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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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  • 2 weeks later...

As Luke walked up behind Lori, he nodded slowly extending his calloused hand to the older man.

"Yes sir we are, we're the Dukes. The names Luke Duke and sittin' in there, the wise old man with the red cap that's our uncle Jesse, and the girl beside him is our cousin Daisy. The grease monkey," Luke said with a light chuckle despite his current mood," Is Cooter Davenport and youve already met his cousin Lori...they're friends of the family... that's our cousin in there sir, Bo Duke."

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Luke smiled at the Nick and Karen, leading them into the waiting room where Jesse sat at.

Averting his eyes to the man that stood before hm, Jesse narrowed his eyes a little, looking at his features. A hard working farmer such as himself. Standing up, he took off his red cap to show respect to Karen, holding out his hand.

"The name's Jesse Duke, sir."

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Karen gave Jesse the warmest of smiles, as she took his hand gently shaking it.

Smiling, Jesse looked amongst the two and gave a small sigh, more contented than anything.

"I'd personally like t' thank ya for what ya done for my nephew...over the years we've been so worried, thinkin' the worst had happened to him...I feel honored, Mr. Stevenson to shake your hand.."

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Jesse nodded, beaming with pride.

"That he did. Yes sir both of my boys is fine young men...I raised Lucas there by the good book as I did these other three young wipper snappers, as I'm sure you did Bo."

He eyed each one of his "children" in the room. Lori and Cooter both having the good graces to blush, Daisy smiling and chuckling happily.

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