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  1. Dune Buggy is a not-uncommon surname over here. We have a bus company and a car dealership nearby that use the name.
  2. Found it! It's from 'The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style' (also in season 4). The federal officer confronts the boys and tries to identify himself, but he has a problem there: Ben Jordan: I seem to have misplaced my wallet. Bo: Mister, we've heard that 100 times. Ben Jordan: You just take my word for it. I am a federal officer. Luke: Sure, and I'm Santa Claus, this here's Bugs Bunny. The episodes had different writers, so maybe the two Bugs Bunny references were a coincidence.
  3. Hobie, maybe you're thinking of 'Diamonds in the Rough'. The bad guys shoot at Bo and Luke as they drive off with the rabbit doll containing the diamonds: Bo: This is a dang bunny. Who'd wanna shoot after Bugs Bunny? Luke: Elmer Fudd. I wouldn't bank on it being him, though.
  4. Formula 1 (Pirelli are the current tire suppliers)
  5. This exchange happens on the first test drive of their new car: Luke: We jumped a dang creek. Bo: Yeah. General Lee always was a cavalry man. Luke: We built more into this car than just plugs and pistons, I guess. Bo: Fighting spirit of the South. Come on, we got a race to run.
  6. When the car is revealed in a flashback in 'Happy Birthday, General Lee', Cooter says "I'll tell you, Uncle Jesse couldn't have come up with a better name. After we put the rebel flag on and stuck that Dixie horn in, there couldn't have been nothing more appropriate than 'General Lee'." So Uncle Jesse came up with the name. Maybe there are more references in other episodes that other members can recall.
  7. Bomber (The Vulcan was a delta-wing bomber operated by the RAF from the '50s to the '80s. I've stood underneath one in a museum, and they're pretty impressive) I believe that what we call scones are similar to your biscuits. Scones are denser with more fat and sugar than biscuits and often contain dried fruit. They're normally served with jam (jelly to you) and clotted cream. The inhabitants of Devon and Cornwall can't agree which should be put on first!
  8. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Over in F1 it was the Italian Grand Prix at the historic Monza circuit this weekend. The two championship-leading drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, crashed into each other halfway through the race, leaving McLaren to get their first 1-2 finish since 2012. Lewis said afterwards that the halo safety device above the cockpit had saved his life! Max was adjudged to be at fault, and gets a 3-place grid penalty at the next race. You can see the crash here.
  9. cookies (I was going to put 'biscuits' because we have 'tea and biscuits', but I know that 'biscuits' are something different over there!) That would be an alien concept to the folks over here!
  10. Honey According to the 2 bottles on my shelf, that's where they make JD! BTW. I'm currently fond of the honey variety, hence my connection.
  11. Just before that, Rosco asks the kidnappers "Well, how much money do you want?". They reply "Nothing.", and he says "Well, I can raise that."
  12. Well remembered, Hobie. The closed captions actually leave out the "g", so it's Kissin' Cliff, but you'd never know that by listening. The boys were planning to double back on old Tar Road, but we all know what happened!
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