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  1. I'd love to help, Roger, and I probably could if I was sitting in your living room, but as some US AV connections are different to Europe, I'd only be guessing from here. If your wife can't fix it, feel free to PM me with extra info like the models of the equipment and the cables you're using.
  2. Sausages (this thread has taken a turn for the wurst )
  3. I'm sure they've been framed - Uncle Jesse wouldn't be happy if he found they'd been looting .
  4. The final jump in 'Hooper' had Burt Reynolds and Jan-Michael Vincent in the car, but that was because one of them had to read a boost gauge and activate the boost. As you say, there was no reason for Luke to ride along. BTW. Jimmie Best was in both scenes (Hooper and Dukes)!
  5. They also went to Atlanta at least twice (although I don't think they say how far it was), and mode two trips to Hollywood (which is about 2,200 miles each way from Atlanta)
  6. Thanks for the extra info, Ian, and welcome to HNet. I see they used the same "City General Hospital" sign.
  7. HossC

    NASCAR news

    In the same 'Racing Legends' series as the Stirling Moss documentary I posted recently, there's one on three-time F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart. This time it's celebrity chef James Martin who gets to meet his hero and drive one of his racing cars. I don't think they mention NASCAR, but they do cover the 1968 race at the 14-mile Nürburgring Nordschleife where he won by 4 minutes in appalling weather conditions. Jackie contributed a lot to the improved safety in motor sport we've seen since the '70s - his young son apparently once asked when he was going to get killed because the boys at school had asked him! I also found out that he only lives about 10 miles from where I grew up, although I don't know if he lived there at the time.
  8. And also tasty - I like a bit of fish after it's been battered.
  9. I think Luke was just giving Daisy an alias, although the name Annie is only mentioned that one time in the whole episode, so I don't know if it was supposed to pre-arranged.
  10. Bernard Fox, who played Iggins in 'Southern Comforts', was in an episode of MASH that I saw a week or two ago. He played an English major who Hawkeye originally disliked, but then saw he just did things differently. At the end, Hawkeye advises him not to give tea to soldiers with belly wounds as it causes peritonitis. His reply is, "I'll take it up to higher authorities, but I don't know. If it was anything but tea..." (all in his very English voice)
  11. The image quality of the YouTube video isn't great, but I think the truck driven by Norman in 'Murder in Peyton Place' was the higher spec Ranger XLT. Even the very clean Uncle Jesse truck which appeared in the backlot scenes of 'Luke's Love Story' (below) never looked as good. The picture above is from the first page of this thread. The truck is noticeably cleaner and less dented than the one used for filming at the Golden Oak Ranch. BTW. The California trucks weren't identical to the Georgia one. Just like Daisy's car, they changed the model when they moved production. In the first episodes, Jesse had a 1968 F-100 Stepside (below). For the rest of the run, they kept close to the 1973 F-100, but there were slight variations such as bed length. As an aside, Christopher Connelly, who played Norman Harrington in 'Murder in Peyton Place', was the bad guy in an episode of 'CHiPs' which I watched last weekend. With the help of his sister-in-law, he was trying to kill Jon and Ponch, who he blamed for the death of his brother. It was the season 4 episode 'New Guy in Town' for anyone who wants to check it out.
  12. IMDb doesn't list any filming locations, and nor does Wikipedia, so I took a look on YouTube. This must be the TV movie you're remembering, because Midwest Street (aka. Hazzard Square) is used throughout. There's the houses, the stores, the courthouse and the gazebo. I didn't see the garage/livery stables, but I only skimmed through. The scene below is at just over six and a half minutes in. Not only is the guy driving something that looks like a very clean version of Uncle Jesse's pickup, he's also picking up Linda from the bank. Linda just happens to be played by Catherine Bach! For anyone who's interested, the whole movie is on YouTube:
  13. Just to back up my previous post, here's part of the square in Waxahachie. There's a corner store, a movie theater and a couple of buildings with arched windows and fancy brickwork near the roof - sound familiar?
  14. I had a quick flick through 'Peyton Place: The Next Generation' on YouTube (I've never seen it before). I thought that a couple of the shots looked like the square in Covington from the Georgia episodes of Dukes, but IMDb only lists Waxahachie, Texas in their filming locations. I checked that out on Google Maps, and it's definitely the place. Having said that, the architecture on the main block of stores in Hazzard Square would fit right in with the historic buildings around the courthouse in Waxahachie. BTW. The movie was made by Michael Filerman Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television, so I can't see any Warner Bros. involvement.