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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Luke looked around the room for anything he could use for a rope. Seeing what looked to be a closet next to the front door, Luke slowly crept to it making sure a board didn't creak in under him as he quietly opened the door,stopping when it would squeak. Looking over his shoulder at the sleeping man on the couch, he shook his head with a smirk on his face as he searched through the closet for some rope ,he finally spotted some in a far corner. Reaching for it snatching it finally, Luke, once more, slowly crept over to the man, clamping a hand over his mouth tightly. When the man went to get up, jumping from where Luke startled him, Luke drew his fist back hitting the man with all his might. When pain exploded through the man's jaw, Luke having knocked him out cold, knelt down next to the unconcious body tying up his hands and feet tightly, gagging him with his handkercheif he carried. Once satisfied, Luke got to his feet and looked at Bo.

"We better get a move on and quick 'for the others come back.."

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Luke watched him, the concern growing more and more for Bo, but at the moment he too was to determined to leave the cabin behind and escape back to Hazzard. Following behind Bo at a fast paced run, Luke caught up with him once they were well hidden in the thickets. Looking around, Luke let his senses guide them, his instincts.

"That way..."

He pointed west.

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About mid-day, Luke stopped moving, he could make it all the way to Hazzard without stopping on this journey alone. But, he stopped so Bo could rest up. Remembering his ribs, Luke sat down on a rock near a small stream, wiping sweat from his brow. Looking at Bo, seeing how tired he was, guilt twisted Luke's stomach into a knot. He should have stopped hours ago so Bo could catch his breath, but instead he pushed on, not realizing he'd almost pushed his poor aching cousin too far.

"You ok Bo? M'sorry I didn't stop hours ago...guess I was so bent over on getting home to get ya some help..."

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Luke looked over at him, shaking his head with a smile. Getting to his feet, Luke walked over to Bo, taking one of his arms around his shoulder, Luke hauled Bo up on his shoulders, carrying him. It might have hurt Bo, but atleast Luke's conscience would feel a whole lot better. Taking a couple of unsteady steps at first, Luke marched on through the woods, hoping to soon come across a road or a farm.

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Hearing his whimper, Luke looked up at him, walking on.

"It'll be ok cousin..."

He reassured him.

As dusk started to cover the land, the sky turning a bright orange from the setting sun, Luke looked up the only view he was use to seeing for hours on in was dirt and rocks. Hearing a motor coming up in behind him, Luke's first instinct was to hide in some bushes in case it might have been the robbers. But, when he saw an old yellow looking truck with a hauler on back,slowly pulling along, Luke smiled his relief.

Seeing two men up ahead, one looking in need of medical assistance, Berl Tolliver stopped the truck, looking at the two tired men. Seeing who exactly it was at first, Berl smiled.

"Lu...Luke?" He studdered, having to pause for a minute. "What're...y...you..do...doing out here?"

Luke smiled, even if he could barely understand the man.

"Yea Berl, it's me...look, I need some help, are you on you're way back to Hazzard?"

Berl looked up at Bo, seeing him either dead or asleep. He didn't know which to think.

"Ye..yea I...I....am."

Luke smiled, nodding again in relief.

"Berl, I'd be much obliged if ya be so kind as to lend me and my cousin here," He shrugged his shoulder making Bo's head move a little, but not enough to wake him. "A ride to the hospital first then to the farm."

Berl looked back at Bo then to Luke. Smiling he nodded to him, starting the truck back up.

Wanting to jump up and down shouting, rejoicing to the heavens, Luke retained himself though and hurriedly moved around the front of the truck to the passenger side. When Berl reached across and opened the door for him, Luke slowly moved Bo from his shoulders to sit beside of Berl, climbing in, Luke shut the door with a smile.

Once he knew they were settled, Berl put the truck in gear and started for home.

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Luke looked over at him, biting his lip hard enough to bleed.

"Just calm down Bo..we're taking ya t' doc's.."

Luke said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Berl, ya think ya could go any faster?"

Luke asked, the worry and concern showing in his voice.

Berl nodded a little, shifting gears, speeding up to get Bo to the doctor's quicker. He tried not to hit too many bumps.

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Pulling in to the hospital parking lot, Berl killed the engine in the truck, looking at the two sleeping men. Reaching across Bo he shook Luke a little.


Berl studdered, pointing towards the front doors.

Waking up from his slumber, Luke blinked a couple of times, stretching some. Opening the truck door almost too quickly, Luke climbed out easily picking Bo back up. Shutting the truck door with the toe of his cowboy boot, Luke looked in the truck window at Berl.

"Go on home and get some rest... I'll call Uncle Jesse and have him come get us."

Berl nodded, starting the truck back up to life, pulling out.

Looking over his shoulder, watching him leave, Luke carried Bo inside the hospital. Once one of the doctors there finally seen him, they quickly took Bo from him, putting him on a gurney, wheeling him back to the operating room. Luke leaned against the wall tiredly at first, rubbing his sleep deprived eyes with his thumb and forefinger. Going to the nearest phone, Luke dialed the farm's number, waiting.

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Jesse was fixing supper, having figured Luke was out looking for Bo again, since it had become a habit for the dark haired Duke to come home late in the evening.

When the phone rang, jesse turned the stove down, then went to answer it. He cleared his throat, then picked up the reciever.

"Duke farm, Jesse Duke speaking."

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When the two Dukes arrived to the hospital, Daisy ran inside seeing Luke asleep in one of the waiting room chairs. Going over to him, she shook his shoulder gently.

"Luke...wake up sugar...me and uncle Jesse is here."

She spoke softly. Hearing the feminine voice, Luke's eyelids slowly fluttered open as he looked up at Daisy. Yawning, he hugged her to him sighing heavily. Seeing his uncle, Luke stood up, a smile spreading on his face.

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