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Well I am entering this conversation a tad (six months) late, but better late than never, especially since CMT has been airing season 5 episodes this past week.

I have to take Coy over Vance too. I really liked how Coy was in the Insurance Fraud episode, when he thought that he killed a man in a car accident. I really would have loved to see how it would have been played out if it were Tom and John as the actors instead of Bryon and Chris. Bryon played Coy much better than Chris played Vance. I wonder if it would have been easier for Chris if he didn't have to try and clone Tom.

Bryon brought a sparkle into Coy, Chris didn't give anything to Vance.

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I agree that it would have been better if Chris didn't have to try and copy Tom's character. It would have been so much better if they were aloud to be their own characters instead of being the "clones". I wonder if those in charge back then have the same retrospective feelings. I wonder it they now think, "damn, we should of allowed Chris and Bryon to be their own characters."

Hmmmm y'all wonder what would have happened if Bryon and Chris were good replacements? What would have happened if they were as good or (ack) better (I know how dare I say it) than Tom and John?

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It would have worked better if they both were given an unique character to work with rather than ones that was taken off of Bo and Luke and given different names. There is more to a person than just a name...

I have to agree about the "Fraud" episode with Coy and Vance...that is my favorite Coy and Vance and would have loved to see that with Bo and Luke. But then again, they deserve to have good episodes to do as well. It wasn't Chris or Byron's fault that Tom and John walked off nor was it their fault that they were given characters that was taken off of Tom and John's.

But of the quesion...I'd have to go with Coy. Vance seemed to me like he had to look off set to read wh at he was to say before saying it. I'd agree, Byron seemed more in tuned with Coy than Chris was with Vance...but then again, they probably didn't have much notice to really get to know their character.

Keepin' it between the ditches

Garrett Duke

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