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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Nick nodded, about to reply to Karen's statement when he saw the blonde haired boy come bouncing around the door. Smiling a little he nodded his head towards him, giving Karen the signal that he was there.

Turning around, Karen chuckled lightly at the boy, kneeling down to his level once more.

"What're ya doin off the couch? You need to rest up.."

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Once she was finished, she sighed a little, looking at his torn clothes. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, Karen rose to her feet, walking briskly up the stairs to her and her husband's room. Pulling out a chest, she moved some clothing items around and finally found what she had been searching for. A Blue shirt she had knitted when she was younger and a small pair of jeans from when Nick was a child. She smiled to herself, looking at the outfit, it was big enough for Bo to wear. Going back downstairs, with a confident smile on, she walked in the bathroom and looked at him showing him the clothes.

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Twelve years had gone by in a blur to some. To others, the Dukes and Davenports, it went by as slow as molasses. The youngest of the group, Bo, still hadn't been found, and Luke had spent each day of his life in pain and misery trying to find his youngest cousin. When each day he returned with his head hung in shame, he blamed himself more and more. Lori, Daisy, Jesse, Cooter, no one could comfort him. If one of them tried, he'd push them away or shut them down.

On a different note though, the couple in Tennesse, Nick and Karen, couldn't have been more pleased at how they had raised Bo. In all honesty, it was no different than what Jesse had taught him. He had grown to be a fine young man at the age of eighteen. His blonde locks bouncing and rich, full of life. His eyes as blue as the sky itself, a twinkle that would put the stars to shame at night danced in them at all times. He rarely ever was sad.

Smiling, Nick handed Bo the keys to his old beat up chevy truck though he was a bit wary. Bo proved to be more skillful and dangerous as the boys on the circuit.

"Go to town and get a sack of horse and mule feed will ya son?"

Nick asked gently, holding open the truck door for him.

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"Yes sir." Bo grinned, taking the keys. "I'll be back in a bit." He said, giving his 'dad' a quick hug, which had become a habit of his, giving hugs to his parents before he went somewhere.

Going over to the car, Bo climbed in and started it up, then headed out, waving out the window before disappearing over the hill.

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Shaking his head with a light chuckle, Nick turned to go to the barn, finishing up his chores in there.

As Bo drove recklessly through town not having a care in the world, in the bank a robbery was taking place. Two city men, who was in a tight spot with an incorporation they worked for was waving guns in the air shouting threats and profanities at the citizens and bank tellers, as everyone was shoving their money into the bur lap sacks the two hostile men carried, panicked and frightened faces on everyone.

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Looking up from their get a way car, one of the robbers, had already took his mask off just noticing Bo looking their way.

"We've been spotted!"

He called to the other robber who was pulling his mask off, climbing in the truck.

"C'mon lets get goin' before he can report us!"

The other man commanded in a rush, starting the car up. Nodding, the first robber climbed in and shut his door with a loud slam pulling out, the tires screeching, the smell of burnt rubber in the air.

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The robber who was in the passenger seat turned to look, once he saw the young boy running directly to the sheriff's office he cursed under his breath.

"Turn around and get that kid!"

He snapped, barking orders at the driver. With another screech of the tires, the robbers turned their car around and sped towards the sheriff's station. Once when Bo was on the other side of the street across from the sheriff's station, the robbers pulled up and got out quickly both of them grabbing Bo, wrestling him down to the ground to get him bound and gagged.

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