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  1. As the picture is from 'Shock Corridor', I assume it stands for "Confederate States of America".
  2. Sometimes you have to remind people that things have changed so that they don't have unrealistic expectations. I was just watching a 30-year-old sitcom where they visited two railroad stations, and both had manned ticket offices. You tell that to kids of today and they won't believe you!
  3. I didn't watch it all the way through, but it definitely includes Jimmie with a mustache.
  4. Back to the start... ABE Serino (unseen boss of the counterfeiters in 'Repo Men')
  5. Bonanza Season 9 Episode 19: "The Price of Salt". First aired in the US on February 4, 1968.
  6. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Today was the British Grand Prix from Silverstone. It's one of a number of British sporting events that get shown live on free-to-air TV (others include the football World Cup, the Grand National horse race and the Olympics). This week there are several sports focused in this part of the world, as the Grand Prix coincides with tennis at Wimbledon, golf at the Irish Open (not far from me), and cycling in the Tour de France just across The Channel. Yesterday's qualifying was wet, so there were a few people out of position on the grid, but the threat of rain never came to anything today. Ferrari's Carlos Sainz started on pole for the first time (this was his 150th F1 race), but got passed by Max Verstappen off the line. Lewis Hamilton also made up two places off the start, but then there was a bad crash behind them at the first corner which red flagged the race. Alfa Romeo's Zhou Guanyu got turned upside down and his car flipped over the tire barrier. Luckily, he was fine, but the race was delayed by about 45 minutes. Because the crash happened so close to the start, the grid reformed in its original order (minus the three cars that were involved in the crash). The second time around, Sainz held the lead, Hamilton lost a place and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc damaged his front wing. Verstappen then picked up some underside damage from debris and pitted because he thought he had a puncture. Leclerc quickly caught his team mate, despite his damage, but Ferrari wouldn't order the drivers to swap position. Hamilton made his pit stop much later than the Ferraris, and looked to be in with a good chance of a win until Estaban Ocon's car broke down bringing out a safety car. With Leclerc in the lead, Sainz and Hamilton took the opportunity to fit the faster soft tires. Also back in the mix was Red Bull's Sergio Perez, who passed Hamilton at the restart. Sainz passed his team mate, while Leclerc, Hamilton and Perez fought over the other two podium positions. There was a lot of passing and repassing in the final laps, but in the end Sainz got his first Grand Prix win, with Perez second and Hamilton third in a much more competitive Mercedes. Verstappen had a great battle with Mick Schumacher in the final laps to claim seventh place. Schumacher picked up his first F1 points in eighth. You can see the highlights here. We're off to Austria next week for what counts as Red Bull's home race.
  7. As you said in your PM, you missed out "C". As I've said several times, please check your quotes before posting them. If you're just copying them from Facebook - STOP! Watch the show, and if you think a line is funny or memorable, then post it. We don't need a string of inaccurate quotes from unreliable third party sources. The first two lines above come from the beginning of the scene inside Ace's, before we're introduced to the counterfeiters. The rest is from the continuation of the scene. [Bo and Luke enter Ace Parker's to make an offer on the Richard Petty wreck] Luke: "That wreck out there, how much you give us if we haul it off for you?" Ace: "Well now, that's $700, boys. We both know what it is and what it's worth." Bo: "We'll take it." Ace: "Since you Duke boys quit making whiskey, you ain't earned $700 in a year." Luke: "We give you $200, and you can hold it." Ace: "I'm holding it now. You see, it's on special today, but tomorrow the price is $1,000." Bo: "Well how come?" Ace: "Because you need it. I got it. It's the only one around." Bo: "Let's get out of here." [Bo and Luke start to leave] Ace: "Unless you'd do a little repossession work for me." Bo: "Repo men? Us?" Ace: "Well, some boys stuck me with a hot check for a Rolls." [Bo and Luke turn to hear Ace's offer] Ace: "I'll tell you what I'll do. You take these papers and bring back the Rolls, and I'll let you have that wreck out there for $200." Bo: "There ain't no way, Ace. I hate repo men." Luke: "Hey, who don't? Personally, I'd like to win that race Saturday. So, A: We need that Richard Petty car to B: Get the spare parts to C: Rebuild the General Lee so he can, D and E: Enter and win. F: Am I getting through to you?" Ace: "And here's your key. See, I always keep a spare on every car, if it comes up. It's a lot less hassle when you have to repossess it." [Bo snatches the key and the papers]
  8. It's the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article that I linked to. Someone on Facebook probably copied it from there. Try to research your own facts rather than just blindly copying someone else's work without acknowledgement.
  9. You've just cut & pasted this from Wikipedia. Either write original content or cite your sources!
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