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  1. I'm pretty sure that my Ertl Authentics General Lee has opening headlight covers too.
  2. And because Jeep (in the form of AMC) were supplying the cars.
  3. I suppose I do me chase them down, Roger. The rare die-cast cars (maybe with a different color roof or interior to the regular model) are referred to a "chase" cars because you have to chase around the stores looking for them.
  4. It's pretty much the same in Ireland. There are/were only a couple of model stores, but all of my Dukes cars came from the US. Luckily, I was able to buy most of my collection when the exchange rate was much better, and the post office only caught me for duty (import tax) on a couple of them!
  5. There's only one listing for Daisy's car at 1:18 at the moment, and the seller's asking $300 for it. Meanwhile, Cooter's green Camaro is still available for $50-60. I bought a 1:18 In Violet (Plum Crazy Purple) Plymouth Roadrunner before Daisy's one came out, so I'll probably stick with that. It's actually rarer than the Dukes one (it's 1 of 1254), but is likely to be worth less than half!
  6. Great collection, wotan. I don't have any of the recent releases, and probably haven't added to my die-cast collection for about five years. The new patrol cars are tempting - I might have to try and track them down.
  7. Welcome to HazzardNet. I hope you'll be posting some pictures when you get settled in. Regarding the props, another HNet member managed to track down replicas of many of the items in Cooter's Garage on ebay. It'll probably be a slow process, but I guess you already know that!
  8. As a reminder, Colleen Camp plays Bonnie Lane in "Trouble at Cooter's". She's one of the robbers trying to steal back the fur coats.
  9. Willkommen bei HNet (Welcome to HNet), GermanDukeBoy. Check out this thread - it's got several DVD covers in other languages. There's also the French and Italian theme songs!
  10. 1974 Plymouth Satellites also appeared in a couple of episodes in season 4. The car that Bo and Luke trade the General for in 'Goodbye, General Lee' was a 1974 Plymouth Satellite, and so was Molly Hargrove's race car in 'Birds Gotta Fly'.
  11. It was a 1974 Plymouth Satellite, very similar to Daisy's original 1973 Road Runner from the Georgia episodes.
  12. HossC

    Signs of Hazzard

    Welcome to HNet, Bryce. Thanks for your comments - I'm glad you enjoy my work. A few years ago I shared my Boar's Nest artwork with someone claiming they wanted to make a banner for their son's birthday. Soon afterwards, I spotted my artwork popping up across the internet. Even my posted bitmaps are being ripped off - since Christmas I've found a diecast company using my Dixie artwork to promote a new model, and an ebay seller using my artwork to sell paper models of various Dukes vehicles - all without permission. On the plus side, I have also shared artwork with HNet members for various personal projects, and felt honored when I saw the results. Because of the above, I made the decision not to share high quality (vector) versions of my artwork with people I don't know. If you stick around and show us that you're a genuine fan of the show, I'll reconsider. Sorry, but once you've been burned...
  13. That makes a lot of sense. When Warner Bros. realized how popular the General Lee was, they obviously made sure there was never a shortage again (excluding the episodes where they used models for the stunts, which I believe was partly down to costs and partly due to lack of available Chargers).
  14. It's not a unique name. I did a quick google and also found a Boss Hog burger offered by the Hog's Breath Cafe across Australia, and a limited edition Boss Hog burger offered a few years ago by Hopdaddy in Austin, TX. They all have a sing "g" on "Hog" (most likely for copyright reason as already mentioned), and the Australian one is trade marked.
  15. craft The guy in the junk yard isn't named in the dialogue and he's only credited as "The Yard Manager". He didn't find out who the Duke Boys were either, as when the crooks ask about the people who bought the crashed car he says, "I don't have no names, it was a cash deal."