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  1. I am not out to scare any one of you but this may change your opinions on whether Satan and Angels do really exist! http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/962839/detail.html. Don't pay attention to the writing. Look carefully at the first three pictures and you will see a face that appears to clearly show horns and a grinning smile. The fourth picture clearly shows what appears to be a Angel hovering above a burned out section of the tower. If you look really, really closely, you can see the Angel's Face. http://youtube.com/watch?v=WPpnOSbQQ2o Some more images of Satan. On the video there is also another face clearly defined in smoke but bigger Even though i am not a highly religious person, i believe that the face in the smoke is Satan! Do not view these images if you get scared easily
  2. at portraying Bo and Luke John and Tom Seann and Johnny Jonathan and Randy (Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning) which has not been released yet
  3. I have watched this film on numerous times to see if i can spot John. Which scene does he appear in, Is he one of the car jacking teenagers, can someone answer my question?
  4. James Avery also had a small role in License To Drive alongside Coreys Haim and Feldman
  5. I know they ain't Bo and Luke but they sure make them more funnier and sound. I thought it was soooo funny watching Bo burn Luke's Levis
  6. Please Listen To Me He may have played a poor Bo Duke but Seann William Scott is a very witty and talented actor and so is Johnny Knoxville! So damn you all!
  7. In one of the articles it mentions that John has a brother called Robert !!!
  8. Even though i live in the UK, i cannot always buy dvds that are uncompatible with Region 2 DVD players but a funny thing happened when i put the dvd into my tv/dvd combi - IT PLAYED which is really weird because Region 1 dvds don't work with Region 2 players. It may have been the last season but it sure was good. My Fave Episode(s) were: Happy Birthday General Lee Cool Hands, Bo and Luke Go West, Young Dukes (Bo/Joe looked kinda cute with that Moustache) Sittin Dukes When You Wish Upon A Hogg (What a cute sight to see Bo and Luke sleeping) Enos and Daisy's Wedding (That wedding dress was so not nice though)
  9. You forgot Brotherly Love where he gets knocked unconscious after being flung out of the car on the hillside and the episode Twin Trouble where he's slumped over the steering wheel while the car is going down the hill On the subject of Bo sleeping, it has to be either, Lulu's Gone Away where he's trapped in the caravan/trailer and My Son Bo Hogg where he slips and bangs his head on that log
  10. check these out THEN http://www.buyersmls.com/americantv/dukes/triviafacts/coyvance.jpg NOW http://www.buyersmls.com/americantv/dukes/triviafacts/coyandvance.jpg
  11. If that is Coy, My what a striking resemblance to Byron Cherry
  12. http://thejodi.tripod.com/dukes.html Look at the pic next to animated Daisy, Is this Coy or Bo?
  13. On one of the DVDs Tom mentions that he has 5 Children, but i thought he wasn't married. Can someone confirm this please?
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