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  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that
  2. Wow, it HAS been a long time since I was here! Since then I have.... -Started my first high-school -Started a new high-school -Started 10th grade -Started 11tg grade -Started 12th grade -Graduated from high-school -Will attend a technical college in January of 2010! It truly has been a long time and I want to thank those who have been with me through all of these years! Who have seen me grow from a teenager to bonafide adult, thank you!
  3. my cat buddy has passed away, mom put him down this afternoon. He died of cancer. Buddy was more than a pet, he was my companion, my brother, my friend but most of all somebody I loved. This morning when I woke up he crawled up onto my chest and started to pur. The vet said he was in alot pain and there was alot of tumor in his stomache. I'm in shock right now and I feel numb, sick to my stomach but most of all sad. On the good side I know he'll be watching over me in heaven and looking out for me. I hate myself for not seeing his pain and not being able to do a thing about it until it was too late. God, please keep Buddy happy until my time comes, please let him know that I loved him very much and I still do and will continue to. Also let him know that we're going to miss him but treasure his memory.
  4. Seriously, you wonder who pays these people to put that kind of crap on the costume
  5. I turned the volume up a little too loud...
  6. Hahaha they should do it for all flying characters.
  7. No this was at school and they didn't give us anything to wash it all down execpt for a drinking fountain
  8. Yeah, I'm sick with a cold and I woke up early this morning and heard one infomercial end and then another came on and I heard this "Hi, I'm John Schneider and I'm here to tell you about...." Dang, Good way to wake up and feel a little bit better
  9. I had this sung last year on my birthday for 9th grade day graduation. I just found this again and I'm absolutly nostalgic now. Here it is Seasons of Love from the movie Rent
  10. Chet, I am a special needs student that goes to a high school with the words: "False happiness" and "I neglect the emotional needs of my students" written all across the school. The only thing they care about is getting the best rating, to be #1 in all the schools across the state. If they knew what was really going on behind the scenes then they would stop focusing on grades and start focusing on discipline. I have a couple kids behind me that swear every other word that comes out of their mouths and if they're not doing that, they are talking about how much drugs they take, how many people they've has sex with or the many times they've been drunk. The kids also find time to smart-mouth MY problems that I have very little control over, call my friends; who are mentally retarded; Osama bin laden and other terrorists who have hurt the USA. So Chet, I kind of have a right to complain about what's going on. Also Chet you are what? 20? I have friends who are 20 yeras old and still go to high school.
  11. Hmmmm let me see here True life (MTV) Little people, Big world (TLC) America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC, various) Dukes (Of Course ) Fairly Oddparents Suite Life Of Zack & Cody Roseanne Family Guy Futurama Cowboy Bebop Any Documentaries on TV that pertain to Disabilities. I think thats it.
  12. Funny, I take sleeping pills to help me fall asleep at night and I had read this post and thought that there would be something stupid on the side of the pill bottle. There was. It said "May cause dizzyness or drowsiness" Yeah... It's a sleeping pill it's suppose to do that It also said "May impair your ability to drive" No kidding. I do NOT want to drive to dreamland
  13. Just goes to prove that people who live in the mid-west have absolutley nothing to do and therefore make really disgusting food products
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