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Right B.L. and DoubleX, it's "Take it Easy"

I should check the past pages. You two might have a couple streaks going here. I usually keep up with it on "Duke or Dupe" but, for some reason, don't think about it here.

In "Goodbye General Lee" Luke was hypnotized. Before that, something fell off the General Lee when Luke was underneath it and hit him on the head. What was it?

A) drive shaft

B) muffler

C) transmission

D) gas tank

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Lori, B.L. and DaisyMae all got it right. It was funny when Rosco called him "little Charlie Dickens"

Sorry about the question before that being so tough. If I wouldn't have just seen it, I would have missed it too. In fact, I probably would of missed it even if I would have just seen it (good thing I was paying extra close attention by looking for trivia material)

I said there would be 3 questions from the "The Great Santa Claus Chase" but I'll throw one more in. It's a repeat question from a few months ago but it's still a toughie.

Who is missing from this list of attendents at the Christmas party at the Duke farm?









and?...(one more person).....

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