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  1. Hilery's right, Rog, you did nothin' wrong. Remember, this is the site that has the monthly newsletter...when we get around to it. If HNet staff felt ashamed about any time we've ever slacked off, this site woulda shut down about a week after it was launched 13 years ago! I understand you feelin' overwhelmed with multiple projects tho'. That's happened to many of us, including myself, Mufn and Brian. There's only so much you can do and only so many hours you can dedicate to it. It's hard, especially when there's so much you want to do and take part in. But there's truth to learning how to say "no." But please, don't feel bad. We appreciate all you have done and do do around here as member of the HNet community.
  2. ROFL. I was thinkin' you probably enjoyed checking that one out. Heh!
  3. Congratulations Val! I raise a glass of chocolate milk in your honor!
  4. You're not imagining things! In the episode, "Repo Men" Jesse espouses the Duke philosphy of striking back at property, not at people. This is when the boys are rigging up Cooter's tow truck with the claws so they can tear the countefitters car apart. Khee!
  5. Ya know, we were talkin' about this not too long ago, Mufn, Brian and I, after the big stink NASCAR had about not allowing the General Lee to do a lap at Daytona. The flag, of course, bein' the sole reason they put the kebosh on it. (Begin Soapbox Speech. Opinion expressed is mine and mine alone.) This is not the first time the NAACP has carried on about the flag on the General Lee. Back in 1997 as CBS was gearing up to air the first reunion movie, the NAACP threatened a boycott of the network if CBS didn't remove the flag from the car. CBS polietly declined and the flag remained. I don't recall the NAACP carrying through with much of a boycott. Frankly, it would have been a wasted effort on their part. The Confederate flag has been a source of controversy pretty much since 1861. LOL. Slavery is a very dark mark on American history and the Confederate South fought, more or less, to keep it. (I'm of the thought that the war, in a larger sense, was an issue involving state's rights as a whole, not JUST slavery. Slavery, however, was the "face" of the controversy and was an extremely hot topic, both morally, ethically and even economically.) After the war and the defeat of the South, slavery was formally ended, but equality for blacks was not immediate. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan emerged from the ashes of the Confederacy and, with both Confederate and Union flags flying, proclaimed that blacks had no place within Christian white America and proceeded to spread their message through violence and intimidation. Thus, given the history and the use of the flag by groups like the KKK, the Confederate flag has taken on a sometimes darker, more sinister, meaning then when first unfurled some 150 years ago. However, the American flag, Old Glory, which has had the same if not more terrible atrocities committed under it, remains pure, somehow. (Do a quick image search on Google for the KKK, and lookit all them pretty Old Glory flags they fly...) Then ya got tv shows like the Dukes of Hazzard, which take such a symbol like the rebel flag and turn it on it's ear. LOL. The racsist accusation comes from two things that critics like to point out: 1) There was no black actor in a lead role, everyone was white and 2) Most of the bad guys (thus the criminal element) were black which is considered to be sterotyping. Although I can not refute either statement, what most of these critics failed to notice because obviously they didn't watch the show like we did, is that a lot of the cops (ie FBI men, other law enforcement) were black and there were black characters that came and went through Hazzard who were treated equally with everyone else. Boss Hogg had to answer to a bank examiner once, who was black. You had Sheriff Little, who answered to NOBODY. LOL. You had Brodie for a brief time early in the show. In the first Cale Yarborough episode, his chief mechanic (although fictitious) was a black man. Take THAT NASCAR. Then there was Cooter's friend, Jonas. Cooter went to jail for him. Yeah, tell me all about how racist this show is again? Anyway, to answer your question, CD, I don't think the NAACP is being stupid necessarily, but I don't believe that the flag should be buried and removed from sight. Shows like the Dukes offered the symbol in a more positive light and I think the NAACP should just leave it alone. There are more productive ways and means on working to achieve equality of the races. Picking on a tv show that aired some 30 friggin' years ago that is not and never was racist, is not the way to achieve it. (End Soapbox Speech. Reminder that the opinion expressed is mine and mine alone. Thank ya.)
  6. Well now that's right pretty lookin'!
  7. Oh man, I love the 80's GMCs/Chevys. You're right, THAT's a truck. Khee! (I loved The Fall Guy back in the day too, probably why I love those trucks of that era). Can't wait to see the bike inspired by this. Here we go again? Yeah! By the way, your "before" photo of the bike isn't showing...
  8. "I don't believe it, it's that $#!&box Dodge again!"
