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  1. This is from "The ransom of Hazzard County", season 6; Boss "fires" Enos, "promoting" him to a civil job (responsible of archives or something like that) and hiring a new deputy (crooked deputy, of course) at Enos' place, and it's why you can see Enos wearing civil clothes along the most part of the episode.
  2. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Duke" Cute. It's the first time I see this picture. There is another picture, similar, black and white, with Enos/Sonny plus Bo/John and Luke/Tom, already posted.
  3. And the Oscar goes to... Beside my italian pride, it's really a great movie. Thanks to Paolo Sorrentino (and his sources of inspiration) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w7Mm1ez0fs
  4. Welcome. YEAHHH, someone else for Europe. I really like what you're saying here: "Dukes is still one of the most important influences on my life. The way of doing things - not always the most conventional, but finding a way to do something. The morals of the series have influenced so many of us." Really important and deep words.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Catherine!!! Buon compleanno, Cathy.
  6. Hey, I'm still here though I've been a bit silent, lately. Again, I can't help but saying you're doing a great job with these pictures. I'm planning to open a thread about Daisy's outfits along the series... if I find the time to do it. It's an idea I really like. (and you're inspiring me a lot with this thread). THANKS!!!!!
  7. Again, blue eyes. I still don't know what's the real color of Catherine's eyes. They're really shimmering: sometimes hazel, sometimes green, and now... blue? I don't think she wears colored contact lens (did colored lens exist in eighties?). So, I don't know if it's the light, or the picture, but I'm AMAZED of how shimmering her eyes are. Beautiful eyes, and beautiful woman THANKS for these pictures.
  8. Ehmmm.... a little clarification... My last post wasn't a bragging about myself (it isn't the reason why I wrote it). I know some writers have tons of readers and views (more than me), but I compare myself just to myself: the writer I am now to the writer I was in the past. And my joy is because I'm happy of the writer I've become now. And it's the most important thing, to me: being myself and keeping on writing, improving and "reaching" people with my writing. OK, just a little clarification. I don't want someone misunderstands the previous post
  9. And..... with a LOT of pride, and also a lot of surprise.... along this month I've had the hugest number, ever, of people reading my stories (thousands of views, Worldwide ), especially "Missed chance" (as if this story is bringing more and more readers also to my past stories). I'm totally AMAZED; I didn't believe that a so simple and slice of life story could be so appealing. There's always a huge discrepancy between people who read and people who review, but it doesn't matter, I'm used to it and along the years I've stopped to ask me why I'm so happy I want to share my joy with you (after all, I write for myself, OK, but also for people out there). Even if I'm not announcing every chapter posted, the story is still ongoin GRAZIE MILLE!!! Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu! I'm finally seeing the outcome of my "rebirth", whose "Missed chance" (after "Carry that weight" and "Shattered") is the final act. Am I happy? OOOHHH YEAH!!! In effect, it's been a long time since I've felt a so strong pleasure when I write, and I suppose people feel it.
  10. WHAT BEAUTIFUL LEGS!!!!! No, there's nothing wrong with her foot, she's simply "twisting" her ankle as she's standing. Not so strange, just a posture. (I also, sometimes, move the foot that way, keeping that posture, when I stand up ... but, unfotunately, I haven't her legs, LOL). The "twisted" ankle plus the way her hands are, it's a sign fo shyness, or insecurity. BUT this picture surprises me especially for her eyes; they look blue/green (more blue than green, here), whereas in other pictures they are green, or hazel-green. I love how their eyes turn from hazel to green to blue, due to the light around her. In this picture their eyes seem reflecting her top!!
  11. In "Strange visitor to Hazzard" Enos is doing the night shift. So, it's supposed he works both day and night, from time to time, and maybe the same for Rosco. (I don't think Boss would pay a rent-a-cop for the night; in the first episodes of the first series, Hazzard had several deputies, but just for few episodes; after then, just the sheriff and ONE deputy, except for the first episodes of the 4th series, when Cletus shares the patrol car with Enos).
