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  1. That's brilliant news - I'll see you at Roger's party!
  2. Why would I do that, Roger? What I will do is relate a story from a comedy gig I was at last night. Australian comedian Adam Hills was pointing out odd things that the Irish say (i.e. things that sound odd to people from elsewhere). One of these was the use of the word "deadly" to mean good, as in "I went out for a meal last night - it was deadly". Adam said that this causes problems when the Irish visit Australia and get told, "See that spider over there? It's deadly."
  3. Both IMDb and Wikipedia give the original US air date of 'Carnival of Thrills' as September 16, 1980 (with the former also listing a premiere date of February 21/28, 1981 in the UK and November 23/24, 1982 in Germany). They also agree that the next episode, 'Enos Strate to the Top', wasn't shown until November 5, 1980. Both sources are publicly editable, so I won't call them definitive, but I did find the advert below in an article about the 1980 Fall Preview edition of TV Guide.
  4. That's not good news, that's GREAT news.
  5. Thanks for posting about this, Roger. There's pictures of the cars on display before the show on the NEOD Facebook page. I'm not sure why Byron is wearing one of their "Wannabe Duke Boy" T-shirts when he actually was one!
  6. The changing car in 'Carnival of Thrills' was covered back on page 3 on this thread.
  7. I've just watched the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Well done to the Netherlands - their first win since 1975. Were you watching, Roth? On the downside, the United Kingdom came last and Ireland didn't even make the final.
  8. Sorry, but something like this popped into my head when I read your post
  9. I wondered why the Northeast Ohio Dukes had changed their logo to modified version of the Trans-Am "screaming chicken" - see here. Maybe some of y'all knew, but they were planning to do a tribute to Burt Reynolds by performing a Smokey and the Bandit jump in Detroit. Then the authorities saw the old Georgia flag on the movie car (which wasn't going to be used on the stunt car) and cancelled the jump. You can see Ray explaining the situation here.
  10. HossC

    Jeff Burton

    ;previous: I don't remember Sanford & Son being shown in the UK. I think I only became aware of it about 10 years ago. I've just watched a couple of episodes, and while the end credits do mention Steptoe & Son, it's a very different show. Here's one of the highest rated episodes (according to IMDb) of Steptoe & Son (the cinema frame must be for copyright reasons):
  11. HossC

    Jeff Burton

    Thanks for the link, Garrett. That's not your usual classic car collection. I like that he has a pristine 1949 pickup and a Sanford & Son replica. In the British original of the show (Steptoe & Son), the main characters had a horse and cart (the horse was called Hercules).
  12. Here you go, Roger. You can get tickets here. They're $5 cheaper if you buy them early. Full prices and line-up are below the picture. There will be food, popcorn, and drinks available for purchase. Concession stand will be open entire time of event. DVD's will be available for purchase at event. At the Door: Adult tickets $15.00 Kids 6 to 10 tickets $10.00 Kids 5 and under are Free *ticket shipping includes processing and postage STUNTLIFE The Wild Ride Movie Premiere Presented by Northeast Ohio Dukes and Highway Pictures. Hosted at the Yankee Lake Ballroom. 5:00 - 7:30 Meet and greet with the cast and stunt team. Have your photo taken with the GENERAL LEE on display inside the ballroom. All other star cars from our show will also be on display including KITT from Knight Rider and the famous Detroit GENERAL LEE jump car. 7:30 - 8:00 Q&A with the cast of the NEOD and film producer AJ Satterfield of Highway Pictures. 8:00 Movie Premiere on the indoor projector.