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  1. How time flies - I can't believe that I've been here nearly seven years, and I was a late arrival . Thanks for the reminder, Roger.
  2. silver
  3. shape
  4. A couple of years ago I did a course which involved a health and safety module. I kept writing about the potential "hazzards", and had to change them to "hazards" . Of course, in British English, "realise" doesn't have any Zs!
  5. The scene with all the body panels falling off Rosco's patrol car is from the chase at the end of "Mrs. Daisy Duke" (season 4, episode 1). First the front fenders, grille and hood fall off, then the rear fenders, trunk and doors, and finally they lose the roof driving under a low tree branch. Rosco's driving, Cletus is riding shotgun, and Boss, Jesse and Flash are in the back. Rosco P. Coltrane - master of understatement!
  6. Mountains
  7. Paul Paul R Picard was a producer/executive producer on many episodes of Dukes.
  8. I have been surprised by the amount of damage that some cars can still race with, but I can see why you're disappointed by the rule change, Spike. This isn't really an issue in F1 because crash damage tends to be more terminal, and only the top 10 cars score points (out of a field of 22 in 2016 and what looks like being 20 in 2017). Having said that, the teams can change a broken front wing and fit four new tires in under 15 seconds!
  9. To be honest, I haven't even watched many of the Formula E races. Having said that, driverless racing is a completely different concept to what we've been watching up until now. I accept that there's less connection because there are no driver's to root for. It will be more of an intellectual battle which happens to involve car racing. I doubt that I'll watch many races, but I'll take a look just to see what it's all about. In the long run, just like Formula 1, Formula E and the driverless series should generate technological innovations which will filter down to road cars.
  10. Driverless racing is nearly with us. Roborace will see 10 teams, each with two driverless electric cars, compete against each other in support races to the Formula E championship, hopefully later this year. All cars for the first season will be identical mechanically, but each team will have to develop their own AI to control them. You can read more on the Wikipedia page.
  11. In that case, my second choice is ... How about a ride-along with Rosco? You're bound to see something interesting, and you may even get to follow the Dukes in hot pursuit!
  12. It was the Hagg family in 'Moonrunners'. Here's one of the chases from the movie:
  13. I can sympathize with that. The screen on my laptop is currently being held together with a couple of clamps - otherwise it goes a bright yellowish-green color! Regarding the images on the Wiki, I'd like to have the title screen and a couple of others for each episode. Pages for characters/actors and locations like the Post Office should also have pictures, but they don't need a huge number (20 or 30 of Daisy should be enough ). Most Wiki images appear on their pages as thumbnails with a link to the full size version. Maybe this reduces the bandwidth if most people are happy with the thumbnail.
  14. water Deep Purple anyone?
  15. The new points system certainly seems overly complicated. As for the three segments approach, a couple of comments I read suggested they just have three shorter races (e.g. 100 miles, 100 miles and 250 miles) over the weekend like they apparently do in V8 racing in Australia. They do something similar with the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), having three races (admittedly nowhere near as long) on a Sunday with support races in between. The grid for the first race is set by a qualifying session, the grid for second race is determined by the order they finished in the first, and the starting order for the last race is determined by the finishing order of the second race, but with the top six to ten cars reversed (the number is set by a random draw). The same points are awarded for each race. Obviously there are considerable differences, with no in-race tire changes or re-fuelling, and handicaps by way of weight penalties applied depending on finishing position in the previous race. It normally results is tightly matched racing. We'll have to wait a couple of months to find out if the redesigned cars with wider tires make any difference to Formula 1 this year. Now that Bernie Ecclestone has gone after nearly 40 years in charge, things may be about to change. The new American owners want to engage better with social media, and have revived plans for a race in New York.