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  1. The shows that get on-screen warnings for non-PC content seem pretty random too. I've mentioned that the UK channel currently showing Dukes includes a warning at the start, but I don't think they include one with CHiPs, which is from the same era. Another of their shows, an innocuous British sitcom from the late-80s/early-90s, also gets a warning (I'll have to see it again to check the message). The show is based around a man in his 50s dating someone half his age, but I can't see what content might be offensive. I'm considered old-fashioned these days because I'm still adding to my DVD c
  2. bargain What's this about lower grade second rate stuff? I've had my lava lamp for over 30 years!
  3. Welcome to HNet, Glenn. There were only three two-parters in the series, but I think the one you're after is 'Carnival of Thrills' which started season 3. Bo falls for the owner of a traveling stunt show, but the rest of the family are suspicious of her motives when they find out about a series of accidents.
  4. These young drivers have grown up with the internet and social media, but still don't seem to see the consequences of their actions. In December, just after he'd signed on as a 2021 driver for the Haas F1 team, 21-year-old Nikita Mazepin was condemned for posting a video showing him groping a female friend. Story here.
  5. Challenge (University Challenge is a long running quiz show in the UK - I watched the latest episode two hours ago!)
  6. experiment It seems that alcohol-free mouthwashes are now considered better, but a sip o' 'shine wouldn't hurt.
  7. Silva said: Hi everyone, I'm Silva Bero, I'm 14 on January 14, 2021 I'll turn 15!
  8. I consumed brandy butter after its expiration date a few years ago - does that count?
  9. To borrow an old Steven Wright line, I'm a bilingual illiterate - I can't read or write in two different languages! In truth, I use Google Translate.
  10. I was watching an old episode of 'Wheeler Dealers' the other day, and they were working on a Jeep. Edd, the mechanic, ordered parts from the US, and said that they came with an instructional DVD, but he couldn't watch it because it was the wrong format. He then added that it also came with a printed manual, but that was in American, although he should be OK as he's pretty good with languages! Note that this was an early episode, and long before they moved the show to California.
  11. Welcome to HazzardNet, Silva. Maybe you'd like to tell us a bit about yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread. Benvenuto in HazzardNet, Silva. Forse vorresti parlarci un po 'di te nel thread Presentati. Se potessi utilizzare Google Traduttore per pubblicare in Inglese oltre che in Italiano, riceverai più risposte.
  12. Silva is asking why Bo and Daisy's outfits never appeared in the show. My guess is that like the picture of the General Lee that you posted earlier, this was an early publicity photo before the final costumes were decided. Bo and Luke had a couple of different outfits in the Georgia episodes. La mia ipotesi è che, come l'immagine del General Lee che hai postato in precedenza, questa fosse una delle prime foto pubblicitarie prima che i costumi finali fossero decisi. Bo e Luke avevano un paio di abiti diversi negli episodi della Georgia.
  13. Ciao Come stai? Io sono Silva 

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