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  1. "Thuds and moans", the new chapter for you!! Hope you enjoy, and thanks thanks thanks for reading.
  2. Roger, you're GREAT, LOL. I also LOVE Christmas, and I love winter because of Christmas!! I'm going to post some pictures of Firenze... ehm... I mean Florence in Christmas. Be patient
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jmO8eCjX04 GREAT video-documentary: backstory of DOH. I think it fits into this thread.
  4. Just found on another Forum this test, really realistic and interesting, and I'd like to share it with you.. http://www.personalitylab.org/tests/bfi_self.htm My results (from 0 to 100): Extraversion: 11 (from 0 to 100)... I know I'm totally an introverted person. :-)) (high grade of introversion) High scorers tend to be sociable and outgoing. They prefer to be around people most of the time. High Extraversion is associated with being seen as more popular and more socially competent, having more friends and dating partners, being accident-prone, taking more study breaks, engaging in thrill-seeking and delinquent behavior, better performance in sales and management jobs, higher job satisfaction, earning a higher salary, having more leadership roles, attending more parties, exercising more frequently, belonging to a fraternity, playing a sport, smoking cigarettes, consuming more alcohol, and preference for hip-hop, soul, funk, electronic, rock, and heavy metal music. Low scorers tend to be reserved and serious. They often prefer to be alone or with a few close friends. Low Extraversion is associated with engaging in fewer risky behaviors. Agreeableness: 75 High scorers tend to be compassionate, good-natured, and eager to cooperate and avoid conflict. High Agreeableness is associated with being seen as more socially competent, with greater religiosity, greater willingness to help a stranger, and preference for pop, country, and religious music. Low scorers tend to be hardheaded, skeptical, proud, and competitive. They tend to express their anger directly. Low Agreeableness is associated with having more dating partners, with smoking cigarettes, and driving fast. Agreeableness usually increases with age. Women tend to score higher on Agreeableness than do men. Conscientiousness: 61 High scorers tend to be responsible and well-organized. They have high standards and work hard to achieve their goals. High Conscientiousness is associated with earning higher grades, scoring higher on verbal intelligence tests, better school attendance, spending more time studying and completing household chores, sleeping more, being more religious, better performance in most jobs, and exercising more frequently. Low scorers tend to act spontaneously rather than making plans. They may pay little attention to details, are not very well-organized, and can sometimes be careless. Low Conscientiousness is associated with risky behavior, disciplinary problems, being accident-prone, more job changes, consuming more alcohol, and receiving more traffic tickets. Conscientiousness usually increases with age. Neuroticism: 81 High scorers tend to be sensitive, emotional, and prone to experience feelings that are upsetting. High Neuroticism is associated with exercising more frequently. Low scorers tend to be secure, generally relaxed even under stressful conditions, and worry little. Low Neuroticism is associated with better physical and psychological health. Neuroticism usually decreases with age. Women tend to score higher on Neuroticism than do men. Openness to Experience: 82 High scorers tend to be open to new experiences. They have broad interests and are imaginative. High Openness is associated with earning better grades, scoring higher on general intelligence tests, playing a musical instrument, holding liberal political opinions, and with preference for rock, heavy metal, classical, jazz, blues, and folk music. Low scorers tend to be down-to-earth, practical, traditional, and pretty much set in their ways. Low Openness is related to earning a higher salary, and holding conservative political opinions. AND YOU?
  5. I also believe the guy with Sonny is Cam Cornelius. He really looks like the child of the song.
  6. It's from "Enos Strate to the top" Great episode, with the best Enos-Rosco scene ever (when Rosco says Enos goodbye at the end of the episode). I think I know every scene and frame taken from episodes having Enos as main character, I LOVE this thread!!!! These pictures recall me Hazzard as it was and why I've loved it so much (especially sweet Enos ).
  7. Just posted a new chapter, "Steaming soup". Hope you're going to enjoy it. Thanks for reading.
  8. The real friend is the one who talks of your mistakes to YOU. The fake friend is the one who talks of your mistakes to SOMEONE ELSE. I've read this lines somewhere, and it made me wonder.
