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  1. I can't see any evidence that he was a member here, but several old posts mention his name. Some talk positively about his book or his knowledge of Dukes, while a couple of others suggest that he has/had plans for the General's pushbar for sale.
  2. It was first published in 2007. From what I've read online, the book concentrates on the Georgia episodes. The content seems to get good feedback, but the poor quality of the images is often mentioned in reviews. It looks like Jon Holland followed it up with another Dukes-related book - 'A Moonrunner's Tale: From Grit to Gold, How "The Dukes" was Born' was published in 2010, and tells of Jerry Rushing and his contribution to the show. Both of Jon Holland's books are available in paperback for around $15.
  3. I've been buying CDs since about 1986, so it's easy to forget some of the songs I have in my collection, especially when I bought the album for a different track.
  4. Looks like you found them. I'm not a huge fan of change, but I really like the more prominent use of the mid-blue in various places. I also see we're back to circular avatars, but I don't even mind them this time around. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, MM.
  5. Not for a while, but I've certainly done it with compilation/sampler albums in the past. Sometimes they have an artist's non-album track or remix, while other times it might be hard to find complete albums by an obscure artist (this is much less relevant since the internet took over). A few years ago I ripped all my CDs to my computer. Every so often I'll hear a track I like, and when I check out who it's by, I find that I have the song already, hidden away on a CD I bought years ago!
  6. Billie Rae Bates' book is currently $15.50 at Amazon. You can even view a few pages - see here.
  7. Bruce Glover, the actor who played Wilbur, was one of Blofeld's right-hand men in the 1971 James Bond movie 'Diamonds are Forever'.
  8. I think we could do with some sort of box around each post if that's possible. At the moment it's difficult to see where one post finishes and the next begins. The only other thing I've noticed so far is that the HNet banner only seems to go about 3/4 of the way across the screen. Everything else looks good. Thanks, MM.
  9. I've watched both of them, but can't say that I particularly enjoyed either of them. I was initially happy when I heard they were making a movie, but I wish they'd stayed closer to the series regarding character traits and storyline. I still refuse to watch the 2017 CHiPs movie because that seems even further from the series upon which it's based. To answer your question, you're free to like what you want. It doesn't make you less of a fan.
  10. And Jason's stepfather, Ernie Lively, was also in 'One Armed Bandits' as Dobro Doolan (he was credited as Ernie Brown). He later came back as Longstreet B. Davenport and Clyde the Guard.
  11. We'd prefer to steer people towards legitimate ways of viewing the show. When DaisyDukes posted this request in 2005, the region 1 DVD release of season 7 was still over a year away (and three years away for us region 2 viewers in Europe). You can now pick up the complete DVD box set of all seven seasons on sites like eBay for under $50, and it looks like Amazon Prime customers can watch Dukes for free with commercials. It really doesn't cost much to watch Dukes legally!
  12. I can't agree with you there, Skipper. Although I've had the occasional defective DVD, the pros far outweigh the cons. DVD offers much better picture quality, a lot more convenience for accessing scenes, and you don't have to rewind them! Besides that, there's the sheer bulk of VHS tapes. My complete Dukes DVD collection takes up about six inches of shelf space - on VHS it would take up about four feet.
  13. Kerry Dale Earnhardt is the half-brother of Dale Earnhardt Jr. He's just under five years older than Jr.
  14. Christine Belford, who played Arnie's mom in the movie, was in an episode on 'CHiPs' about three years earlier. Her character was married to a persistent drunk driver who ultimately ended up killing her in a crash. The reason I was reminded of this is that the guy who played her husband in 'CHiPs', Joshua Bryant, appeared in three episodes of 'M*A*S*H' as Margaret's occasional love interest Jack Scully, and I've seen two of those episodes in the past week. BTW. Christine Belford had long, dark hair in 'CHiPs', which she wore tied up - quite a contrast to the shorter blonde curls she had i
  15. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Small F1 hijack: Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton who equalled Michael Schumacher's record of 91 wins today. There's no recent news on Michael's condition following his skiing accident in 2013, but his son Mick presented Lewis with one of Michael's old helmets after the race. Mick is also a racer, and was due to drive an F1 car in one of the practice sessions on Friday, but they were called off due to bad weather. Hopefully he'll get a go at one of the remaining races.
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