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  1. Me and my nail stylist have mutual love Mopar. Well she is in the process of coming up with Mopar themes for nails and seeing as we both are a little crazy, she is using my fingernails as her canvas. Well for her first go around I say it's not half bad.
  2. The guitar arrived today! Its to beautiful! I will take some pics and post them tomorrow.
  3. Yep I won! Woohoo I'm famous...lol I'm still in shock, It should be here sometime this week. I would be happy to share some pictures.
  4. Thank-you Lost Sheep22 :).

  5. Im a little behind on reading this fic, but Im planning and catching up tonight.
  6. To the Doonby Movie Team thank you for this contest. I still in shock that I won the guitar! You are to awesome!
  7. I've been pretty good. Just started a new job and trying to live this crazy life.

    How have you been?

  8. I love it! Thanks so fun for sharing all of this.
  9. I love it! Awesome job! You get extra props for have the Metallicar too.
  10. I seen the movie last night. I thought it was great. Way better then what I thought it was going to be.
  11. Well if you really need a pic of it. Im willing to screen cap parts of the episode for you. Just pm me with what sceen you need and your email address.
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