all the episodes in order too, as of today I've seen all of em except for two. I got the second season for christmas and episode 8 Hazzard connection and episode 9 Witness for the persecution wont work. I guess ill watch them on youtube or something. Coy and Vance definitely were watchable once you got used to them, and after Bo and Luke came back, all the way through season 6 and 7 I almost felt like they should show up for an episode. I really liked the episode Brotherly Love (season 6) where Luke's long lost brother shows up, Three duke boys was cool I would have loved too see Bo, Luke, Coy, and Vance in an episode. I also wanted to say I really like the atmosphere of this forum, I've been on other forum sites, none quite like this. Saying that in a good way.
  7. I was just watching the episode Cooter's confession, and Bo and Luke were sneaking around in this building where Boss's stolen auto parts are. Anyway some goon comes in and says "I hear ya! and i know your in here somewhere, now I'm gunna count to 3 and if you don't come out I'm gunna shoot! 1.... 2...." Then it pauses for a commercial and Waylon says "Y'all cheer up, he looks like he don't know what number comes next!" I thought it was a pretty good Waylon line, made me laugh.
  8. Thats so true Roger, because if they didnt step in we might only have 4 seasons. I began to like them after 10 episodes or so, they werent half bad but as soon as Bo and Luke came back it seemed "right" if you know what I mean.
  9. Hahah! thats exactly it, you certainly know your dukes! My memory of the episode was a bit fuzzy, but Im going to have to watch it as soon as I'm done season 6! Thanks and nice screen shot. do you watch the episodes on your computer and take a screen shot? I was wondering how you get the exact picture. Thanks again.
  10. I really found this funny: Bo and Luke went to Atlanta to get something for Jesse I think.. Anyways Bo and Luke come out of some city building and hop in the General and Bo starts to take off like he always does, FAST. Luke: "Bo!!!" Bo stops and says "What?!?!" Luke: "This ain't Hazzard!!!" I cant remember much about that episode but I remember having a good laugh. If anyone knows the episodes name please let me know I'd love to watch it again. Thanks
  11. I was wondering why season two was all messed up, how the jeep came in, then the road runner was back, then it got destroyed, daisy was given the jeep, then the road runner appeared again? I wonder if the people organizing the episodes were behind the door when they were passing out brains. <---lol Boss Hogg
  12. Great video! First time I've seen it. The Barenaked Ladies use a General Lee in their video One Week. As for my favorite muscle car, its a pretty even draw between the Trans Am and the 69 Charger. My dad owns a 78 Trans Am similar to the smokey and the bandit one but it doesn't have T-bar roof or honey comb rims I plan to own both one day.
  13. Well that sums it up perfect for me, thanks cause I've wondered it from the time I seen them in season 5 and never knew what was going on. Thanks again.
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