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  1. Well, he did well in the role of Daniel for sure. I liked him as the sheriff in Colorado. He really did a good job.
  2. LOL You're right, the only thing left is the character's names
  3. How about other quotes by Boss Hogg???? I like, Rosco after your done, I want you to lay down in a very dark place.
  4. They're not bad actors by far but they are good people.
  5. Now that you mention it, yeah. LOL He was always so polite. He seemed to like the formalities huh?
  6. Yup there sure was. Funny how those characters disappear huh? It would be nice if there was some mention...like a phone call even (Phoney one of course but one nonetheless.)
  7. That is too funny for words. I love that when he said it.
  8. I think that the Dukes of Hazzard has special meaning. Cap has said to give the movie a chance. Dukefan, I agree that some of the things people have been saying are harsh. The Dukes of Hazzard is a very special part of TV history. People don't wanna see that ruined. Personally, I just think they got their characters wrong. Take the one that plays Luke Duke. When you look into his eyes do you see Luke? I don't, I see Enos Strait. The guy has a big lit up face. He would make a great Enos. The Enos they have picked...well, I don't think he works for the movie. Boss Hogg...well, he would have made a great crook. Look at his face. If they did an episode like "Million Dollar Sheriff" On screen, I would expect him to play Jason Steele. Jessica Simpson...I don't know, I just don't see her as Daisy. However, she is the only one out of all of them that actually sounds southern which I think is funny. I agree about the "Newly Weds". My sister watched that show and said, "That woman is too dumb for Daisy." My sister doesn't care for the Dukes of Hazzard like I do and she agrees that she is too stupid. I was just thrilled it wasn't Britney Spears. Oh well I suppose it is the way it is. As I said, I will still watch the movie. I will really pull it apart and judge it then. For now, these are just opinions by watching the trailer.
  9. Luke: Did you just catch a drift of what he said? Bo: (smiling) I sure did Cooter: Do y'all mind letting me in on it? Bo: Cooter we don't have to, it was your dang idea. That is my favorate conversation ever.
  10. I have never seen him in a movie however, I did like him in "Twice a lifetime" and "Doctor Quinn"
  11. I guess we all have our opinions. That is a part of living in a free country. I am a big Duke fan. I love the Dukes to death. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I will watch the movie. Don't get me wrong it will be at the top of my list of things to do. However, I can't say I will like it yet. I will tell you if I like it then. From what I have seen of the trailer...it looks funny, just not like the Dukes of Hazzard. That is my opinion
  12. Your guess is as good as mine
  13. I am still going to see it but a lot of TV turned movie sucked. There are some exceptions Thunderbirds, that worked out very well (Good movie to watch) Charlie's Angels I am sure there are others I can't think of but hey, If you can think of them, put them down. I don't think they will capture the essence of the Dukes. Whether I am wrong or not will be proven in time. I still have the same opinion. It isn't that the movie does look good...I don't know, it just seems like it is not the same show. No, I don't expect it to be exactly the same. I expect it to keep the values of the show we all fell in love with. I suppose that is just me.
  14. Chris seemed not to know what to do for this character. It was like Vance was there but just out of his reach. Byron was a more dynamic but still didn't have the knack. Between them...Coy for sure.
  15. LOL Boss had some neat dishes I like on Carnival of thrills where Rosco gets the big sandwhich for once.
  16. I can't imagine that. I can't imagine them telling Bo and Luke to get killed and become replaced.
  17. You know, I wouldn't be too hard on those boys. I think Chris didn't know where to go with his character either. I think it would be hard to be the replacement. Byron did an okay job. But you know, it is true, don't clone someone.
  18. They don't have to nessesarily need to wear the same clothes. How many times have we seen someone around with a Led Zepplin shirt? Me, I haven't seen too many people. I think the biggest thing is attitude and what I collected from the trailer was that they weren't Bo and Luke.
  19. It is okay. Nah, I just wanted to see which character people liked more. I like coy personally, less mechanical than Vance
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