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  1. Bird Angels Flight is now running again after being closed for years due to safety issues. They got into a little trouble when a scene in 'La La Land' was filmed there when it was supposed to be shut. Here it is at its original location next to the 3rd Street tunnel.
  2. Angels (as in the City of ...)
  3. I posted a couple of videos and a couple of screengrabs of Denver in the Andy Griffith Show here.
  4. I should've remembered that your birthday was a week after John's. Happy Birthday, Roger.
  5. (Mr) Fox
  6. The mid-50s certainly were simper times in TV! I had to watch the episode twice to recognize Denver. I'm sure the dialogue/plot must've been one of the inspirations for 'Police Squad'. See for yourself below - Denver doesn't appear until about 20 minutes in.
  7. The subject of Bo's Extravaganza originally came up in the NASCAR News thread, and that's where I posted the video below.
  8. They used to add weight to the trunk in the show because they wanted a flat landing (much harder on the stunt people), but remember that this General is actually a rebodied Crown Vic, so it may jump differently. I found a couple more videos on John's company Facebook page, but they've filmed in portrait mode, so I didn't bother watching them. In fact, I'm rather surprised that someone running a movie studio would film his "Extravaganza" on a cell phone held the wrong way around. Sorry, but portrait mode videos are a pet hate of mine.
  9. Keep posting the videos, Tania. The only "rule" I can think of is to make sure it's in keeping with the family friendly nature of the site. That rule is relaxed a little in the Hazzard Swamp section, but I'd still post a warning for bad language etc., and generally stick to PG/PG-13 content. Aside from videos, we have had occasional discussions on more adult themes (I suppose the recently revived thread about John's nude scene fits that category), but even then, the language used is family friendly.
  10. Nice video, thanks for posting.
  11. Thanks, Roger, this is most unexpected. In fact, it would've seemed more likely if you posted it three days earlier, and then said "April Fool!" I'll be sure to enjoy the rest of my month.
  12. The Swiss harvest is late this year, so I'm having to eat Italian spaghetti at the moment. Happy Sadie Hogg Day, and see the video on the first page of this thread to see what Roger and I are talking about.
  13. I'll have to look that one up in Webster's Dictionary, Roger .
  14. For no good reason, the word "anthropomorphism" popped in to my head while I was out shopping. I hope it's fancy enough for you, Roger.
  15. magazines