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  1. (Season 2 Witness for the Persecution) Rosco:"You dang Duke boys! I'm gonna arrest you for, for speeding, reckless driving and a felony for... then I'm gonna vote for capital punishment and hang 'em!"
  2. (Not sure the Season or episode) Andy: "I don't know why I keep gettin' my own britches caught on my own pitchfork!"
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=262439059123107&id=100060710448100
  4. Andy:"Otis can I get you a cup of coffee?" Otis:"No thank you! I don't drink coffee. It's bad for my liver."
  5. Andy:"Well, were you drunk when Barney arrested you?" Otis:"I don't know! I didn't have my glasses on!" LOL!!! Season 1, Episode 20
  6. I like watching for "Bloopers" and retakes. In the episode where the gold shipment comes to town, there are two different sets of "T-Men", and when Barney goes to the Hotel it is raining and his raincoat is wet. When they cut away and come back, his raincoat is dry. In the episode where Barney recites "The Preamble" and messes up his hair, they cut away and come back and his hair is combed again. I'm sure there are more and to me they add to the show and make it funnier.
  7. (Season 1 Opie's Charity) Opie:"Pa? What are we havin' fer supper?" Andy:"Well, you an' Aunt Bee are havin' fried chicken.. an' I'm havin' crow."
  8. (Season 2 Forward March) Mr. Howell/General Howell:"Nurse put a bandage on that girl, before she freezes to death!"
  9. (Season 1 The Big Gold Strike) Professor:"Oh by the way, Mr. Howell, as long as you're here, would you like to look at some wicks?" Mr. Howell:"You mean there aren't any wicks in these candles!?" Professor:"Not for this kind of money!"
  10. Boss Hogg: "Now, look you got your helmet on all wrong." Rosco: "No wonder it was hard to breathe." From Series 3, Episode 14 'Duke vs Duke'
  11. Christine has been following Buddy Repperton & Richie Trelawny in Buddy's Camaro. They pull into the Mobico gas station. They get out of the Camaro. Buddy Repperton:"Some sh**head is following me! I just hope he comes in here!"
  12. (Season 2 episode Find Loretta Lynn) Enos:"Sheriff, you look just like a little crippled Sparrow with a hurt wing! Awe!" Rosco:"I'll hurt yer wing you dipstick!"
  13. (Season 3 High Man on the Totempole) Ginger:"How would you like to take a nice long walk with me in the jungle?" Gilligan:"No thanks." Ginger:"How 'bout a cool refreshing swim? I'll wear my poka dot bikini." Gilligan:"I wonder if they shrink a lot?" Ginger:"If it did, there'd only be one dot left." Gilligan:"Huh?" Ginger:"You asked me if my bathing suit shrinks a lot." Gilligan:"No. I was wondering if those head hunters shrink a lot of heads." Ginger:"Will you stop looking at that silly totempole, and look at me for a minute?" Gilligan:"Ok."(He takes a long hard look at Ginger from head t
  14. (Season 1 The Manhunt) Barney stops his mom at roadblock and frisks her. Mrs. Fife:"But Barney, I’m your mother." Deputy Barney Fife:"Sorry. But you might be the criminal disguised as you. Us lawmen can't afford to take any chances."
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