  9. My first car was a 1988 Plymouth Horizon, known affectionately as "The Blue Horizon." LOL My parents bought this car off my brother and I drove it through college and for the first couple of years of working. I helped pay for repairs and the registration. It was a good little car and I liked it. I can't remember what finally did it in but it was something that would have cost more to fix than the car was worth at the time. LOL Now, as for the first car I bought myself, yes I was influenced by my childhood and past. LOL. I always wanted a Firebird. I especially wanted the Firebird like what James Garner drove in The Rockford Files... Yes, I liked the Smokey and the Bandit TA as well, but the Rockford Firebird was just freakin' kewl. Understated, no nonense straight forward in apperance (no screamin' chicken on the hood, no t-top, no flares on the wheel wells, no spoiler) but able to handle whatever situation Jim found himself in (I love watching Garner drive this thing in the episodes because you can tell that he liked driving it.) I loved all the "hot car" shows of the 80s. The Dukes, of course, but also Hardcastle and McCormick, The A-Team, The Fall Guy and Knight Rider. Yah, since I liked Firebirds, I dug KITT too. When it came to getting my first car tho', I had never figured on getting a Firebird. (I had my mind set on finding a used Grand Am if I could at the time.) Then the mechanic who worked on all of our cars tells me one day that he found a Firebird. It was one he had towed in and the owner apparently had decided to abandon it (two rods were thrown in it.) The mechanic had to wait so many days before being able to take possession of the car and then I could buy it. Keep in mind, I had no idea what year it was or what it looked like or anything. I didn't care. It was a FIREBIRD. Gimmie! LOL When I went over to finally look at it with my mother she thought I was nuts. It was a 1986 Firebird -with T-tops. The car had a blown motor and needed a new one. The tires were flat. The interior was trashed and oh yeah, it was a stick shift. I didn't know how to drive a stick shift. But I didn't care! I wanted it!! LOL I had the money saved up to pay for the motor and the car and new tires. A little elbow grease took care of the rest. And driving a standard? No problem, I had learned a little on my dad's truck, I'd practice more! And I did, literally by driving around the yard and house and up and down the street with it. Heheheheh! Unlike some of the stories you've read here tho', I still have my first car.... I've had a lot of folks tell me it reminds them of KITT. LOL Over the years I've done work on the car by bits n' pieces, fixin' this, replacing that. Since the above photo was taken I've had body work done (you can't see it here but the passenger side rear quarter panel had rust in the wheel well and there were rust patches on other places on the car), new paint, partial floor pans replaced and I'm in the process of redoing the interior. I love the car and I intend to hang on to it for as long as I can but I still pine for that '77/'78 tho'...
  10. I think it might be "Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane." When the boys get back to the farm, Daisy's sweeping the front step and says something about the General never look so good. LOL. Then the boys learn that everybody in Hazzard BUT them were invited to Rosco's wedding and they have wanted posters or something of Sue Anne and her husband. I can't remember what happened to the General but....I'm pretty sure on the horse ride. LOL
  11. Great pics TomBo! That first one of Tom signing your son's shirt is super!
  12. Howdy Stonewall, welcome to HNet! The first few posts from new members are moderated. Sorry for the delay on getting yours approved. You've stumped me on the '66-'67 Charger General Lee in the pilot... The General in "One Armed Bandits" was the '69...
  13. The Mason Dixon TA has always fascinated me because it's very much an aftermarket customized car. Pontiac didn't produce/sell convertible TAs after 1969 (not again until 1991) and the wire wheels like this I'm pretty sure were never an option for TAs from the factory. The only wheels I've ever seen for this vintage was either snowflake rims (which can be seen here) or the alloy rims like the ones below.... Occasionally you'll see Rally IIs but them wire wheels... that's different. LOL The only brand I know of wire wheels is Dayton (only from Googling this afternoon. LOL). There was a company called National Coach Engineering that converted several '79-81 Trans Ams. This article from Motor Trend in 1979 shows a TA....with the same wire wheels which makes me wonder if the wheels were an NCE addition?? (Still can't tell what brand they are tho'..) I also wonder if the Mason Dixon TA survived at all after it's short lived screen moments...
  14. Hi Jacob, welcome to HNet! Looking forward to seein' your models. As for where to post them, I reckon here in the Fan Art section would be fine. You can start a new thread and post your photos showing from start to finish. Glad ya joined us!
  15. Some old friends from Atlanta stopped by today lookin' for you, Brian...
  16. Dude, you are sooooooo in the right place. Nobody here's gonna critize ya. I now have Paradise City in my head... LOL And speakin' of metal, Hoss should be impressed I discovered a Saxon song the other night. "Denim and Leather."
  17. Great job K-Duke! Both look good!
  18. Boy that flag on the hood does look odd doesn't it? LOL. Of course, we're used to it bein' on the roof. Perhaps if we'd always seen it on the hood we woulda accepted it as natural. Or not. LOL Kinda like trying to picture a Trans Ams screaming chicken being on the roof instead of the hood. Provided, of course, it's a solid roof car (no T-top).
  19. I have her first two albums (on vinyl!) and always liked "Greatest Love of All." Such a voice and gone much too soon. RIP.
  20. Ain't payin' attention?! Wanna bet? Brian, that's nothing compared to that night club you tried to set up in that old barn. Ya strung up just a few too many disco lights, cousin... This is why Brian doesn't program anything 'round here either.
  21. You're just goin' to town with this! Great job! I really like this one...
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