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  1. Here we go.I'm going to find some good pictures on the Net (I've tried to add a larger image, but I'm not allowed to do it. How attach larger images???)
  2. Cathy is beautiful whatever she wears (in the show and behind the scenes)
  3. I'm trying to remember the episode with Daisy wearing that shirt... but I don't remember it. Cathy wore a lot of different clothes... I remember some of these clothes, whereas I don't remember some other ones. I don't remember the outfit of the picture. My *mumble mumble* means "I'm trying to remember it... but I can't". Probably she never wore that shirt in the show, but just for the picture.
  4. This is what I mean when I say I prefer Enos in episode like "Enos's last chance": his way to look at Daisy. So SWEET!! (and... yeah, when I write my fics, I think of THIS Enos).
  5. It's from "High octane", 5th episode from the first series (the last filmed in Georgia). To be totally honest, guys, I don't like very much the first series, especially the first episodes. At that time the show wasn't family oriented, and, in effect, the characters were more wild, harsh... and sometimes also a bit jerks. For example, in this episode Enos isn't Enos... not the Enos we learnt to know along the show: shy, naive, always smiling, a total gentleman with women. In this episode he is sort of... ehm... horny (?): I like a more adult version of him, but when I think of a mature version of him, I think of episodes like "Enos's last chance", where he's brave and prideful (but always sweet), and not THIS Enos, looking at women with lust. I want him to see Daisy (and just Daisy) with sweetness and devotion, not with lust. OK, sorry for this short rant
  6. I like this picture. I know some people don't like Coy and Vance (preferring Bo and Luke... I also prefer Bo and Luke, in effect), but I think the 5th series was pretty good.
  7. Found out this story just today (incredible) I liked it... though incomplete. A good start.
  8. Yeah, I was talking about Denver's cancer (it really makes you look worse and worse). BUT I don't want to slip into a sad conversation. THANKS, again, for these great pictures.
  9. You know, I really like this picture, but at the same time it saddens me. Denver/uncle Jesse was so slim (and ill)... and I miss Sorrell/Boss. This picture nearly makes me cry. In this one, I like Catherine's laugh.
  10. Posted the epilogue. "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right." Martin Luther King said so... but I think that uncle Jesse would totally say something like that, due to his sense of justuce, integrity and idealism (or, at least, it is the idea I have of uncle Jesse). And...in this epilogue, also part of an interview to Frank Serpico. Why Serpico? Well, if you've read the story, you should know it. I decided to use the meaningful words of some real persons, in this epilogue, in order to give a sense to everything I wrote of, and I hope you don't think of it as presumtuouos. It's just a fanfic about Hazzard and Enos Strate, but, entering the sense of his being a cop, I opened the story to a more wide sense. "I invent characters. At times I feel as if I am digging up people from the ice in which reality enshrounded them, but, maybe, more than anything else, it is myself that I am digging up." David Grossman It's my signature, isn't it? So, yeah, in this story there is not only my whole perspective of Hazzard and its characters, but also a lot of myself and my way of thinking of things. THANKS for reading!!!!!!
  11. AGAIN, after 3 years... Tolstoj. I think I really should read something of Tolstoj. GREAT old thread. UP!
  12. "Enos, YOU, DIPSTICK".... I sincerly think it's what he's saying, LOL In season 6 there's an episode where Enos, while festooning (? I don't know if it's the right verb) falls on a table full of cakes as Boss and Rosco enters the room... with obvious consequences (cakes everywhere, especially on Rosco and Boss). I'm pretty sure it's from season 6, but I don't remember the episode.
  13. Posted chapter 34 and, as promised, just the epilogue left. Thanks for reading.
  14. A so sweet and funny story! I remember it, I really liked it the first time I read it, and I like it even now. Compliments to Jamanda and their stories (I LOVED ALL of them, and I think it's also one of the reasons why I started to write fanfic). I want to remember them renewing this thread.
  15. Did someone ask a car chase? OK, chapter 33, "The chase", is up. Hope you enjoy. And... after this chapter, just chapter 34 and the epilogue. STOP, story finished
  16. YEAH!! You're right, like a flower goin' open. In effect, along the last year I REALLY feel my writing like a flower going open: I feel more free, and happy, and self-confident... I write just for the pleasure of writing... a big pleasure, as in the past. About "Shattered".... did you ask a car chase? well, you'll have a car chase, Hazzard style, in the next chapter... OOOPPPSS little preview.
  17. Just to let you know that... I've decided to transform this story into a multi-chaptered story, no more a one-shot. So, I posted a new chapter and other chapters will follow (after the end of "Shattered"), BUT I won't announce every new chapter posted. Sorry if I'm confusing you, I wrote it as one-shot but the basic idea liked me so much that... I've finally decided to use it for a long story.
  18. I prefer not to know what they could think. ... So embarrassing!!! Ehm.... if someone has some request (pictures he'd like to see "edited" my style... NOT M-rated pictures), send me the picture, and I'll try to edit it (I don't know if I'll able to do it, it depends of the picture, but I'll try).
  19. I agree about Enos' mentality: he seems not very happy to arrest the boys... but it's his duty. I think is from the first/second seasons, I agree, but I don't remember the episode ("Repo man"?).
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