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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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This seems like a screencap, but why would they screencap something where you can clearly see the hole in the roof?



I can't really figure out from where they took this one, I guess it's Hazzard Square but I can't find it.



Two page ad for the Dukes? :o



Tom in what seems to be a Dukes inspired shoot instead of a behind the scenes picture.


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Keep in mind that most of the photos you see aren't actually 'screen caps' or any image seen through the film cameras they shot the show with.  They are taken by the on-set still photographer.  Most likely the photographer is someplace just to the side of the actual film camera.  If you compare, you'd see that even recognizable scenes from the show in these pics are from a slightly different angle that what you see in the episode.  This is also where you get many of the behind the scenes pics and pics of the actors that seem slightly out of character, or standing still just before a take (sometimes wearing sunglasses).




This seems like a screencap, but why would they screencap something where you can clearly see the hole in the roof?

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Got it! That explains it. Although I've seen the hole in the roof also on the moving images.


Yes, I also have seen a shot in the Boar's nest where you can see the end of the wall.  Those things do make it into the final cut sometimes, but not as often as in the stills.  Still photographers rely on somebody else to pick the shots that will be released, and they assume that person won't pick something that reveals too much.

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You see it in the boars Nest way more often then other interiors. I guess it's because the sloping roof is so low.


A promotional shoot from SuperTeen.



Is that a cannon in the back? I remember an episode where there was a sort of cannon placed a little higher at a cemetery at the ending of an episode. I forgot the episode bui I thought it was in season 7?



Boss says no.



Is this from a still photographer?


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The car is a late '70s/early '80s Chevy Malibu (it's difficult to tell the year with the grille missing and the other damage). I can't think which episode it's from, but I'll let you know if I remember.

The car in question is a 1979 Chevy Malibu, I deduced it by the placement of the headlights because the headlights are not part if the grille itself as evidenced by the line of body paint separating the headlight from the center grille as seen here:


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I think this is at the Valencia Oaks movie Ranch looking at Lukes age.




This must be at Disney's Movie Ranch.



Preparing for a jump in Season 7.



Last episode of the last season. :/ Also, beside this being quite a good picture you can see the guy who played the double for Cooter walking into the Boars Nest.

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56 minutes ago, Roth Potter said:

There is no way I'll ever understand this.. I use all bbcodes like normal and it just doesn't work.

The new forum software doesn't use BBCode. Just paste in the image location without the IMG tags. Press Enter, and the image should appear. I still prefer the Preview method, but it's not going to happen.

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Before I post the new pictures, I have so far posted 1868 pictures in total so I've kind of lost track of what I have and have not posted. Yes everything I post I put in a different folder but this is no guarantee I find another picture or the same one again after I forgot how one looks like. If you see any pictures which are the same and are not quite a bit larger then the previous one please tell me. That way I can remove a double post. Of course for older posts all this will do is remove a picture but if you see any picture I post starting from this post I will make sure I edit the post to post another picture.


If I had a smartphone or tablet I´d make sure I use this one as my background. :p



A promotional picture of Boss.




Staying with the red theme, a promo picture of Daisy.



A General Lee in what I think is the Valuzat's workshop.


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