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  1. morgan


    On 24th I saw my first Take That concert! It was amazing, 2 hours of music, dance and fun!
  2. morgan

    Nascar Race

    Could you please post the link for the video?
  3. morgan

    Criminal minds

    In the dvd box of the 1st serie there are some good extras!
  4. Here's good, weather apart. I'm preparing for the next BADmeeting (the meeting of Bryan Adams italian fans)
  5. I have the 2 reunions, too. Ps: I was only joking
  6. Welcome! The 7th Season is out from about the end of January
  7. morgan

    Criminal minds

    Anyone here watches the serie? I like it and I find that Matthew Gray Gubler is very very good!
  8. morgan

    CSI : Last Night

    Well, probably I'll see that episode only next year but..we know that Grissom is a quite strange man
  9. I don't like them, but the episodes are not so bad
  10. Only a little sadness, but it's worst when I think that it finished 22 years ago
  11. Welcome! It seems there are lots of new entry in the last days!!
  12. As Waylon said..."welcome to Hazzard County"!
  13. As you said me one time, John busted his anckle, too, in the episode with the alligator
  14. Yeah! I received today my orange hat with "01" with John's autograph and a Bo's photo with sign, too! I ordered them on John's official site!!
  15. morgan


    I like Doc, too and I like Billy Ray: I have some of his songs and they're really good. Unfortunately, the most of time they show it is in the morning during the week, only some times is in the week end.
  16. I read about the low budget, due to the fact that the serie haven't the same success of the 1st ones. Maybe another reason can be that, using models, they could create an always more high jumps
  17. morgan

    Johnny Cash

    Thanks. I found lots of songs, but haven't downloaded all yet. I don't look Nascar racing, here in Italy their not so popular (I prefer Formula 1), maybe I heard the songs in some shows but didn't know who sang them.
  18. morgan

    Johnny Cash

    On Sunday, I was downloading from internet some Johnny Cash songs and I wondered 'cause I knew a pair of them. Strange, 'cause I didn't know him before to re-discovered myself an Hazzard fan: one is "Ring of fire" and the other "Hurt" (I think): do you know where I could have hear them? maybe they are some movies soundtrack?
  19. I'm very sorry for you; I lost my mum last year in June. We had a quite good relationship, we lived together with my dad, too, but we surely haven't that type of relation we see on tv and in Dukes stories. There's nothing you can do to cancel what it has been, so don't be angry for that, it's unuseful. Remember the good things that, i'm sure, you had together even if only for once time. And, if you don't like to talk...write, on a paper, on a blog: it helps, believe me. Bye
  20. I like that episode, too, especially when Bo asks to Roscoe (or Boss, don't remember) if he thinks that he could knock himself to kid them
  21. I don't think it was a mistake, maybe the only wanted to underline the funny side of the thing that Bo thinks they're often in trouble. But...who can know that?
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