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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Cooter scowled at her from his position on the floor, rolling her off of him. Standing up, he went over to a seat beside of Daisy, leaving Lori to waller around on the floor.

Grumbling, Lori got up from her own spot on the floor and sat down in between him and Luke, crossing her arms over her chest again, still glaring at him.

"How's Bo?"

Lori finally snapped over after 5 minutes of silence and hard concentration on staring Cooter down, which, in his case, was starting to become real nettling to him.

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Lori nodded a little, deep in thought now. But soon though, her thoughts was disturbed by the panicking female and male voice just outside the waiting room. Perking her head up, intent on listening.

Nick and Karen both looked at the nurse at the front desk, concern and worry written on their faces.

"Beaureguard is the name."

Karen stated plainly. And it was plain enough for Lori's keen sense of hearing to pick up on to. Tapping Luke's shoulder, Lori nodded her head towards the middle aged couple.

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Nick and Karen was oblivious to the fact that they were being followed themselves. Once down the correct hall and into the right room, Karen and Nick both went to Bo's side, tears streaking Karen's worn out, worried face.

"Oh Bo..we're so relieved you're alright."

She said, letting out the breath she had been holding on the way there.

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Lori knelt down beside of him, taking his hand in her's gently. Luke, her friend, had always been there for her, now she'd return the favor.

"I know Luke, though isn't a comfort to ya that at least while he was gone there was someone nice enough an caring enough to look after him..?" She paused, scratching her head in thought. " I reckon we do owe them a thanks don't we?"

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