  12. I'm pretty sure Sonny too had a wristwatch in the first episodes of the 4th series. A different watch but a wristwatch, just for one episode (he's driving the patrolcar, whereas Cletus is by his side, and after the chase they fell into the pond (as usual, ROFL). I'm going to try to find the picture. And, if I don't get wrong, James usually have a wristwatch during the show (especially in the first series). OK... go start the watch's research :-)
  13. I've started last year, 2013, rewriting my old stories, and it was really useful to me. Thanks of this rewriting, I managed to write the stories I more proud of: "Carry that weight" and "Shattered". I don't know if they are really good stories (I can't judge my stories in an objective way), but I'm really proud of writing them because I think in these stories there's my final "perspective" of Hazzard, a perspective I developed along years. I'm proud of "Carry that weight" and "Shattered" also 'cause they were written after I decided to free myself by things I felt choking me: I value just one thing, in life, and it's honesty, especially honesty in human relationships, honesty to ourselves and honesty to others. I've realized I can't choke my emotional pattern in order to please others, 'cause it's not honest to myself not to others. I've realized that l can't lie, 'cause lies destroy everything: if someones lies to you, and you found out his lie, you won't be able to trust him anymore, everything else he'll say or everything he's said previously, for you, will be a lie (even if it isn't). If you lose the trust in people, there's nothing else left. "Carry that weight" and "Shattered", so, are not only my final perspective of Hazzard, but also a collection of MY emotional pattern (I've wondered a lot about trust, idealism, honesty, friendship, family, justice and so on, in these stories). Now, with "Missed chance" I'm simply having fun, I admit: a collection of dreams, flashbacks and new scenes. For sure it's a story more simple than "Carry that weight" and "Shattered"... unless I'll decide to complicate it I want to THANK people who have supported me along these years. I write to have fun, but I love the idea some people out there are reading my stories along years and they are enjoying them. I hope I'm going to enjoy you, again and again. Along my life, I've always heard: "It's just a book"... "It's just a story"... "Focus on real life". But, for me, a book, a story, can be much more thank JUST a book; there's a power in some books that can really change your life and perspective in life, teaching you a LOT of things (I have to thank some books, and writer, because of what they gave to me). I think it's why I usually look for a sense every time I read a book or I watch a movie, the plot tout court doesn't satisfy me. My dreams: I'd like that some of you will find in my stories a bit more than a Hazzard's fanfic, but a way to reflect himself into the story (saying "hey, it's true. It happened I felt this way, I recognize this feeling and the sense in it"); I'd like that some of you, from time to time, will need to re-read some old stories (or some chapters) just to find a good emotion along some bad days in real life (a sort of life-boat); I'd like some of you will feel the urge to write a story, his story, because he's found the beauty and the power of writing. Maybe my dreams are a bit "high"... but dreaming is free, so I can have "high" dream. If I gave to just ONE of you what I hope, it'll be enough, to me. THANKS TO YOU ALL (I wrote this long note also on my profile page, on FF.net, and I'm reposting it here 'cause I want my gratitude will reach you all . Beside, after annoying you with all my announcement, here, I have to show you my gratitude). (Oh my, I think that, growing old, I'm becoming too much emotional... and wordy... *face palm*)
  14. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9644306/5/Missed-chance GGRRR... I think there's something wrong goin' on with FF.net: the story is up on the page, 'cause just updated, but it seems no new chapter has been posted (as if I reposted chapter 4 ). So, here, the link to the "hidden" chapter (for people who are eager to read it. Are there people eager to read it?) EDITED: now things seem working, and the chapter is shown perfectly. *face palm*... I should be more patient...but
  15. LOL, You're right. But I like to "play" with pictures, changing them into something never seen.
  16. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9644306/4/Missed-chance I wish you all a Merry Christmas with your family and friends. I wish you peace and joy with people you love. I wish you find the Christmas' spirit; I wish you're going to spend your time with your family and close friends, in armony and serenity; and don't forget to remember also people who aren't anymore with you. This is my little gift for you. (it's a new chapter of "Missed chance", I'm announcing it, in this Christmas Eve, simply 'cause it's a Christmas chapter... and if you haven't read the story, yet, this chapter can somehow stand alone). It's my view of Christmas Eve at the Dukes' farm. Hope you enjoy!! And... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  17. Think of the Dukes at the farm, Christmas' evening. Just a drabble, exactly 150 words, just to "paint" an image. My only and last drabble. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9927246/1/Their-eyes A preview of an upcoming new chapter of "Missed chance" (even if I don't announce every new chapter posted, it doesn't mean I'm not writing, LOL). And for Christmas, I'm planning to bring up my "fan-art" Are you ready?
  18. A really young Catherine. I think it was before her role as Daisy Duke. Sexy but not vulgar picture. And now, sweet Sonny! I love his shy smile in this picture.
  19. OK, I try. Here some picture of Enos (hope not already posted... I don't remember every picture posted here ) AND IT WORKS!!!! THANKS ROTH... ...and an applause for me!! Now, I'm going to find good pictures here and there on the Net.
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