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  1. Where’s going Luke? Enos saw the Duke running in the nearest building. Why? He tried to move, but his body didn’t react. Bo was talking to him, and the Deputy could see the fear in his eyes. “Enos..... take your eyes open. Com’on buddy. Try to breath slowly. Don’t move and breath slowly. The ambulance’ll arrive soon. It’s all OK. Don’t worry. Com’on, buddy, talk to me.†Enos was feeling like he was underwater, and everything was moving in slow-motion. A siren and a red blinking light approached; it looked like the light of his patrol car, but the siren sound different. He understood what’s happening; the man coming out the bank......., the shot....., the pain......., the fear in Bo’s eyes,..... and now the ambulance. He understood he was dying, but he was too young to die. Moreover, he couldn’t die without apologize to Daisy. He had to live. “Bo..... help me......; I’m so sorryâ€. The ambulance doors closed, and the ambulance went away. Bo’s hands were covered of blood, and he was unable to talk, shocked, as Luke. Uncle Jesse and Daisy got next to them; they were pale, and Daisy was leaning on Uncle Jesse arm. She saw the boold covering her cousin hand’s and the blood on the ground, and she fainted. Enos gun and hat lied near it.
  2. Enos saw Bo and Luke close to him, and he felt a pressure on his abdomen. He didn’t feel any pain, but he couldn’t move and the heat he felt at the beginning was now shifting in freezing cold. He could see that Bo was speaking to him, but he didn’t understand what he was saying; he felt like he was sinking in dark water. Meanwhile Daisy was crying in Uncle Jesse arms, unable to approach and help his friend (he was still his friend?)
  3. The robber came out the bank; he was his first robbery, and he had tought that a little town like Hazzard would have been an easy target. He suddenly saw the cop who was walking toward him, and he thought the cop was sent to arrest him. He feared cops and he wanted to escape, so he pointed the gun at the policeman. Enos saw the man coming out the bank, but he didn’t realize promptly what was happening; he was still thinking of Daisy. The deputy saw the gun pointed at him too late; he tried to extract his gun, but his moves were too slow ‘cause his headhache. A shot broke the silence of that shiny spring day. Enos felt a shooting pain in his stomach, and he fell on the ground. The robber disappeared, meanwhile Hazzard citizens approched to the figure in uniform that laid motionless on the ground. The Dukes, just arrived in town, saw everything. Bo, Luke and uncle Jesse ran towards their friend, but Daisy was incapable of moving, chilled with fear.
  4. A shiny day. A shiny spring day. Enos was wearing his uniform’s shirt. His face in the mirror was very tired. The night before he fought against his worst nightmare. Did Daisy love him? There was no answer. In his nightmares Daisy was in love with another man, and she was marrying him. The day before he had a row with Daisy about some fellas the Dukes helped to escape from prison, as usual. He shouted to Daisy that he was tired to be used by her family for their purposes, and he was tired to be treated as a puppet. He never yelled out his anger and he never said anything like that, but he was exasperated at the thousand (or pheraps million) times that Boss and Rosco accused him of incapacity. Daisy slapped him, her eyes full of anger and pain. That night, at home, Enos cried, and found rest only after two beers (something very unusual for him). It was a shiny day, a shiny spring day. But in the deputy’s heart there was only pain; and he was feeling sick. That morning Daisy was in a bad mood. Bo, Luke and uncle Jesse was staring at her, worried. Daisy was thinking about Enos and his behaviour; she was angry with him; he yelled to her, and she hated him for it. But she was also sad about that fight, ‘cause they were friends from the childhood. And, above all, she knew that Enos was right; she and her family used him for their purposes many times, taking advantage of his feelings for her (feelings that everyone in Hazzard knew). It was a shiny spring day, and the Dukes took the jeep to go in the city for some purchases. Daisy was worried; she was thinking about Enos and her slap. How to behave with him? She hoped not to meet him. Enos was reaching his job. He was walking in Hazzard streets, breathing deeply to clear his mind and to reduce the headache and the nausea. He hoped to meet Daisy; he had to apologize for yelling at her. He knew he was right, but he regretted his behaviour. Meanwhile a man was robbing Hazzard Bank, with a gun in his hand; something very easy to do without cops around. It was still a shiny day, but soon it would have became a very bad day. A very painful day for Enos, and a very sad day for Daisy.
  5. OOOK. Let's go. Finally, I've decided to post my first fanfic in this Forum. You'll find it in the Round Robin stories. It's a beginning of a possible story, and I need your help to go on. Come on, Enos writers. PS: Sorry for my English, a bit..... ...... telegraphic.
  6. Another japan animation fan. YATTA!!!!!!! :p
  7. In italian, "possum on a gambush" was translated "per tutti gli opossum" (something like "for all possums"). I think there isn't a perfect translation of "possum on a gambush" in any language. CiaO. PS for all Enos fans. Perhaps I'll post a new Enos fanfic in the Round Robin Series. I have an idea, but I have some difficult to go on with the story. So I need your help.
  8. I'm very happy there are so many Enos's fans out there. I love him since childhood, and now I'm 30 years old. He's shy, loyal, lovable. I like his smile and his eyes. Perhaps I'm too romantic. I'm a dreamer. It's so easy for me falling in love with characters of TV show, books and so on. I like more fictional characters than real people. Am I so strange? Reading your posts I think that I'm not so strange at all. I'm also writing a Enos-Daisy fanfic (what a imagination ). But I don't know if finally I'll post it or not. I'm too shy and my english is not so perfect (I'm italian). Sorry.
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