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  1. short
  2. I can't see St. Patrick's Day being cancelled here .
  3. Congratulations to Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for his first Cup win.
  4. I'm watching re-runs of Hogan's Heroes as I type this. Werner Klemperer, the son of a Jew who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s, only agreed to play Col. Klink on the condition that his schemes didn't work and he ended up looking stupid. Of course, the swastika was an established symbol long before the Nazies appropriated it. They could've had a Dukes episode dealing specifically with racism. There are a couple of episodes of M*A*S*H on the subject, one where the racist gets his comeuppance and one where the racist reconsiders his views. Having said that, looking back at the way equal rights was handled in 'Share and Share Alike', maybe I'm glad that Dukes didn't tackle the subject head on.
  5. Here's the first video. There are more at www.northeastohiodukes.net - just scroll down past the newspaper articles.
  6. He finished fourth!
  7. Roger, I thought you were our new expert on posting images . Like Boss JD Hogg said, the best way is to sign up with an image host. Most offer free hosting of some kind. I use Photobucket, but they seem to be suffering for an increasing number of technical issues. BTW. Welcome to HNet, Joe.
  8. I was just checking out the starting line-up for Richmond. It seems that Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who is sponsored by Fifth Third, qualified fourth. I hope he finishes first by a split second .
  9. French
  10. marriage
  11. library
  12. Very nice, Roger, and a belated Happy Birthday . BTW, is this the first picture you've posted on HNet?
  13. I've just seen the sad news that Clifton James has passed away. Known to millions as Sheriff J.W. Pepper in the James Bond movies 'Live and Let Die' and 'The Man with the Golden Gun', he was known to us Hazzardites as Sheriff Lester Crabb in 'Treasure of Hazzard'. He died yesterday (Saturday) due to complications from diabetes. He was either 95 or 96, depending on whether you believe the date of birth quoted on IMDb or Wikipedia - the news outlets all seem to be going with 96.
  14. hood
  15. ski