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  1. Bo 17 Luke 18 Daisy 12 Jesse 15 Cooter 16 Rosco 8 Enos 14
  2. Yeah...Bo's right...Ive done it quite a few times... the only thing to remember is to give credit to the songwriter somewhere:)
  3. (Love) You Ain't Seen the Last of Me
  4. chat chat chat chat chat?

  5. You are always on my mind- Willie Nelson
  6. 02/26/10 10:00 PM 02/26/10 01:30 AM 02/27/10 02:00 PM They will be featuring both John Schneider's house and James Best's house....wish i got CMT:(
  7. You don't know who Ashley Tisdale is? You obviously have no teenagers in your house....High School Musical....Zack and Cody....etc etc....LOL
  8. They both are pretty good with voices actually.... and hearing Tom do a funny voice is hilarious because he seems so serious all the time....he actually can do Homer Simpson pretty well...and when I saw him in Chicago there is a scene where he is supposed to throw his voice and be talking as if he was Roxie Hart who sits on his knee like a dummy...and to me that never sounds like him either.... Unless I am mistaken, the tall skinny brother was John....and the shorter, wider brother was Tom.
  9. cuz if you want to meet Tom he will be in Dallas doing Chicago sometime soon....its a great way to meeet him and avoid the crowds

  10. hey you live anywhere near Dallas?

  11. http://www.rbr.com/tv-cable/tv-programming/20662.html
  12. Roger!!!!!!!! Yoooohooooo

  13. roger....roger...come in Roger

  14. I don't think there IS a wrong place to pray! Not in my book anyway.... I will keep you r father and your family in my prayers.
  15. AMEN! The fan-of-the-month honor could not go to a kinder person! Congrats cousin, you deserve it!
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