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    Have my own General Lee!!! Married 2 children. Keep collecting cars lol
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    Real Mopars & diecast Mopars, Dukes (duh) Visiting the South! anything to do with the Beach
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    Fiber Optic Splicer for Verizon! You should see my truck!

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  1. Darrell that's a bonus there's no fabrication at all. In fact all the old bulb sockets are still back there waiting to be changed back If one should decide to do so. I will not go with a third brake light lol.
  2. Carlos not mad everyone has opinion but remember the General Lee is or was made from a plain Charger and it too is/was an upgrade from that. So in looking at it as it's been upgraded and more modern it gets 2 thumbs up from me.
  3. Sissy it wasn't always that way! I found a 69 charger and well made it happen one step at a time. I'm still doing things to improve it. I still want to get a toolbar installed etc... In short though it was one of the best decisions I have made with a car! I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS MUCH FUN WITH A CAR!
  4. The company is www.spaghettiengineering.com and the LED tail lights division is at www.digi-tails.com These are 13X's brighter than the factory tail light. Another great thing is that you dont change the outside appearance of your car at all. When these lights are off you cannot tell they are even LED's! When you turn on the lights or brakes you surely know they are! Then the bonus is that the turn signals are sequential! There is also a switch on them that you can turn on or off the sequential signals too! I really like these things..
  5. Meadowmufn, You are not going to believe this but I have not ordered anything off Amazon in a few years and well when I went on there tonight to order a sequential LED tail light adjuster there was the winnings from you and Hazzard Net so the part was 1/2 the price! I just got to laughing and wanted to post on here a thank you! Thanks so very much!!!!! Im gonna go post pictures of my General Lee sequential LED tail light install now for all to see!
  6. Thanks so much guys. It was a great lil mini vacation I got to take with my 7year old. It was great to meet Tom again & this time I had a General Lee myself and only needed his signature to complete the surviving cast members of the show under my lid! My buddy & my son & I were 7th, 8th & 9th in Toms line. It was WELL worth it. Paid to have my items signed but Tom asked my son, "Hey want that shirt & hat signed?" My son curled his lips in and looked down, I guessed embarrassed and shook his head yes. Tom proceeded to sign both the shirt & hat. Yea I paid for them but I forgot & Tom had no idea I did and basically was signing for free those 2 items so heck just the offer was great! on the way home out of the blue my son says...."Dad how cool is it that we just met Tom Wopat?! at that moment the trip was complete! LOL
  7. My son getting his items signed My deck lid getting signed! Tims Car
  8. Yes Brian is correct it does say ILOVEIT. Glad y'all r havin fun with it, what a fantastic weekend we had.
  9. Lol u guys r a trip. Thats my GL and the S&H is a friend Steve herein NJ apparently he has the largest S&H toy collection and that car is one of three ( 2 which are in The country ) from the a teal TV show. The cop car is Billys. We all just rolled out of Comic Con.PA. I tried to get a shot of us as well as BTTF Delorean and scooby doo van but they rolled out quick.
  10. Great to see u r still ppstin Brian! I will always come back (if 4 some reason I don't post 4 a while) this site is fun, informative and I like the people on it!
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