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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Looking back at him, the man snickered evilly. Once arriving to their hideout, which was close to Georgia oddly enough, the two of them grabbed Bo, one got his bound feet while the other got his bound hands, and carried him into the basement. Kicking open the door, they walked down the stairs half way then pitched him down the other half, both of them laughing. Turning, they walked back up the stairs and shut the door, locking it.

The tallest of the men walked over to a table and chair near a window, sitting down with a heavy sigh. He looked over a map and a list of cities and towns, marking off the one they just hit. Looking down the list, he circled the last one.

"Which one's next?"

The other man asked, as he flipped through a newspaper reading the local news.

"A small hick town called Hazzard..."

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Bo had had the wind knocked out of him when he hit the contrete floor. He felt a couple of ribs crack from the impact of hitting the floor, but thanks to him being gaged, he wasnt able to cry out.

When he did catch his breath and the pain subsided, he looked around, seeing the basement was pretty much empty. And even though it had been nice and warm outside, the basement was cold.

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The two robbers got on the phone upstairs, they called out to a friend in Atlanta to have him come to the hideout to watch Bo, making sure somehow, he didn't escape or find a way to get help. With their buddy on the way, the two of them headed out of the hide out on a mission. Walking over to their car they waited.

It was about an hour when the other man arrived, stopping the car, he shut it off and climbed out, looking at the other two men.

"Now, why on earth do you need me here?"

He asked perplexed. The other two looked between each other, letting out an exasperating sigh.

"We picked up a little 'baggage' on the way outta town..."

They both jerked their heads in the direction of the basement. Nodding, the other man walked around them and went inside, taking a seat on the torn up sofa.

The other two shook their heads and got in their car, pulling out, they headed for Hazzard County.

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In Hazzard, a one Luke Duke was walking up the sidewalk towards the bank, his head hung watching his feet, one boot going in front of the other. His hands shoved in his tight jean pockets, he let out a saddened sigh, only snapping his head up when he heard panicked cries from the bank. Looking up, his eyes lingered on a couple of men who had sacks full of money.

The two of them jerking off their masks, slung the money in the back of their get away car, looking up. Seeing the stunned look on the brawny dark haired man's face, they both gave each other frustrating looks.

"This is getting old..."

One of them muttered as they both climbed in and burned rubber once more for the third time that day, stopping right by Luke. The robber on the passenger side held a gun out of the window pointing it at Luke.

"Get in plow boy..."

He growled. Luke looked at him, his hands held high, side stepping to the back door of the car, Luke slowly opened it, his eyes not leaving the colt that followed him. Sitting down in the seat, Luke closed the back door, his adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed hard, looking hard at the two of them. The one in the passenger seat turned around and still held him at gun point.

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Shaking his head, Bo tried to make sense of the things he was remembering, but couldn't piece any of it together yet. Sighing some, he tried to get free again, this time getting lucky when he found a sharp piece of steel nearby.

Whimpering in pain from his broken ribs, Bo managed to scoot close enough to the steel to start cutting the ropes. After a few tries, he managed to cut through the ropes, freeing himself.

Once he was completely untied and the gag was off, Bo got to his feet, one arm going over his aching ribs. Looking around, he tried to find a way to escape. Seeing the windows there were barred up, he settled for trying the door.

Climbing up the stairs, he turned the nob, finding it was locked. Sighing, he sat on the top step, figuring the crooks would be back to open the door later.

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When the robbers did return, They grabbed Luke, tying him and gagging him same as they did Bo. shoving him in the back sharply, they snapped at him to go on. Once inside the other man looked at him and pointed at the door to the basement, giving a small nod, indicating Bo had gotten free and was waiting. Nodding the other two quickly opened the door and gave Luke a hard shove, causing Luke to trip over Bo and cause them both to take a tumble down the stairs.

With each thud came a groan from Luke's lips as he finally stopped rolling at the bottom of the stairs, feeling something warm beneath him though. Rubbing his eyes painfully, Luke blinked his cerulean eyes, looking around once his vision cleared.

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Rolling off of what he felt under neath him, Luke groaned more, his back aching, pain shot through his head ad whole body as he shook his head a little. When he looked up the sight he saw made him blink, doing a double take.


He studdered shockingly, staring at Bo. His eyes wide as dinner plates. He did a quick scan of Bo seeing just how much he had changed over the years.

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Luke sat down, rubbing his chin deep in thought. Looking up at the door, Luke got up and quietly climbed up the stairs, looking through the keyhole on the door knob, he watched the three men move around, hearing their muffled voices.

"We'll leave tomorrow morning...you stay here and watch those two, when we get back...we'll take care of them."

One of the men had said. Smirking to himself, Luke went back downstairs to where Bo was, a plan forming.

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