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  1. I always assumed that the word "ridge" referred to the hills and mountains where they carried out their clandestine activities.
  2. Gaylord Duke drove a 1971 Jaguar XK-E.
  3. One of the UK channels is currently reshowing a series called 'Cradle to Grave, a comedy based around the childhood years of DJ/presenter/author Danny Baker. This is how they portrayed his first encounter with a VCR. In this case he was hooked by 'Rising Damp' on demand rather than Dukes.
  4. I didn't get to see the race this week, but I watched a clip of the last few laps, and I don't think Ricky Stenhouse Jr had anywhere to go. It's good to see Ricky Stenhouse Jr get a top 5 finish.
  5. Thanks for the replies, T.J.P. I think we'd pretty much narrowed down the location of the State Courthouse/Central City General Hospital to roughly that area, but it's great to have it confirmed, especially with all the extra information you provided. How did I miss the Glass Building? It's right across the street from the studios! Here's a recent Streetview image. Even with the trees it's still recognizable. There can't be many loose ends left now.
  6. clunker
  7. The current generation of F1 cars was heavily criticized for being too quiet when they debuted a few years ago. Subsequent tweaks to the engines and exhausts have restored some of the missing volume. I'll admit that the situation is different - there are half as many cars on a longer, more open track which allows the sound to escape more easily.
  8. Most of the pictures I've found (screengrabs, models and replicas) seem to use a mid blue. That's what I went with on my Fan Art version: I'm not sure if Cooter's tow truck had a matt finish, but it certainly wasn't shiny .
  9. Cookies Maryland Cookies are a popular brand in the UK, Ireland and many other countries, although I understand that they're not available in Maryland!
  10. Baltimore
  11. Welcome to HNet, Rollman. I look forward to seeing your build progress. Regarding the images - it may be better for you to sign up with an image hosting service such as Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, Google Photos etc. You should be able to find one that offers free hosting. Then you can post larger images. PS. The blue Ford pickup in the background of the second picture needs a coat of white paint so that it's ready for Uncle Jesse .
  12. buffalo
  13. I spotted another small blooper when I was skipping through 'Mrs. Daisy Hogg' the other day. When Rosco's patrol car has its first impact, it loses its front end (fenders, hood, grille etc.), but the shot of the occupants immediately afterwards shows the fender still in place.
  14. I concur .
  15. How time flies - I can't believe that I've been here nearly seven years, and I was a late arrival . Thanks for the reminder, Roger.