  9. As usual!!! GREAT pictures!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm really impressed, and happy
  10. Just realized an italian, Luca Manfé, won U.S. Masterchef season 4. WOW!!!
  11. OK, if it's helpeful for you (and maybe for someone else), I'll announce my updates. I just thought that, since I update weekly (more or less), all these weekly announcements could be perceived like spam I don't want someone thinks I use this Forum's section in the wrong way (recently I'm updating really frequently, and I don't want to "annoy" people with my stories/new chapters). Hope you like the chapters you're going to read :-)
  12. I confess this is my FAVORITE picture EVER. I know this picture pretty well (it isn't the first time I see it), and I LOVE it. Totally Enos, that sweet and dreamy smile... I bet he's looking at Daisy, LOL.
  13. "Spying and analyzing", the new chapter. Thanks for reading. I don't know if I'm going to announce every chapter posted... I feel like spamming. I think I'm going just to announce the final chapter, so not bothering you anymore with all these announcements. You know where to find the story and you know what the story is about... so go and read it, . http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9191817/1/Shattered
  14. AAAAHHHH, casually re-read this topic. SO actual, to me, and SO sweet. I think it was the first thread I posted in. WOW, it brings me a lot of memories good memories, it was my "start" as fanfic writer.... 7 years ago!!!!! (but my passion for Enos and Daisy is always the same )
  15. AAWWWW, so sweet, and cute GREAT the picture of him in L.A., too. GREAT every picture of him, LOL. GREAT the thread, everything in it. THANKS
  16. GREAT thread revived: 1) I'm from Italy, and I've always lived in Italy. 2) I LOVE reading (I read read read read: Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Tolkien, John Fante, Jostein Gaarder, Milan Kundera, Thomas Mann, Henry Turtledove, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Abraham Jehoshua, David Grossman, Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Franz Kafka, J.D. Salinger, Francis S. Fitzgerald, Josè Saramago, Ed McBain, Luigi Pirandello, Fedor Dostoevskij, whereas I don't like stuff as Twilight, Harry Potter, 50 shades of grey, Stephen King, and various thrillers), and writing (just DOH's fanfic). 3) I'm a fan of anime, oriental movies, Japan. And I'm planning to create a Zen garden at my home. 4) I love winter, snow, and rainy days. 5) My favorite scent is roast chestnuts, and it's one of the reason why I love winter. 6) I love the sea, and going to the sea it's the only reason why I like summer. 7) I love listening to music, a lot of music (but not disco, metal, hard rock) 8) I like doing puzzles. 9) I like drawing, and when I was a child I spent all my time drawing... anime's characters. 10) My favorite movie, ever, is a French movie: Amélie. With the BEST kiss scene EVER ( ) and the best final EVER ( ) Definitively the kind of stuff I love!!!
  17. OOPPPSSS, Yesterday I posted the new chapter, "Confusing signals", but I forgot to announce it *face palm* OK, NOW, you know the chapter is up :-) Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.
  18. I was wondering if, beside behind the scenes pictures, you may find pictures of deleted scenes.
  19. THANKS to everybody who read this short one-shot, my old-style. WOW. Well, if so many people read this old-style one-shot of mine, I think it's time for a balance of my writing along the years. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1212726/ At the bottom of my profile page there's a poll: you can choose stories (max 4 stories) you've preferred. It's a way to understand if some stories stand out, so "catching" their inner soul and sense, and remembering to myself why and how I wrote them (in order to write better stories in the future). Please, answer the poll (though I don't know if not registered people can answer it ). And if you feel comfortable with it, leave a brief review to the story you liked the most, explaining me why you liked it so much (also not registered members can add a review). If an adequate amount of people answer the poll (adding a little review to explain their choice, it'd be great!!), it'd be REALLY useful to me, in order to write better and better stories in the future, stories meeting people's desires and tastes. Thanks.
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