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Laura Duke

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Hey MaryAnne, I bet Brian wears black all the time like Johnny Cash. Did you ever hear Johnny's song explaining why he always wore black? I bet Brian wears black all the time for a similiar reason. He'll never wear a different color until everybody on the HazzardNet is happy.

If that theory about his obsession with black isn't true then he must either be a ninja or one of those M.I.B. guys like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. I wonder if Brian has one of those gizmos that he can flash in front of his computer and make everybody forget everything.


So, who's this Brian guy anyway?

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LOL Lori...I was wondering myself how I got to green as well. One day it was black and then the next it was green. LOL...oh well. I love black...I am not gothic at all, just one of my favorite colors -black and red - but like to have the box green though. Adds color. :D

my fave colors are purple and blue but Hnet dont make them colors so lol

I like green too

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