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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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Pretty nice for a studio shoot!


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

It just doesn't feel right seeing Flash without Rosco.


I don't think I have seen miss Leona (Janet Meshad) without her glasses before.

They all seem to be having a great time beside Sorrell, this photomust have been taken at the wrong time for him.


Yes, I posted this one before but this time it has no watermark.

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I had some problems logging in yesterday, that's why I did not post any pictures.


Looks like this is in front of Cooter's Garage.


As seen in one episode, the jail which you see hereis bigger then you would expect. I forgot the name of the episode this was shown.


I don't know if these two here are behind the scenes pictures.


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Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

I once posted a picture like this before but in way worse quality.

This is clearly on Midwest street in front of the court house.


Some of these pictures look like screencaps, but the quality is way better then what we know from the DVDs.


One of the most known jumps of General Lee found on the internet.

I wonder what the stuntman must think if the car has so much roll.


When I saw the pig lying on the table I though this must be from the episode with HH Harkness (Gold Fever) turns out he wears that bib in that episode so this must be from that. Take inside the Boars Nest.

Does anyone know if there is actually some sort of list on which we can see what Dukes set was in what soundstage?

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Looks like they are about ready for action.


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

I wonder if they shaved their legs for this.


Rehearsing the scene? I wouldn't know otherwise why they would be looking at Cletus before he hit the lamppost, it doesn't look like he has supposedly hit it yet.


I like the more calm Cooter owning his own garage more then this one.

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Thanks Roger!


I don't know why but it looks like they just shot a scene.


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

I think this is the first time I see that light hanging in the hallway, and it looks like it is also the end of the set


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

Looks like they are rehearsing a scene as Cathy got a jacket on.


Anyone wants a signed picture?

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I remember they pulled the window down so Rosco got stuck in it but I got no idea in which episode that is.


Lori Comfurt player by Lori Lethin is in the back of General Lee.

Here you can easily see this is from early in the show as the rollbar doesn't have that foam around it.

Unfortunately, I don't have any more pictures. When I do find one I will post it immediately. Sometimes I find a large batch meaning I can post a few days. We'll see how much there is to be found.

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I have a feeling this man is a stuntman and drove Daisy's roadrunner. You can see some damage too the rear fender. I don;t remember a scene where they drove into her car at that place.

Anyone got a clue from which episode this could be?

The wide open field suggest to me that this is at Lake Sherwood.


Bad John.

I have posted a picture before of these people together, but in that one John isn't studying the Female atonomy.

Somewhere in Georgia.

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I don't know why the last picture disappeared as it is still on my Flickr, account. Here it is again then.



I'm not sure which episode they were advertising.


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

I think this is from the episode 'Carnival of Thrills'.


Original from ebay user greenjeepwrangler.

This is from the episode 'Gold Fever' were Daisy is dressed as a French maid to be the servant of a private dinner in the Boars Nest.

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I'm not sure which episode they were advertising.

My first guess was 'Southern Comfurts' because of the "rich relatives". That was the last episode in season 2, and was first shown on March 21, 1980. Also shown on that same night was the 'Dallas' season 3 finale 'A House Divided', which is the infamous episode where J.R. gets shot.

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What do you mean track down? it's from one of the collector cards you could collect in the 80s, the scene you see is the final jump in the episode 'Carnival of Thrills' part 2, which is is episode two of season three.

If you want that card you could try to buy a set via ebay

I already have the card, I want to track down an 8x10 photo / 35 mm slide / or digital file of this particular scene.

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Boss faking his brother.

The next 3 pictures are from ebay user greenjeepwrangler so credits go to him.


This is a picture from a famous shoot, but I never saw this picture.


could this be the reason we only saw her ones in this outfit?


This must be from 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke'.

kcowley1 "I am greenjeepwrangler" on Ebay.

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I forgot from which episode this was.


From The Everything Dukes of Hazzard Related Tribute Page on Facebook.


for some reason I think this was not a promotional picture.


from filming of 'Mary Kaye's Baby'.

The blue car should be just right of this picture.

Sonny, James and the film crew are watching John and Tom take a shot.

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