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  1. I have a friend who is Catherine Bach(Daisy Duke) Tribute Artist. She goes by Daisy Duke II. Y'all can find her on Facebook.
  2. Cousin Roger... You mean the big yellow face with no eyes and the hands holding the sides of the face? Not showing up on mine.
  3. Rosco:"I'd stake my reputation on it Boss." Boss Hogg:"Yeah? Well, that don't impress me none!" I think this also comes from Season 3 "The Hack of Hazzard"
  4. Boss Hogg:"Are you sure?" Rosco:"Of course I'm sure! I'm as sure as I know my own name!" Boss Hogg:"I was hopin' you were surer than that." Season 3 "The Hack of Hazzard"
  5. Happy 67th Dukes of Hazzard Birthday to Catherine Bach(Daisy Mae Duke)3/1/54!
  6. Gilligan fans... starting the fire on the deck of the huts boat in Rescue From Gilligan's Island(1978)to cook the fish broiled Snapper was actually a brilliant move not a stupid one, as the smoke attracted the attention of the US Coast Guard which in turn got the castaways rescued. It was one of the times and storylines in which Gilligan saved the day.
  7. Boss Hogg:"And fer savin' my life! Which is somethin' you should've been doin', if you would've been where you wasn't, an' these here Dukes were!"
  8. Bo Duke:"You think I should bleed these brakes again?" Luke Duke:"If you don't relax, the only thing that's gonna do any bleedin' is yer nose. What's a matter with you anyways? Yer as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs."
  9. Cousin Roger great suggestion I love it!
  10. Cousin Hoss C... How do we get signatures? I want to put up one. I want to use this scene from the Season 2 Gilligan episode Smile You're on Mars Camera. Skipper:"Gilligan, why don't you stop that? You don't know anything at all about space." Gilligan:"I know one thing about it. You take up more of it than I do." Skipper:"Very funny. Gilligan, there are three types of space. There's the space up there.(Points to sky)The space down there.(Points to ground)And the space between your ears!"
  11. Cousin Rog... You read them too?
  12. Cousin Rog I think she had same kind as Fred.
  13. Eddie Macon's Run & Christine, The Dukes of Hazzard Gone Racin' & The Dukes of Hazzard The Unofficial Companion
  14. Hello Cousin K-Duke15! Did they have a Sanford & Son truck there?
  15. Cousin Roger... My crush list: 1. Catherine Bach 2. Britney Spears 3. Jessica Simpson 4. Carrie Underwood 5. Taylor Swift
  16. Cousin Roger Duke... Taylor Swift is one of my celebrity crushes.
  17. Cousin Roger Duke ... What about me Cousin Skipper Duke ?
  18. Skipper Duke


    Cousin Roger Duke... Did I help this website make a comeback?
  19. Meadowmufn... You mean there's other things besides The Dukes of Hazzard?(gasp) lol.
  20. Sorry I am a month late! But better late than never as they say. Happy New Year everyone!
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