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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Lori and Cooter hopped back up on the porch and sat down on the porch swing, swinging a little, their clothes was drying rather quickly from how hot it had gotten outside. Lori clasped her hands in her lap and looked down, thinking.

Daisy sighed a little, rubbing her eyes as she moved to get up from where she sat next to Luke. Going inside she went to the bathroom to clean up like Jesse had told them to do.

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Cooter and Luke sat on one side, Lori at the end, Daisy on her side where she usually sat at beside of Boo, then Jesse down on his end at the head of the table. Sighing a little, Daisy looked at the seat beside her and pouted sadly, it just wasn't the same without Bo's tiny hand reaching across to grab a roll, Jesse gently smacking it scolding him lightly.

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Once supper was over, Daisy and Lori helped Jesse with the dishes and helped him clean the kitchen up a little. Once they finished, Lori went to the red recliner and climbed up in it crossing her legs in under her, watching Luke and Cooter talk about things to keep themselves occupied. Daisy walked in and climbed up slowly on the couch stretching out.

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Lori fell asleep right smack dab in the middle of the living room floor, Daisy having moved to the recliner since Cooter took her spot on the couch. Soon, all children in the house at one point, was alseep.

As all was supposedly going well in Hazzard, young Bo was almost to the hills of Tennesse, near a huge horse ranch where an old married couple had lived, and had never had a child to call their own before.

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Nick yawning and stretching, walked through the house puling his over alls traps over his shoulders.Smiling to his wife, Nick gave her a quick kiss then went outside stopping dead in his tracks seeing the young blonde boy.

"Karen..I think you might want to come out here.."

He called into the house. Hearing him, Karen went outside to see what was wrong, and seeing the small boy, she smiled and walked over to him, picking him up gently.

"Poor thing...has a nasty lump on the side of his head."

She whispered a little. Carrying him inside, Karen took him to the couch and laid him down, then went about getting wet cloths and things to clean him up.

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Karen sighed lightly, placing her chin in the palm of her hand in a contemplative manner. Getting up from her spot, Karen went outside to find Nick who was out in the barn. Walking out there at a quick pace, Karen poked her head around the barn doors, and hollered at her husband.


Nick nearly jumped a whole 10 feet when he turned around, looking at her with a bewildered look.


Karen had the good graces to blush a little as she stepped inside the doorway.

"The boy doesn't know who he is or where he came from or anything...he has a nasty lump on the side of his head..."

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