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  1. I'm doing good :) How're you doing?

  2. lol it's cool, I know the feeling of having a lousy computer xD She's 3 years old now :3

  3. Nah, my niece enjoys getting up and going to bed at the strangest of times. So I end up staying up late with her and getting up when she does.

  4. Sounds like fun! Congrats on graduating too! Aside from being crabby from lack of sleep lol, I've been good.

  5. hiya! long time no talk. How's things been with you?

  6. lol you're close, but off just a tad. I'll let everyone keep guessing until you all give up
  7. lmao the answer is simple. But I'm not revealing it just yet I will give a couple of hints. It does involve the time zones. And you would need to start drinking the first can at midnight. Those are the only hints I'm giving out. You're on your own from here heh.
  8. Here's a quiz for everyone. Give your answer and explain why you would need that number of cans. We'll see who gets it right first Here's the question: If you planned to drink a can of root beer for every hour it's your birthday somewhere on Earth, how many cans would you need to buy?
  9. lmao! I love my duckies to death. Sadly though, Beatle will never get to enjoy flying. He's got angel wing, which is a deformity in their wing wrist joint. It normally affects the left wing and starts when they're little. It can be fixed if it's treated in time, but I didn't have anything to bind his wing with at the time, so he's stuck like that now. Aside from keeping the feathers on that wings trimmed down, he's happy as can be with his older brother and little sister :3
  10. @Garret- Thanks These three are my babies and I love them to death! I can't wait for spring so I can try for a few more duckies. Can you tell I love ducks? xD Started with four, now I got seven and I'm hoping to add to that number So we'll have to wait and see what happens this spring once the girls are laying again. @Roger- Yep, I'm still doing my artwork. Sadly though, my hard drive decided to bite the big one and most of my stuff (things I hadn't gotten online yet) was lost, then last night my tablet cable crapped out so I need to get a new cable lol I can find them for a $1 here, so it's no biggie. I'm thinking of saving some of the pics I managed to save on a website and either do a new topic for them here or add them to my album here. I've gotten into the habit of doing a kind of paleoart, if you can call it that, lately. I've been finding different pictures of different kinds of dinosaurs and morphing them together into what I call hybrids. And then I've been doing some fanart of an anime I really like and some new stuff of one of my OCs. @MeadowMufn- It's best to hatch them out yourself, then they're more likely to trust you than if you got them as ducklings from a store or what-not, but either way they're still great The adults I have don't care much for people, though they'll come around me since I feed them and such lol. The babies on the other hand, still follow me around the yard, love to beak around (it's what I call that nibbling thing ducks do) on my pant legs and shoes and they still haven't quite realized they can't swim or take a bath in snow lol They hate being picked up though xD But I've had my babies since they were nothing more than eggs and I was the first one they saw after they hatched. It was supposed to take around 28 days to incubate them, but the little stinkers came almost a week early. I'm really hoping I get some more crested ducks (that's what you can call Quackers because of the little afro he's got lol) this year. It's tricky getting them though. If the parents both have the gene that causes the crest and one passes it onto the baby, then there's a 25% chance one duckling will have it. So pretty much 1 out of every 4 ducklings will have it. But if both parents give the gene to the baby, it'll die in the shell and there's no chance at all to save it. Incubating is a lot of work, but in the end it's more than worth the effort. I want to do turkeys this year, but I think my incubator is too small for turkey chicks :/ But as long as I can hatch at least one more ducky, I'll be happy :3
  11. Thanks Roger :) I've decided I need to try and be more active on here again lol. I can't make any promises I'll be able to though, but I sure as heck will try!

  12. Sgt right after hatching.
  13. Here's some pics of 3 little ducklings I hatched in September. The little duck with the funky hairdo is Sgt Quackers, the other little black one is Beatle, and the little silver one is Lucky. My babies are getting bigger everyday and now, almost 4 months later, they're almost the same size as their parents. Lucky is a girl, Sgt. and Beatle are boys. All three have the same daddy, but Lucky has a different mom than the boys. Sgt Quackers was born 9-9-12. Beatle and Lucky were born 9-10-12.
  14. lol in all honesty, I just haven't felt like being on. Guess doing the same thing all the time gets old after awhile. lol

    All is good here. Just wishing spring would hurry up and get here already xD I want to get my incubator up and running so i can get me some more duckies (guess you could say ducks are my favorite bird) Last year I hatched out 3 ducklings and they're growing up to be happy, healthy ducks :3 Got two drakes and a hen last September out of 8 eggs. One egg didn't do anything, three died in the shell about a week or so before their hatch dates and the other three that did hatch, came almost a week early. Little stinkers sure surprised me when they started pipping early lol

  15. :) I actually haven't been on the computer that much anymore lol. I have been thinking of being more active on here again though, I miss it xD
  16. Thanks! Sorry this is so late xD Been busy lol

  17. Thanks Roger I just did a few animations of a couple of my OCs. Here's the one I'm most happy with. It's a lot smoother than the other. I can't wait til the transit. Hopefully it'll be clear where I am so I can watch it. Gonna make my little sun watching device a few days before the transition. If they call for clear skies that is lol. Might still make it anyway, just in case.
  18. Thanks The dragon is one of my faves. I'm currently working on a comic that I hope to post online in the future. If all goes well, I'll post some pages here later. I'm also gonna give a try at animations again. Got some ideas I wanna try out :3
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