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  1. While not really being my sort of movie, it was a fun way to spend an hour and a half of a Sunday afternoon.
  2. I'd never heard of it, so after watching the movie, I looked it up. For its timber, pinus taeda, commonly known as loblolly pine, is regarded as the most commercially important tree in Southeastern US. Read more on Wikipedia.
  3. For anyone who's interested, the whole movie is on YouTube (and below). John was midway through Dukes, and Marilu was midway through playing Elaine Nardo in Taxi. John plays a builder from Conyers, GA who falls for Marilu's character while on vacation. After a brief fling, he gets given the brush-off and returns home. He then decides to pursue her to New York where she works in urban development, driving up in his pickup with its hand-made camper conversion. His pursuit probably borders on stalking, but along the way he gets tricked into buying a narrow strip of land in a rough neighborhood, and vows to use it to build a dream house for the two of them to share. It's a pretty formulaic TV movie, but the story of an out-of-towner who wins over the city folk mainly reminded me of later movies such as Crocodile Dundee (1986) and Mr. Deeds (2002). For John fans, he has his shirt off for a fair bit of the movie. I was happy seeing Marilu again!
  4. John Schneider wasn't in 'Baa, Baa White Sheep' because he was filming the TV movie 'Dream House', in which he co-starred with Marilu Henner.
  5. It was 'How to Succeed in Hazzard' (S06E18). Bo's away testing NASCAR engines after Luke lost the coin toss.
  6. It may be a lot of work, but you could try making a mold from one of the other wheels and casting a resin replacement. I found a couple of "how to" guides here and here.
  7. I've just looked at the prices on eBay, so I can see why you want an alternative! Unless you get lucky at a charity shop, have you considered getting a cheap, vintage-style lunch box, printing a copy of one of the pictures that appeared on the 80s originals and sticking it on the side? It should be good enough unless you need a close-up.
  8. East Anglia (the part of Britain where you'd catch a ferry to see Roth) sometimes gets a reputation for being a bit backward in terms of technology (despite it being home to Lotus Cars). I remember a story told by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear where he claimed that he tried to use a credit card to pay for fuel somewhere in East Anglia, and the garage owner took the card off him and just put it in the till as if it was money.
  9. Since this thread's been quiet for a while, here's another video with a couple of people from the US finding out how things are different on this side of the Atlantic. Although they're talking about the UK, and predominantly London, many of these also apply to Ireland. To save you reading the comments or googling the answers, here's a quick response: 1. They're in London - a major global tourist destination. 2. The London Underground is the oldest in the world, with parts dating back to 1863. Newer systems are bigger. 3. It just works better that way. 4. Not much to say here. 5. Switches are just one feature that make UK plugs safer (there's also a ground/earth pin, shielded pins, a fuse etc.) 6. Waiting staff get paid a proper wage. It's very unusual to tip bar staff, and tips in restaurants are optional for good service, and generally not more than 10%. 7. The UK now produces over 750 different cheeses (France only produces about 400), and also imports varieties from around the world. 8. If they'd been in the UK in the '70s, they'd have learned the Green Cross Code from Dave Prowse (aka. Darth Vader - also see the video on page 2 of this thread). 9. This is historical. The cold tap (faucet) comes directly from the mains supply and is considered safe for drinking, but the hot water comes from a storage tank (often in the attic), and isn't considered safe for drinking. Separate taps prevent cross-contamination. Put the plug in and fill the basin! 10. Jaywalking isn't even a thing in the UK - we just cross the road.
  10. At just over 11 minutes into "Nothin' but the Truth" (S04E19), Boss uses his CB in the back seat, but you never see the location of the base unit. I'll keep checking random episodes to see if I can find anything better.
  11. We've just had a bank holiday weekend over here (the UK has theirs at the end of the month), so yesterday I took myself a few miles down the road to see the Scarecrow Festival. This year was the 10th anniversary, but somehow I'd never heard of it before. When you get to the town, the scarecrows are everywhere. Here's a small selection: Starting with the top-left and moving clockwise: This couple were on one of the approaches; Toy Story; recreation of the famous New York skyscraper construction photo (I assume); Friends (♫ "I'll bale hay for you"); The Beatles - Abbey Road; Finally, a little dry humor.
  12. I'm not sure what's going on, Roger. I can either read the messages by clicking on the message envelope icon and then the message, or by clicking the envelope icon and "Go to inbox". I even tried it on my phone and it works fine. Maybe this is one for MM.
  13. HossC

    Only Fools and Horses

    We get a load of American sitcoms over here, but it seems that US TV companies like to remake British shows (with very mixed results) as their viewers apparently won't get the references. It's good to hear that you're watching the originals. What other Britcoms are in your collection?