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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Cooter nodded, agreeing with him. Though, he stood by Luke snickering still at the girls.

Lori grumbled at all three of them and climbed down to the lowest branch, Taking Daisy by the arms she lowered her down so she wouldn't have to jump and hurt herself. Lori, on the other hand, stood up on the branch and leaped down right on top of cooter. Smirking she got up and dusted herself off.

"I ain't goin back in those danged woods Uncle Jesse...not to get chased by another riled momma skunk again, nu uh no sir, no way..."

she shook her head stubbornly.

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Lori sighed a little, putting her hands on her hips. Walking over to the driveway she picked up huge stones and put them in her pockets, making them bulge out as she walked back.

"I shall not go unprepared this time..."

She spoke motioning to Daisy with her hand as she walked off towards the woods once more.

"C'mon Dais...let's go see what other critters we can rile.."

Cooter glared at Lori, as Daisy hung her head following.


He scolded to his youngest cousin. Lori looked over her shoulder at him, and rolled her eyes.

"I's kiddin' Cooter jeash!"

Cooter shook his head, taking his cap off for a second to scratch it.

"Sometimes I wonder why I try..."

He sighed heavily, walking back towards the woods, himself.

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As the hot Hazzard county sun was over head, Lori wiped the sweat from her brows, her jacket wrapped around her waist securely as she headed out of the woods with Daisy.

"He ain't here..."

Lori whispered to herself, looking down. Shoving her hands in the backs of her jean pockets, Lori waited on Daisy to get two steps in behind her so she could lead the two of them out.

Cooter sighed as he too was making his way out of the woods, taking his cap off wiping his forehead.

"No use in searchin no more Luke...he ain't there..."

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Lori sighed as her and Daisy finally came out of the bushes, looking like a walking mess. An arm around Daisy's shoulder comfortingly Lori walked over to Luke, Cooter, and Jesse.

"No Luck with us either fellas..."

She admitted sadly. Cooter sighed a little and had an arm around Luke's shoulders as well, giving him a gentle reassuring squeeze.

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Cooter looked at Lori who was piled up near Daisy and Luke almost asleep from the hot and humid day. Tapping her shoulder a little he yawned himself and curled up on the porch drowsily.

"Wanna just stay here and eat dinner? I'm sure daddy wouldn't mind..."

Lori looked at him and only nodded, letting her head flop down on the wooden floor.

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Lori and Cooter both looked up from where they laid tiredly on the porch. Making small grunting noises in an attempt to get up Lori and Cooter both trudged off the porch and headed straight to the water trough, dunking themselves in the water.

Daisy, getting curious when she heard water splashing, Looked up from where she laid curled up by Luke, raised an eyebrow when she saw Cooter and Lori walk back soaking wet.

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