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  1. He's totally him From this picture (taken from Sonny's page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/actorsonnyshroyer?fref=ts)
  2. From time to time... I recall also pictures, beside fanfic, LOL Hope you enjoy it.
  3. OK, chapter 32 is posted, and we are really close to the end. WOW. I'm a bit tired, so tiring writing a so long story. UFF. Anyway, I'm glad the story is coming to an end , and I hope you've appreciated my effort. I hope you're liking it. THANKS again to everybody's reading my last long story (I don't know if in the future I'll write again something so long... I prefer one-shots )
  4. Find Loretta Lynn. I can recognize Daisy's blue t-shirt (look carefully, it's the same blue outfit we were talking of some time ago ). I remember Boss' face (but I don't remamber why that face) and I remember that, when Loretta sings, Daisy is between Boss and Enos. Thanks AGAIN for this thread and pictures. I LOVE it.
  5. "One Daisy per summer" summary: Daisy arrives in Los Angeles to drive in the Baja Auto Race as Enos and Turk rush to save her from involvement with diamond smugglers. I'm pretty SURE that picture is from that episode.
  6. This is from the episode "A Daisy per summer": Enos meets Daisy, in L.A. for... a car race (? I don't remember it very well).
  7. Glad to announce chapter 31 is up. The story is almost over, I think just 2 or 3 chapters left (more or less). THANKS to everybody's reading it... YEAHHHHHH Hope you enjoyed it.
  8. Ehmmm... I usually have manga/anime as desktop. Or japanese stuff
  9. THANK YOU!!!! If you don't mind, I'd like to post some pictures of Enos/Sonny in the "Enos Strate - devoted page" on FB, with a link to this thread (I've already linked this thread, but I can link it again and again). People are enjoying Enos/Sonny rare pictures!!!
  10. The story is now complete!! So, YEARS after dixierebel started this challenge, I finally wrote this story... the idea was so intriguing I couldn't miss this chance.
  11. Yeah, you posted Cathy with that outfit, somewhere. I remember it. But it isn't an outfit she used during the show... if I don't get wrong.
  12. Chapter 30 is up... since Yesterday (but I forgot to announce it ). OK, about this chapter, a "gore" nightmare at the end (just a nightmare, don't worry, a symbolic nightmare). Just FEW chapters left to the end.
  13. Thank you Roth!!! It's INCREDIBLE that you re-newed this thread today, 'cause I'm writing a short story (just 2 chapters) having Enos accidentally drunk (he drunk Bo's cocktail, LOL). I've had the idea thank to this thread. It's a funny story. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9770031/1/Chocolate-cocktail Hope people enjoy it. It's the first chapter.
  14. A new chapter is up. "An ambulance's siren" Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoying it.
  15. Just re-watched the scene. In effect, Rosco hugs Enos, but the scene is from a different perspective then the picture. So, I suppose it's a picture of the scene but... not of the scene as we watch it in the show
  16. One of the final scene of "Enos Strate to the top". Enos is leaving Hazzard to reach LAPD, and Rosco is saying him goodbye, so showing his affection for his "dipstick". GREAT scene.
  17. You're right. Catherine never wore that top during the show. If you look carefully at the picture, you can notice a ringer on her left hand (it seems a wedding ring). John has a watch on his left wrist and a bracelet on his right one; his shirt too is different from his usual shirts along the show. Just Tom is the same than on the show. I think it's a pictures taken at the time of the show, first or second series (because of their age and look) but not behind the scene because of their outfit.
  18. It's the first time I see this picture. GREAT. I don't remember Daisy ever wearing that outfit.
  19. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9743528/1/Our-friendship A moonshiner, son of moonshiner. A cop, son of moonshiner. They were close friends, but how to be still friends when one of them decides to cross the line separating moonshiners and Law? Why did Enos decide to become a cop, and how did Luke react to his best friend's decision? For the ones who're reading "Shattered", yeah, the fight between Enos and Luke because of Enos' decision to become a cop is "summed up" in the chapter "Water's circles". When I wrote that chapater I was planning to add, at some point, that fight as a long flash-back, but along the story I've decided to put this idea aside (there's no need of this long flashback). So, if while you're reading this story, you start to wonder where you already read this idea... you're right, you already read a hint of it in "Shattered". For the ones who aren't reading "Shattered", there's NO need to read it in order to read this one-shot, 'cause it stands alone. For everybody: I usually write of Enos and Daisy, but lately I'm enjoying to try to explore not just Enos/Daisy relationship but also Enos/Luke/Bo/uncle Jesse one. This one shot is centered on Luke and Enos (though at the end... uh, you'll see), and I hope I'm not going to disappoint Luke's fans. THANK YOU FOR READING :-)
  20. I think this isthe best picture I took. You can see the Christmas tree. And behind the tree... the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, with the Brunelleschi's famous dome. Here the inside of the dome: I like the Christmas tree near Santa maria del Fiore, even now, lloking at this picture, I'm smiling. (click on the pictures to see them larger). Here some various other pictures:
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