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  1. Cousin Roger Bob Denver(Gilligan) too.
  2. Hi Cousin K-Duke15. I am in Youngstown Ohio.
  3. Cousin Roger... I can't figure out how to message pictures. This is a job fer Cousin Awesome Hossome.
  4. Cool. Cousin maybe I can message you pics of me wearing the hat. It won't let me post in the forums. It says the file is to big.
  5. Cousin Roger he might be. In which case that was a '57 Chevy.
  6. If you are... It is me Robert John Broadhurst II.
  7. Are you on Facebook and a friend of mine called B-bop Murphy?
  8. Cousin Roger... I too was once a lurker now a poster.
  9. Cousin Roger... Don't ya mean "Hysterical" as Rosco would say?
  10. Hi Cousin Rich. Why not make it green and do the Season 2 Southern Comfurts episode General Lee? Just a suggestion.
  11. Haha Cousin Roger and he said "Coltrane you couldn't catch a cold if you was naked as a Jaybird in the snow! Now, just hang around and watch a real lawman do his job!"
  12. I love it Cousin! I'm laughing at the Sheriff Little line.
  13. Cousin Roger ya. That's the only thing about HazzardNet that isn't any fun is the reaction limitations lol.
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