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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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I don't know what episode this was but it definitely is in Chicasaw County.

Sorry Roth, it's not Chickasaw, it's Hazzard. They're standing in front of the Hazzard Square Bakery which replaced the hardware store for 'Cletus Falls in Love' in season 4. I posted a couple more shots from the episode, including the candy store next door where the Post Office should be, over in the Hazzard Square thread.


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Thank you! :-P


And in this corner! You probably know the rest. :wink:


I don't think I've seen any of the pictures on here before.

Interesting that the roof on Boss his Caddy is closed.


One of the best episodes for stunts and overall.

I wonder if that Ambulance was the real back-up one or used as a prop only.


Original from babyjanecollectibles on ebay.

Is this event at a Dukes set?

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I don't think I've seen any of the pictures on here before.

Interesting that the roof on Boss his Caddy is closed.

I think the roof on Boss's Caddy is only seen closed twice. Once in the Atlanta scenes in 'Daisy's Song', and once pulling up in Hazzard Square after the filming moved to California (I can't remember the episode, but I think Cooter was returning the car after fixing something). What I find more interesting is the lack of horns on the hood. The horns were already in place for 'Daisy's Song', so I don't know where this picture came from. The inclusion of Daisy's Jeep means the coloring book must date from mid-season 2 or later (the copyright date is 1981, which would cover up to about halfway through season 4).

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Thanks guys. :)


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

I wonder why the car would be parked half inside a building if this is a promotional shot.


Daisy P. Coltrane :wink:

From the episode 'Targets: Daisy and Lulu'.


John in 'Christmas comes to willow Creek'.


I believe this is from 'The Great Santa Claus Chase', the christmas episode.

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Welcome to HazardNet pkoorse, good to have you here. :tup:


Flash must be hungry!


I think this is at Lake Sherwood.

Anyone knows who the guy on the left is? I've seen him some more. first I thought it was Al Wyatt Jr, but I don't think that's him.


Uncle Jesse in the farmhouse.

I think i posted a similar picture before but in smaller format.


Byron with the director?

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Thank you Roger. :)

TJP, I think your posting in the wrong thread.


For some reason I think this is taken at the Boars Nest, don't know why.

I'm sure it's from Georgia as I don't remember ever seeing the brown rollcage in California.


Down to the other side of the series.

Looks like Valencia Oaks to me so late season 5 tot somewhere season 7. I think middle to late season 6 a the farm.


I believe I posted a picture before similar to this one but not showing Enos in jail. Anyone recall the episode this was in? or was it a photoshoot with the Checkers game?


Titled as 'givingenosabadge'. I don't have a clue from when this was as when Enos came back from his own show they didn't wear the black jackets. Must be from a different time when he was fired for half an episode.

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Thanks for the interest! :D

In honor of James Best I got a few pictures of him.

James and Denver in front of the Boars Nest.


A smily Rosco on Hazzard Square.


Recording on Laramie street? The picture is named cameronreagan. I don't know who it is.


Daisy kissing Rosco unexpectedly. This picture is from Catherine's Twitter feed just after she heard James Best died.


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You can't always have big pictures. Here in the Netherlands we have a saying "wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weerd" This sort of means "Who doesn't honor the small things isn't worth the big things" I hope that makes sense.


He surely is sitting somewhere, but if it is Boss his caddy or any random bench I don't know.

Vance on some hay bales.


"Breaky Breaky, is er iemand staandebij??" Thats Dutch for the long riddle Cooter always uses.


I wonder how many takes it took for him to grab that thing that way without all the 'siege?' falling out.


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Nice forum upgrade meadowmufn, I even found the unread posts within a minute which I could not on the other forum using this software. :tup:




Jimmy on the set. I believe this is in Georgia.



The man in the background looks like Paul Baxley, but what would he be doing there?



Who could be in this corner?



This picture is named 2 rare magazine posters. I only saw this one and could not find the other one.  :(

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My best guess is that this is taken during the 'Welcome, Waylon Jennings' episode. Could have been any other occasion as well though, I never heard of them speak of seeing Waylon often on the DVD extra's or YouTube Videos.

I heard from Knight Rider that the voice of KITT and David Hasselhoff only met like once a year which could be the same occasion here.



I'm surprised they used a behind the scenes shot as the front of the puzzle.



Behind the scenes at a photoshoot? Never seen her in this shoot with her mouth slightly opened.



Just thought I should add this one as well. :)

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