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  1. Christmas in the chat room used to be fun. With Hobie's watch parties, I've been able to catch up on the comments later because they're in the forum, whereas comments in the chat room are lost forever. However, remembering previous experiences, one of the best things about the chat room is that comments in the chat room are lost forever. That time is better for me, but I'm out this Thursday night. I'll try to make it one day, I promise.
  2. We discussed the "68 Coupe" in the Bloopers thread - see here and here.
  3. Here's the trailer. It says it's been up since September 17th, and it's had over 400,000 views.
  4. 11:00am Central is 5:00pm GMT, so I'm rarely home by then on a Saturday. For me, 1:00pm to 3:00pm (or at a push, 4:00pm) Central would be best for me on a Saturday. If this doesn't suit, maybe we can sort out something over the holidays.
  5. The house was on the backlot, just two houses down from Boss' house. The props people did a great job dressing it to look run-down, but it appears in the background of several other episodes in a cleaner state. It has now been replaced by a larger building.
  6. AMC/Jeep wasn't bought by Chrysler until 1987. When Dukes was made, Renault owned a large part of AMC.
  7. The line about Rosco being a rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on Frontage Road is repeated virtually verbatim in 'Repo Men'. I don't think Frontage Road gets mentioned after that until season 5. In 'Big Daddy', Rosco is said to have "...learned that when he was a rent-a-cop at that all-night pizza parlor on Frontage Road." In the next episode, 'Vance's Lady', Boss tells Rosco, "If you blow the top off my political future your future is gonna be backup bagboy at the all-night supermarket on Frontage Road." I think that's the last time we hear about Frontage Road. I doubt that Frontage Road had three 24-hour businesses, so were they all part of the same store, or were the writers being lazy?
  8. Great to hear from you again, and glad your life's going well. Just don't leave it so long between visits!
  9. From near the start of season 3, "Some Automobiles Supplied by: AMC" appeared in the end credits of the show, so they probably wouldn't have wanted Ford being promoted. However, as I said above, even Daisy's Jeep logos were covered (AMC owned Jeep at the time).
  10. I could've sworn that I posted a similar picture to this, but I can't find it, so I'm borrowing one of Roth's. It shows how they taped the individual letters of Plymouth: There were a few brands visible in early episodes. Boss' Caddy started out with its original door mirrors, complete with Cadillac logo, but they later got replaced with aftermarket models. Dixie's Jeep logos were also on show at the beginning, but they were later removed or taped over, despite the car being placed in the show. In 'Mary Kaye's Baby' they even describe Cooter's car as "A 1975 blue Plymouth Fury", but it didn't last. I'm guessing that they just took the decision not to promote any brands, or it could've been a clearance issue.
  11. I see that the box in the show didn't have an apostrophe, but the props people made a few spelling/grammar errors over the years. An "Orphan's Fund" would only support one orphan, whereas an "Orphans' Fund" could support many. If you really don't like apostrophes, you could call it "A Fund for Orphans"!
  12. I've just checked it out, and that was the scene that I was remembering. I hope it's the one that di79mar wanted. It was Rayford Flicker of United Amalgamated Dixie Charities, Inc. who was collecting for the Orphans' Fund. Boss starts the donations with $500, but while the box is on the Duke Boys' table, a distraction created by Rosco allows Rayford to drop the money into the false bottom of the box so that they can say the boys stole it. The scene is about 20 minutes into the episode, which is #16 in season 4.
  13. I started a thread about the 1:18 diecast models some time ago - see here. Sadly, it looks like Roth's pictures are missing, but it does contain the announcements about the new Hazzard patrol car and Uncle Jesse's pickup. I found a site offering Boss' Cadillac (complete with Mego figure) and Daisy's Jeep, but neither are official. They have adapted other models and put them in Dukes boxes. The Jeep was a later model, and the Caddy looks like a much earlier model. After a little more searching, I found a announcement that Greenlight is releasing a 1:18 version of Daisy's Jeep in January 2020. The site where I found the announcement even had a preview image, but that turned out to be my FanArt picture!
  14. When the original Duke Farm in Georgia was being dismantled in 2011, various pieces were put up for sale. The thread is here.
  15. Believe it or not, they were born on the same day: March 1, 1954. Ron(ny) Howard appeared as Opie Taylor in 225 episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show', while Denver only appeared as Briscoe Darling in six. As far as I can see, the first show that they're both credited in was Denver's second episode, 'Mountain Wedding', in 1963, but I don't think they shared any screen time. In fact, flicking through the episode, I can only see Ronny in the opening credits. If anyone has the time to watch it through fully, I stand to be corrected.