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  1. Rosco:"I never shoulda helped them Dukes in the first place! The Dukes is bad Caramel!"
  2. Hi Cousin Emy-Rae Duke. Yes I think I had one once. I was spending the night at my dad's mom & dad's my grandma & grandpa's house, shortly after my Uncle Carl died. He was one of my dad's brothers. Well, anyway, it was on a weekend. I was staying the nights there like I always did. I went to bed while grandma & grandpa watched the 11:00 news. Well, nobody was in the room in grandpa's room except me, and all the books next to the bed in the bottom of the nightstand table bookcase, they came crashing down out of there onto the floor. I think Uncle Carl did it. But why he would want to scare me Idk.
  3. Cousin HossC... I found a way and it'll only cost me $100. I found the co. who inherited the Lancaster templates American Patrol Co. He will sell me the emblem done as a patch of the gold bullion $35 including shipping. I can get that patch from Utah and a 2nd $65 Midway Cap Co. hat from Chicago. Midway President said "We can build you a plain hat with black buttons and no emblem." I'm gonna call again and ask her "Can you put the Open Woven Braid on that plain hat with no emblem and the black buttons?" That way I can get a Lancaster replica for just $100.00 and A. P. Co. is the real deal emblem Lancaster cuz it's made from the original templates.
  4. When is The Dukes of Hazzard Episode Guide for seasons 3-7 gonna be on here with descriptions and pictures like seasons 1-2?
  5. Cousin Calderone... Cousin Skipper Duke here. He is the guy who rescued Lee #1(jump car from end of opening credits theme song video) from a GA junkyard where it sat for years dressed up as the Richard Petty wrecked race car #71 from Repo Men Season 1 Episode 4. It had changed hands a few times before being fully restored to pre jump condition. Hope this helps you. It's The car from the title shot of Waylon Jennings as The Balladeer.
  6. Cousin Roger Duke... What about Nydecker's Egg Farm in Season 2 Arrest Jesse Duke? That's a dairy farm ain't it?
  7. Cousin Roger... It has now that you helped the Skipper join!
  8. Cousin Roger... The Skipper will always be 'round heah and always be your friend too!