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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Luke nodded to his wise uncle, walking off towards his and Bo's room.

"I..I'm not that hungry Uncle Jesse..I think I'll just go to bed..."

Hanging his head lower, Luke walked to his and Bo's room opening up the door to the dark room slowly. He looked across the room to Bo's bed and sighed heavily, walking over to it, sitting down on the matress. Taking Bo's pillow in his hand, Luke curled his tiny fingers around it and laid down, staring at the wall.

Daisy sighed sadly watching Luke walk away.

"I'm not hungry either Uncle Jesse..."

She spoke softly.

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Come morning, Luke was the first of the Dukes to be up and dressed. Parading through the house Luke proceeded to shout..

"Get up get up get up!!!"

Daisy, being as sleepy as she was, jerked her head up in hops that Bo had finally come home. Throwing off her covers literally leaping out of the bed, throwing on clothes that didn't really match, Daisy flung open her bedroom door and looked at Luke running out to him, almost knocking him over.

"Is it Bo?? Is he back??"

She asked, questioningly.

Luke looked at her and shook his head slowly.

"No Dais...I just wanted everyone up so's we could go and look for him."

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Jesse came out of his room shortly after.

"Alright kids, we'll eat a quick breakfast, then go out searching." He said, getting out a box of cereal. After fixing everyone a bowl, they all ate quickly. In just a couple of minutes, they were ready to look.

Grabbing his hat, Jesse led the kids outside. "We'll look in the woods first. Check everywhere he could possibly hide."

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Luke and Daisy both nodded to him as their heads shot in the direction down the driveway.

"Cooter!!! back off will ya?!!"

A familiar female voice shouted as Lori flew down the driveway almost colliding with the towering old man.

"Howdy Uncle Jesse! We came to help search with ya this morning... we figured...since it was partly our fault to for not watching Bo we should help..."

Cooter came down the driveway holding to his greasy hat, knocking Lori over in an attempt to stop.

Daisy watched the two and giggled a little shaking her head, in any situation you could always count on a Davenport to lighten the mood even if they wasn't tyring.

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Picking herself up off the ground with muttered cusses at Cooter, she nodded to Uncle Jesse and smiled at Daisy.

"C'mon Daisy! Let's get a headstart..."

Lori said in a rush taking ahold of Daisy's arm, both girls took off in a mad dash across the back forty.

Cooter grumbled dusting off some of the dirt from his shirt.


He muttered under his breath.

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Cooter grumbled lightly at Luke, shaking his head, yelling for Bo.

Down around the girl's way, nothing at all was happening. Daisy would yell, then Lori. Sighing, Lori was about to turn around when she seen some branches moving.

"Bo??" she yelled, slowly creeping over to the bushes. Daisy followed in behind her, hoping and praying it was Bo.

Oh...it was Bo alright. When Lori moved a branch a skunk, with a couple babies around her, whirled around, her tail held high. Lori's eyes was popping out of her head when she let out a blood curdling scream.

"Run Daisy run!!!!"

Daisy looked at Lori like she was nuts, but looking down in the branches she saw the skunk charge at them. Daisy herself let out a yell and took off at a fast sprint in behind Lori. Panicked female voices could be heard clearly across the back forty and all through the woods as the two headed out of the woods with the skunk close behind, still on the chase.

Cooter snapped his head around in the direction in which the girl's screams was coming from.

"What has Lori done now..."

He questioned more so to himself.

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Darting around the corner of the house, looking back only once to see Uncle Jesse's red hunting cap at the tree lines, Lori took hold of Daisy's hand and climbed up the old Oak tre as fast as she could pull Daisy up it, who didn't need much persuasion to climb herself. Almost to the main top, Lori panted and looked down at the skunk throwing branches down at it.

"You black and white pussy cat!!! Pick on someone your own size why doncha?!!"

Daisy smacked Lori throwing branches herself.

"Don't rile it Lori!"

Following Luke out of the woods, Cooter stopped, doubling over in laughter.

"A skunks got 'em both treed!"

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Lori looked down at the two of them and flung a branch, cracking both of them in top of the head.

"You wait Lukas...Cooter...when I get down from here...you're both gonna get it.."

she threatened. The skunk looked up at them and sprayed the tree, then, as if it was proud, trotted off right past Cooter, Jesse, and Luke.

Daisy looked at Lori who was shooting daggers at Luke and Cooter. She'd help her kill them!

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