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  1. (Season 3 Take a Dare) George Barkley:"I'm a man...you're a woman...beautiful arrangement!" Ginger:"To put it in yer own sweet wonderful words! Forget it!"
  2. Either I faced more A. D. A. D.(Another Day Another Disappointment) again or no mail at all for the house today. The Fun World Gilligan's Island Skipper's hat cap is Not here again. Bout to just give up on that cap n bite the bullet LOL.
  3. Barney Fife:"Barney Fife or Edgar Coleman. Cause that's just about the way she exists."
  4. Say your favorite Smokey and the bandits line doesn’t matter which movie
  5. I have new celebrity crush on the list now. Actress Julie Carmen aka Regine Dandridge the lead Vampire character of Fright Night Part 2(1988) and the sis of Jerry Dandridge(Chris Sarandon) the Vampire from Fright Night Part 1(1985). Chris & Julie are not related in real life. Characters Jerry & Julie are in the 2 movies. It shows Regine's red eyes glow in the end credits of Part 1 after Charlie Brewster(William Ragsdale) & Peter Vincent(Roddy McDowall) kill her brother Jerry Dandridge(Chris Sarandon).
  6. I have new crush on the list now. Julie Carmen(Regine Dandridge) The lead vampire in this Fright Night Part 2.
  7. (Season 4 Up in Barney's Room) Opie Taylor:"Pa Barney’s bleeding!" Andy Taylor:"Get a room you two !" Barney Fife:"That's not blood!" Andy Taylor:"Come along Ope. Thelma Lou will take care of Barney's face."
  8. (Season 1 Plant You Now, Dig You Later) Gilligan:"And, and, and?" Skipper:"And you can stay away from Gilligan! Oh and Ginger, you can go back and tell Mr. Howell that it didn't work." Ginger:"Hmmmph!"(Makes scrunchy face.)
  9. I hope I'm not waiting around for it n someone else has received it.
  10. A friend brought up something I hadn't thought of. We often get mail here that does not belong to this address. What if that Fun World hat cap has been mis delivered to another address? Another friend say: That’s why you need the tracking number. You would know immediately
  11. (Season 3 The Return of Hughie Hogg) Boss Hogg:"I'd like to thank my nephew Hughie Hogg fer donating to Hazzard County this brand spankin' new used fire truck!" Waylon Jennings:"Brand spakin' new used fire truck?"
  12. Wow I just learned the character vampire Regine Dandridge in this is the sister of the original vampire Jerry Dandridge from Part 1(1985).
  13. (Season 3 Convicts at Large) Naomi:"Maude will think of something. You watch." Maude:"There's nobody here!"
  14. Gilligan's Island Fun Fact: The Calypso style opening and closing theme songs of the Lost Pilot Episode Marooned, were sang by series creator Sherwood Schwartz himself.
  15. Sheriff Andy Taylor:I'm tired of this town. I'm tired of this room. I'm tired of sheriffin." Deputy Barney Fife:"Are you tired of me?" Sheriff Andy Taylor:"Well, as a matter of fact, Barn, in a friendly hopin' you'll understand sort of way, yes I am."
  16. TV Guide: December 5th, 1964 The final article is this week's issue is about Tina Louise, co-star of Gilligan’s Island on CBS. There’s not much of interest to Gilligan fans other than a brief discussion about changes made to the character of Ginger when Louise got the role and this tidbit is about how nervous the network was about the gowns she’d be wearing: On Gilligan’s Island, Tina isn’t asked to shed her raiment, but she is attired in a flesh-colored, figure-fitting evening gown (the one she was wearing at the time the SS Minnow went aground) which caused considerable consternation to the Program Practices Department of CBS. To make sure there were no transparencies, the Program Practices expert led Tina from the studio to the street so that he could examine her in natural light. “Never,” said Tina, “have I undergone such a casing. I guess I passed the test, because the gown has remained in the show.” Can you imagine anyone at a network doing that with an actress these days?
  17. (Season 1 The Return of Wrongway Feldman) Gilligan:"But Wrongway, we wanna go home." Wrongway Feldman:"My boy, this is your home. And it's gonna be mine for the rest of my life!"
  18. (Season 3 The Second Ginger Grant) Skipper:"Boy Professor! I wish I had yer brains!" Gilligan:"If you did, the Professor would have a really big hole in his head!" Skipper:"Yes!"(Hits Gilligan with hat.)
  19. (Season 3 Convicts at Large) Maude Tyler/Ralph Henderson etc:"Rat!" Deputy Barney Fife:"You just settle down, Sister!"
  20. Arnie:"Come On Come On Christine Come On Baby It’s Alright Everything’s The Same." He says this after Christine won't start for him to leave Leigh's after dropping her off from their date. Christine is jealous because Arnie & Leigh were kissing on Leigh's porch.
  21. Video Message from Chris Sarandon(Jerry Dandridge) himself from the 2008 screening.
  22. The mail has run. But am afraid to go look for Gilligan's Island Fun World Skipper's hat cap. Because am afraid of A. D. A. D.(Another Day Another Disappointment.) LOL.
  23. Frog:"Is this fun?" Bandit:"Drivin'?" Frog:"Driving, talking to me." Bandit:"Well they're both a challenge."
  24. My 1st crush ever. She made my notice girls. I was 9 years old watching the reruns on the old TNN(The Nashville Network/The National Network) which is now Spike TV.
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