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  1. Thanks for the infos. Wow, losing his mother in a car crash is an incredible sad coincidence with the past of his character in the DOH. Even if the background story of their parents was never written down, Tom Wopat must have heard of it; I wonder what he thought. Daisy if you could provide me some links, whenever you can of course, I'd love it, I'm interested in knowing more about Tom Wopat.
  2. I've never heard this story about Tom Wopat, could you explain why he was raised by his father (I think his mother was not there, at least that's what I understand from your words, sorry if I'm wrong). And also, does anybody have links to Tom's interviews or to sites that share some info about his life? I find every kind of info about John Schneider, but almost nothing about Tom. Thanks.
  3. Mmm, Carnival of Thrills (part 1)?
  4. hope to talk to you sometime

  5. Funny topic... Today was my day off work and I wanted to sleep until late, but, alas, I guess I'm too used to get up early so i did the same today. I had breakfast (i never have it on work days, bad i know!), did some cleaning, had lunch, prepared some papers for tomorrow's work, went to the doctor (sigh), went to the mechanic garage (not like our own Cooter sadly) to get my car that has been repaired, came back home, had a shower, had dinner and here I am...going to bed soon I guess...It's raining here! All in all i guess it's not been a special day, but i'm grateful everything's ok :-)
  6. Edit: sorry I hadn't read the previous post about signing up for the game, so i deleted the answer!
  7. Oh well, ok then. :-) I saw a pic of him at 15, when I guess he didn't dye his hair yet, and he wasn't brunette, just light brown, that's why i was saying that.
  8. Thanks for your advices, i'll try both things.
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